Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Communitarianism is a bogus doctrine. At its backbone is the belief of "it takes a village". In short, Communitarianism is Tribalism. 

It's no wonder such a doctrine appeals to Obama, a man with tribal fathers, both bio and adopted, and a mom into dark tribal men and tribal culture, which likely is what turned her on to become a Ph.D. anthropologist.

And so today, Americans are living under Obama Tribalism, the vision of his father from the dreams from his father, with the approval of his mother for betraying American culture for tribal culture.

Communitarians hate individuals who are solo artists and lone wolves. In short, Communitarians hate the foundational concepts of Americans — individual control over one's life, individual control over one's liberty and individual control over one's pursuit of happiness in whatever way that takes.

Communitarians want everyone performing their respective tribal roles and all answering to the tribal chief.

Communitarians like Obama believe in granting privileges to those who adhere to the tribe by using force against lone wolves, solo artists and other go-it-aloners to pay for those privileges. Of course, communitarians lie to themselves and to others, calling those privileges the ridiculous Orwellian "positive rights".

The central tenet of communitarianism is the destruction of what is inherent in everyone who is alive:

• being right to want to live
• being right to want to live without an overlord
• being right to want to pursue that which gives one pleasure

The foregoing are your natural rights. Those are your true rights.

Any laws that conflict with your natural rights are laws made by men and women against you. And today, most laws made by most men and women are against you.

Communitarians hate your natural rights. For them, you belong to the tribe. You do not belong to yourself.

And certainly, you can't live for yourself only or even only for your family. Instead communitarian Obama tribalists insist that you live for the tribe. They will force you to do so if you refuse.

Communitarians like Obama stand against representative politics. Instead, they favor dictatorial technocrats who decide what everyone must do. Then, communitarians seek out those willing to do their bidding, whether insurers, hospitals, non-profits, you name it.

Obama is trying to tribalize America, pushing us toward living like Africans. And look how well African living has worked out for Africans all these centuries. 

DISCLOSURE: I neither support Republicans nor Democrats. 

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