Friday, October 9, 2015


Though she didn't intend to do so, Margaret Thatcher sums up all that is wrong with American politics today by contrasting two words — consensus vs conviction.

“But you see, for years now in British politics, this word, you must use it — consensus — has reared its head. You must have a consensus.
It's a word again, you use not to use when I first came in politics. We had convictions. And we tried to persuade people that our convictions were the right ones.
“And it is no good to have convictions unless you have the will to translate those convictions into actions.  But politics was more if you had convictions than a matter of multiple maneuverings to get through the problems of the day.  
“I often think that when you are going for consensus so often it means that those who believe as I believe tend to give in to the left wing and you move steadily further and further left. 
“Now, I am in politics because of conviction. But I know, the last election, the previous election, was fought in Britain on what I think is one of the most damning sentiments ever uttered. And it was by the predecessor, to Mr. Callahan, Harold Wilson. 
“What the British people wanted he said was a bit of peace and quiet — anything for a quiet life. Now you know and I know that this is the great drag on democracy. People will say, "Does my voice count? Can I do anything?"
“And therefore they leave it to a tiny well-organized minority. Now you ask, "Have people learned?" Yes, they are learning that if you do leave it to that tiny well-organized minority, unpleasant things happen; and then you recoil from that.
“In part you expect politicians to do something about it. The question is whether the people themselves will back up the politicians.”

And there you have it. Comprised of both Democrats and Republicans, the U.S. Congress is a tiny well-organized minority who in essence have become an dictatorship unaccountable to Americans. Every president who has been elected for decades has become little more than an employee of Congress, doing their bidding, acting as the face for their dictatorial orders foisted upon Americans.

So why is Donald Trump popular? Trump has conviction.

Trump is the perfect candidate for Americans. Trump is an outsider with conviction. Every time Trump speaks, Trump reveals that he will lead by conviction. Americans want someone who leads by conviction.

Trump isn't trying to build consensus like all of the weasel politicians also running for the presidency — Hillary Clinton (ex-First Lady, ex-senator), Bernie Sanders (senator), Jeb Bush (ex-governor), Chris Christie (governor), Ted Cruz (senator), Rand Paul (senator), Lindsey Graham (senator), Marco Rubio (senator), Mike Huckabee (ex-governor),  George Pataki (ex-governor), Jim Gilmore (ex-governor), Rick Santorum (ex-senator), Lincoln Chafee (ex-governor), Martin O'Malley (ex-governor), Jim Webb (ex-senator).

Were Trump to be elected president of the United States, Trump would reveal to Americans how Congress have been scamming Americans, big-time, and doing so for decades. Trump is a true threat to the establishment.

It's quite likely, operatives of the Republican Party as well as almost all members of the Republican party in Congress now do not want Donald Trump as their nominee.

Both the Republicans and more so the Democrats of Congress have been using rhetoric to persuade Americans that consensus and compromise are what Americans need. In doing so, it makes their job much easier to get laws made that enrich their campaign backers.

Congress does not make laws that makes a level playing field for Americans. That is why Trump attacks illegals. Congress has made the illegals mess.

In ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION. WHY IT'S BAD FOR YOU AND A BOON FOR ANTI-CAPITALISTS, I show you in easy-to-understand math as well as in words why Americans can't compete with illegals and why Americans are subsidizing both illegals and the profits of the businessmen who hire them.


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The entire Bizarro Theater calculation engine requires Google Drive and Google Spreadsheets.

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Wednesday, October 7, 2015


So I came across someone hiding behind the name Jason. Jason is typical of those suffering from hyper-indoctrination. Jason belongs to the Cult of Mises.

The Cult of Mises was started by Lew Rockwell.

People like Jason like to believe they support free-market capitalism, but they have been so programmed to not even understand what free-market capitalism is. Here are some of the gems programmed into the mind of Jason and here are my responses.


The fact is capital goes where its treated the best.


Capital doesn't do anything. Capital isn't alive. Capital can't decide. 

Individuals of mankind decide what they do with their property — their right of ownership in chattel, works of the mind and future obligations. Individuals decide whether or not to put their property into production.


The market will adjust.


Markets are abstractions. Markets aren't alive. Markets can't act. Markets can't adjust.

Only individuals are alive. Only individuals can act. Only individuals can adjust.


By capital we mean individuals, which in mass consist of the market. 


Capital means property put to production. That is all it means. Capital doesn't mean individuals. From where did you accept that stupid, false belief?


The market is a living organism, an adaptive complex system.


Markets are abstraction. Only individuals exist who can act to try to trade property in pursuit of profit.


Man is the economic agent. The market is living in all but name, comprised of millions of individuals. This is why the "market" fears, has greed, euphoria and pessimism


You have let metaphorical speech of mantras muddle your mind. Thus, you have accepted a slew of false beliefs.


I can't hire anyone I want at what wage I want. The state interferes in my right to work and to hire. 


An enterpriser is free to hire anyone resident of the USA and free to pay at whatever wage rate he can negotiate at or above lawgivers' minimum. 

If you stopped and then started to think, you would see that minimum wage might cause some products never to come to market.

But also, you would see that absent welfare, no employer could pay minimum wage because no one would work at a loss. Wages must at least equal costs in the absence of welfare subsidy.

All welfare paid to Americans who work, whether EIC, or otherwise ends up being a subsidy to employers who pay minimum wage. If you rid Americans of TANF, SNAP, Section 8, Pell, and so forth, you can have unrestricted immigration.

As it is the American system of welfare and compulsory taxation means that current workers who pay taxes to Congress and who can't get out of compulsory taxation through write-offs in effect subsidize enterprisers who pay wages below costs of living. 

Subsidizing enterprisers means inauthentic capitalism. It's crony politics.

Unrestricted immigration would only make that worse.


I don’t really care if they are illegal or not. 


Your support of illegal aliens is a kind of crony politics. Do you not know what illegal means? Enterprisers are not free to hire those who are not residents of the USA. 

While hiring illegals is good for an individual business owner who now can enjoy unearned profits by free-riding on everyone else, if enough firm operators do so, it's disastrous for all.


If the illegals work for cheaper, then let them bring down labor. That makes it cheaper to run a business anyhow.


No one will work at a loss. Americans won't work at jobs where the pay rate fails to cover costs (i.e., living expenses).

Wage rates are prices and get set by double auctions — English auctions for would-be employers and Dutch auctions for would-be workers.

Illegals, whether from Mexico or elsewhere, beat Americans at wage auctions. The can offer lower bids for wages for work done because their costs are lower. Illegals avoid huge costs incurred by Americans who must pay income taxes to Congress and their states' lawgivers respectively. 

It's not that illegals don't do the work that Americans won't do. Illegals do the work at below cost, below break even. What they do is akin to the Japanese in the 1970s and 1980s known as dumping.


The fact that people will bid wages down is part of capitalism and would happen in an unhampered economy regardless. 


But in an unhampered economy, wages never could fall below break even. Firms couldn't exist that today rely on the welfare system to subsidize their low wage workers (wages below break even).


You are interfering with natural process in the economy.


I am not doing anything.

Illegal immigration is a boon to crony-political pseudo-capitalists and not free-market capitalists. Firm operators who employ illegals enjoy unearned profits. Without illegals, many would be forced to exit the field of competition.

Having immigration laws and welfare and then having enterprisers cheating by hiring illegals harms everyone else. 


But, but, but, the higher wages are, the higher costs of production are. The higher costs of production are, the higher prices are.

The higher prices are, the smaller are the quantities of goods and services demanded and the number of workers employed in producing them.


If what you claim is true, then explain residential realty in the 2000s. As house prices went up to records every year, record employment in construction went up.

If what you claim is true, then explain medicine. Medicine is at an all-time high in demand with the highest prices employing the most it ever has.


If there were suddenly a whole lot more oranges, we’d expect the price of oranges to fall or the number of oranges that went uneaten to surge.


Prices get set by winning bidders and not by suppliers. When there were record car sales in the USA — record supply of cars — prices were highest.

Prices have nothing to do with costs. Prices get set by winning bidders of purchase and sale in the face of what is on offer. That is my Law of Prices. 

Costs arise from the sum of sales on prices set by winning bidders. If the sum of sales of a producer fails to cover costs, that producer goes to ruin. That is my Axiom of Profit.

If costs set prices — which is Ricardo's fallacy by the way — then no firm would ever go out of business. When costs would rise, firm operators would simply put up prices.


Immigrants don’t just increase the supply of labor, though; they simultaneously increase demand for it, using the wages they earn to rent apartments, eat food, get haircuts, buy cellphones.


There you have committed the Fallacy of Non-Sequitur. A flood of immigrants that causes the prime working age growth rate to accelerate will cause a fall in wage rates as wage rates are prices. 

A fall in wages causes a fall in prices. A fall in prices kills the return on capital. Future capital spending gets curtailed as no one invests to lose.

Flooding a country with illegals suppresses capital spending because enterprisers can't get suitable returns to capital in the face of cheap labor. With capital spending suppressed, wages are suppressed. All of that causes an economy to go into a death spiral.

A country can't have a growth rate in prime working-age population outstripping the spending rate on capital. If that happens, wages fall and thus prices fall.

On falling prices, even less capital gets deployed. On less capital, per capita productivity falls. Returns to extant capital fall. This is a spiral of capitalism death. 

Unrestricted immigration under a system of welfare leads to a capitalism death spiral as few can gain increasing returns to capital when working age population growth exceeds capital spending growth.

With your wrong-headed support for illegals, you are advocating for the economy to die, Jason.

The empirical facts of reality affirm me. The flood of illegal and legal immigrants suppressed wages. When the edifice of capital built on over-extended credit collapsed as returns weren't forthcoming, millions were thrown out of work. Since 2008, the economy has shrunk.

The empirical facts of reality disprove you, Jason.


Where have I heard this argument before? Oh wait, its been repeated every 30 to 50 years by the spoiled classes every time new immigration waves come and do jobs for cheaper. It’s the Germans, the Jews or Irish and now it’s the Mexicans.

Immigration made us great in the 19th century and will do so now. 1800s immigration settled the Great West. You blame immigrants like everyone did back then. 


If I were to blame anyone it would be past and present members of Congress. It's obvious why foreigners flee their countries. No one should blame them for doing so.

It should have been obvious to you that before 1914 when immigration hardly was restricted, not only was there immigration but also there was emigration. Many who came left soon thereafter as they couldn't make it in America.

Subsequently, a natural flow of wages existed whereby employers had to pay at least break even. There was no welfare to subsidize their inefficient operations.

It's likely, that most Americans between the ages of 40 and 90 would agree the best years of American life, economically, happened between 1940 and 1990. And in all those years, immigration never exceeded 8.8% of population.

For the first 70 years of the USA (1790 to 1850), immigration constituted 2.61% of population on average in any decade. For the next 80 years (1860 to 1930), immigration raced at 13.7% on average in any decade. For the next 60 years (1940 to 1990) immigration clicked at a reasonable 6.8% on average in any decade. For the last two decades (2000, 2010) immigration ran at 12% a year. 


You just think illegal immigrants are stealing jobs and money.


You don't even know what money is. You have no idea that you are living under a fiduciary system.

There is no money. Money is coined metal by weight and fineness. The Romans said so. It's their word.

Cash is bank credit circulating in perpetuity. Cash isn't money.Money can exist without banking. Cash requires banking. Legal tender cash requires both banking and enforcement agents of lawgivers, or that what most unthinking call government.


But he Austrian school of economics teaches against you. If you don't belong to one of the approved schools of economics, you can't be right.


Academia economics is wrong. Economics is a false dogma.  Academicians in the field of economics falsely attempt to explain the phenomena of commerce through a faulty lens of scarcity and utility and marginalism.

The reality of commerce is far different. Commerce deals with the trade of property — right of ownership — in pursuit of profit.

Economics is wrong. It doesn't matter if someone is in the Cult of Keynes or like you, in the Cult of Mises. That one has wrong beliefs and so do you, Jason. What you believe is false, a mythology, the stuff of your cult.

Academia economics is mythology and fails to comport to reality. Academia economics, regardless of neoclassical school, fails to deal with the phenomena of trade — property and profits. Instead, academia economics focuses upon utility and scarcity, both of which have nothing to do with commerce.

The worst bit about contemporary economics is this: the field fails to find its basis in commercial banking and jurisprudence. Yet, the entire economy has as its basis commercial banking and jurisprudence.

Neoclassical economics is false dogma. It doesn't matter what school. Believers in economics as a field can't accurately describe commercial reality precisely because they don't have a science. They have conflicting ideas and false definitions.


The Austrian School is the correct one.


The "Austrian School" was a school of neoclassical economics and thus arose from the same fallacies as all of the other neoclassical schools, which in turn arose from the classical fallacies of Smith and Ricardo.

It's unlikely that you know that at one time, the Austrian School was known as The Psychology School. The entire theory of the school was predicated on pseudo-scientific psychology never proven in reality and not needed at all to explain the trade of property in purchases and sales in the pursuit of profits.

There is no room for psychology in an accurate, authentic theory of commerce. An authentic theory gets predicated on property and profit. The application of psychology in the art of commerce is another field. That is called marketing.

The Austrian School has been defunct for decades upon decades. The founders of the school all died long ago. Menger, Böhm-Bawerk and von Wieser are all dead.


I suggest you read Von Mises book.


Those connected with go to great lengths to proclaim the Austrian School (and rightly, it’s the Austrian School of Neo-classical Economics, replete with many fallacies of Ricardo and Mills) as the one true school. They worship Mises in a cult erected to him by Lew Rockwell.

Mises wasn't really part of the Austrian School. And neither was his disciple Murray Rothbard, an American from New York City.

Mises earned a degree in law and didn't even work as an economics professor. NYU administrators let him teach but never paid Mises. A board of trustees member had to dig into his own pocket to give Mises private subsidy, in essence. Mises was little better than a sociologist.

Mises was a mere copycat. Mises lifted his economic thought from guys who preceded him by decades.

Mises spewed a silly, false theory around time preference to explain interest. Mises swallowed hard on a giant waste of time, the work of Eugen von Böhm-Bawerk. Even Carl Menger, the father of the Austrian school of Neoclassical Economics had this to say:

“The time will come when people will realize that Böhm-Bawerk’s theory is one of the greatest errors ever committed.” ~ Carl Menger

Mises did not understand banking, at all. In his lecture, Mises said, “The best proof that inflation, the increase in the quantity of money …” and thus Mises believed, wrongly, that an increase in the quantity of money is inflation. Mises could hold this false belief only if he did not understand banking, which is quite clear that he did not.

As well, Mises did not understand interest whatsoever. His “originary interest” amounts to off-the-deep-end foolery. Mises throws out the window the Law of Prices when it comes to interest and instead throws in some crazed false belief called originary interest as his driver.

Mises pushed a rather stupid, false theory on interest that idiots today parrot. Mises time preference theory of interest is quite wrong.

Both Mises and his disciple, Rothbard, were talking shop academicians who never worked in commercial enterprise in their lives. Mises and Rothbard made many errors because of being lifetime academicians neither ran any business much less a profitable one. Without proper entrepreneurial experience, Mises and Rothbard lacked referential experience to understand how capital works.

Rothbard and Mises suffered from a slew of false beliefs about commercial banking. Neither Rothbard nor von Mises understood commercial banking. Rothbard was paid by taxpayers and thus collected what amounted to high-paying welfare.

Rothbard was such an idiot that he believed there was double claims on deposits. Rothbard didn't understand commercial banking. There isn't any such double claims.

Anyone who knows about Commercial Law knows that a banker is a trader who buys cash and debt by selling bank credits. In a purchase and sale, a customer, known as a depositor sells property in cash or receivables to a banker and buys property in bank credits.

With property in bank credits, the bank customer has a right of action to demand an amount of cash from his banker at a future date. Evidences of such right includes checking account bank statements and passbook savings books. In commercial banking law, a deposit isn't a depositum, but actually a mutuum in law of a purchase and sale of cash for deposits.

In a deposit transaction, which is truly a mutuum, so-called depositors buy bank credits and sell cash, other bank credits or debt in a purchase and sale. Depositors get deposits as evidence of their right of action against bankers when in a purchase and sale, selling their cash, other bank credits or debt.

There are no double claims. Bankers own deposits. Depositors own rights of action.


I don't care what you say. We're right. It's all on

Me: is a little more than a superstitious cult. Because of fear and anguish over their lives, many look for someone they can claim is authority to explain why things are the way they are. Such ones need a pontiff, a Wizard of Oz.

For Miseans in the Cult of Mises, Mises is their wizard, their pontiff.


Your policy is fundamentally anti-labor and anti-poor people.


First, I don't have a policy. Second, the truth of what I say is free-markets capitalism.

What you advocate is anti-worker, anti-citizen, pro-criminal and pro-crony politics.

You support property-destroying illegal activity. Hiring illegals is no different than cheating on the claimed weight of content in products.

Worse, advocating for hiring illegals is akin to advocating for having your unprofitable work subsidized by others. Enterprisers who can't break even unless they hire illegals are inefficient and wasting resources. They are bringing to market products that not enough want to warrant profits.

Those who don't want to trade property honestly in pursuit of profits and who can't enjoy otherwise higher rates of profits hire illegals.


Obviously, you are not an Austrian. Neo-Keynesian? Monetarist? Classical?


Unlike you, I advocate for free markets, free enterprise and free individuals. You want illegals and crony politics to reign supreme.


You are just a collectivist!


It's laughable that you accuse me of being who you are — a collectivist. You want everyone else to subsidize your illegal aliens and in so doing, subsidize your faulty business.


You can't have unrestricted immigration but you must eliminate welfare.


And now you have agreed with me. Thanks for playing.

The converse of that is, you can't have unrestricted immigration and welfare. Illegal aliens are engaged in illegal, unrestricted immigration.

I have said it above, both ways.


Jason believes in hiring illegal aliens. Jason believes that decreeing anyone illegal interferes in his right to hire whom he pleases. Jason doesn't understand jurisprudence so Jason doesn't know what right means. 

Through his stupidity, Jason has advocated for a collapse in capitalism. 

Most capital gets bought on credit with expected rates of return. Most capital gets used for more than one year. When working age population suddenly increases, wages fall and thus prices fall. The returns on extant capital fails to materialize.

If there are not increasing returns to capital, no one will invest in capital. Without capital there are no wages. Without ever increasing returns, there can be no advance in true wages.

Massively increasing the prime working age population, roughly 18-54, both depresses wages and leads to a capital death spiral. When the prime working age labor growth rate exceeds the capital spending rate, wages fall. Falling wages necessitates a fall in prices. A fall in prices causes a fall on the return to capital.

When wages fall for everyone, prices must fall. Falling prices on extant capital bought on credit require adjustment by enterprisers to maintain their return. They cut workers.

When workers get cut, there are fewer who can buy. Fewer bidders can bid lower to win products. Prices fall gain.

A new round of falling prices leads to a new round of less capital as returns aren't there. If there are not increasing returns to capital, no one buys capital. No one goes into business to lose. The economy goes into a capitalism death spiral.

All should favor free immigration, but then also should favor the end of welfare and income taxation. You can't have the former without the latter.

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Property means right of ownership.

It doesn't mean chattel nor possession. Anyone can have property in chattel, work of the mind or credit.

A house isn't property. It's chattel. An improved parcel isn't property. It's chattel.
Someone can have property in a house and property in an improved parcel.

People buy and sell property in purchases and sales of trade.

When you go to your supermarket and buy milk, you buy property in milk. You aren't buying the milk. You are taking possession in what you have property when you bag it and bring it home.

The agents of the owners of the supermarket (those who have property in the supermarket) sell you their property in milk and buy your property in bank credit (either cash or checkable deposits).

What gets traded in the purchase and sale is property, not the stuff.

Wealth is property of exchange.

Things aren't wealth until the moment of trade. Things cease to be wealth thereafter (e.g., A once-new bicycle that has become rusted with bent spokes isn't wealth if its owner can't sell it to someone else).

Capital means property put to production.

Capital does not mean cash or money — coined metal by weight and fineness, which no longer exists. Too many confuse cash for capital because of paid in capital.

Labor is the poor man's capital.

The worker uses his labor (skills, body) to create work.

The work the laborer creates is his wealth. The laborer sells work through time in a purchase and sale and buys wages.

Work of the laborer is capital of the enterpriser.

If the work done is the final product, it becomes inventory (property of potential wealth). If it can be traded (bought and sold in a purchase and sale), it becomes wealth of the enterpriser.

Work done is no different than any other capital of the enterprisers.

From the enterpriser's perspective, work done isn't any different than any other component to produce a product. Any enterpriser buys work done and packages the work done into a product for final sale. Sometimes the work done is the final product.

Either way, the enterpriser acquires property in work done by trading property in bank credit, whether cash or bank credits negotiable with instruments. Said another way, the enterpriser sells his cash or credit and buys work done.

Most believe the employer-employee relationship like the parent-child relationship.

Wages aren't a gift. Wages aren't an allowance from mom and dad. Wages are income from recurring sales.

How is it most can understand what sales are for Wal-Mart, but not for those who sell work through time for wages?

The onus is on those who sell work for wages to gain better skills over time. They must either sell more work for the same time or sell the same work at lower prices.

How is it that most can understand producers of cars need to become more efficient at producing cars over time, but not those who sell work through time for wages?

Few have a problem with this when it comes to buying all of the stuff they like to buy, e.g., cars, TVs, mattresses, meals in restaurants, flights on airlines. The enjoy ever lowering prices over time. That is how their living standards rise.

Labor never competes with capital. There is no labor without capital.
Never does any enterpriser ask himself "Should I hire people or should I automate?" That never has reflected commercial reality. 

The true question is this: Is there a dearth of workers or is there an abundance of workers?

If there is an abundance of workers, there can't be much of a return to capital (property put to production). Thus, enterprisers hire workers, inefficiently.

For more on all of that, read: 

Capital is the source of wages (see: CAPITALISM. BECAUSE WITHOUT IT, YOU WOULD BE LIVING AS A BARE SUBSISTENCE SAVAGE). If returns to capital are paltry, wages are low. High wages comes from much capital because returns to capital are present and increasing.

When car manufacturing in the USA went from hand-made to massive steel stamping machines operated by men, true wages went up and went up high. High wages for auto workers were the result of efficiency of output owing to high returns to capital.

Where there are many workers even in the face of capital, wages are low — China. Where there is no capital, everyone lives as at bare subsistence — much of Africa.

Debt is the flip side of credit. There is no debt without credit. The two words describe the same relationship. Without credit there wouldn't be much of an economy. Most Americans would still be living on farms and working for their parents or grandparents. Life in America would look much like it did before the 1830s.

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Tuesday, October 6, 2015


All need to stop parroting idiotic phrases that support the false belief that illegals will take the work that Americans won't do. Those who parrot such idiocy only support those who favor illegal aliens.

As I have shown you before, no one will work at a loss. Americans won't work at jobs where the pay rate fails to cover costs (i.e., living expenses).


At 4:02 in this video below, famed monetarist economist, the now-deceased Milton Friedman spews the fallacy of "they take jobs that most residents won't do." Friedman parrots a stupid belief, a mindless mantra that immigrants come to take the work Americans won't do.

Wage rates are prices and get set by double auctions — English auctions for would-be employers and Dutch auctions for would-be workers. All competitive markets work this way.

Employers must bid up against each other. That's an English auction. Job seekers must bid down against each other. That's a Dutch auction.

Illegals, whether from Mexico or elsewhere, beat Americans at wage auctions. Illegals can offer lower bids for wages for work done because illegals face a different break even than U.S. citizens and legal residents face. That is why illegals can accept lower wages for the same work, precisely because they are illegal.

These two equations express the same thing:

A firm faces this: ƒ (Break even) = Sales - Costs
A individual faces this: ƒ (Break even) = Wages - Costs

Wages are sales of work for pay through time as Sales are sales of product for payment through time.

Firm operators only pay taxes on Net Sales. Americans as workers pay taxes on Gross Sales. Unlike firms, individuals get forced to pay taxes before their costs (living expenses).

As taxes are an unearned share of profits swiped by lawgivers, Americans can't get out of their compulsory taxes. So for wage-earning Americans, their BEs are higher!

Illegals don't pay income taxes. So Congress and states' legislators do not swipe a share of profits from illegals. Thus, illegals can accept lower wages for the same work.

Legal Americans have lower wages on higher wage rates than illegals because Congress and state legislators swipe a giant chunk of the wages of legal Americans.

Even when illegals bid at lower wage rates, their wages are higher as because they keep all of their wages. And if they have kids in America and collect welfare, their incomes are even higher.

Political supporters of illegals need to show the world they can bend the laws of mathematics:

ƒ (Break even Illegal) = N × Wages - Costs
ƒ (Break even American) = (Wages - Taxes) - Costs

where N < 1.0, N × Wages > Wages - Taxes

Legal wage-earning Americans are subsidizing illegals and those who hire illegals. Without these subsidies, there would be no advantage to hiring illegals. Illegals simply wouldn't come here.

Both math and supportive jurisprudence prove Milton Friedman wrong and prove wrong everyone who believes as Friedman does. Math proves me right.

There must be two fixes in law:

  1. Firm operators caught employing illegals should have their assets confiscated and sold off at auction.
  2. Even when a child is a U.S. citizen, only U.S. citizens and legal residents should be allowed to file for welfare on a child's behalf. The adult filing for welfare for a child should be forced to prove legal residency status. 

All should favor free immigration, but then also should favor the end of welfare and income taxation. You can't have the former without the latter.

Illegal immigration is a boon to anti-capitalists.

For the firm operators who employ illegals, they enjoy unearned profits. Without illegals, many would be forced to exit the field of competition, shrinking supply and raising prices for those who produce efficiently with capital.

Illegals act as an anchor pulling down wages for everyone else on the wage-scale ladder precisely because the swell of working age population negatively effects the return on capital.

Flooding a country with illegals suppresses capital spending because enterprisers can't get suitable returns to capital in the face of cheap labor. With capital spending suppressed, wages are suppressed. All of that causes an economy to go into a death spiral.

Heed my dictum: Labor makes property. Capital makes property efficiently.

Workers can better themselves only so far before hitting the wall of efficiency gains. For substantive gains in production requires capital. Only when returns to capital are increasing will anyone take his property and put it to production.

Where you find no capital, you find no wages — many Africans live this way. Where you find many workers, even in the face of some capital (per capita capital low) you find low wages — the Chinese and Hindians live this way.

If anyone supports illegals, then why have any laws? Why have any property laws? Why have patent laws? Why have copyright laws?

For those supporting illegals, why not let someone take your car if they want to use it to drive to work? Why should law exist to justify others stopping car thieves on your behalf?

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Friday, October 2, 2015


Over on the True Dollar Journal, I've written up a surprise summary of the 2015 October Jobs Report for September.


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Thursday, October 1, 2015


Over on my companion site, The True Dollar Journal, I've released the much awaited WORLD ECONOMY LEAGUE™ Stock Exchanges Indices.  There is only one place on earth where you can get the true prices of stock indices and that place is right on the True Dollar Journal.

Every week, many are losing buying power in stock markets everywhere and they don't even know it. This is true even when prices are going up in the local current currency!

With True Dollar prices, you can see which ones are actually increasing in buying power.

Check out Iceland! Head up to the True Dollar™ Markets menu to see. The indices are live!

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The reveal of lies keep coming for Hillary Clinton. This time, it seems the woman lied about work shenanigans involving someone she supervised while working as a secretary, the Secretary of State.

Clinton managed to bend the rules of government so Huma Abedin could collect three paychecks — from the Bill and Hillary Clinton Foundation, from Tenco, a for-profit business and from Congress. In short Clinton made it possible for Abedin to get paid all while possibly having conflicts of interest.

This latest lie comes on the high heels of Hillary trying to justify using a home computer and a public DNS account to send and receive classified government documents from co-workers at the state department. Hillary and her team brilliantly called her email account:

A look up of the whois record reveals someone paid to create the domain name to associate with an IP address on 2009-January-13. At the time of the registration, Hillary was still working as a senator from the State of New York.

It almost seems that Hillary and her team knew Congress would confirm her to become Secretary of State by a vote of 94–2 only eight days later.

Why would you want Mrs. Bill Clinton Hillary Clinton to become president of the United States?
  • Hillary was the long-time housewife of a career politician. 
  • The foolish people of New York put her into office precisely because of being Bill Clinton's housewife.
  • Hillary lacked any political experience, the kind most people get starting locally and working years to acquire by winning election to offices of successive responsibility.
  • And then Hillary was appointed to what amounts to a ceremonial job, one that had her nod her head yes to career technocrats who are the ones that devise foreign policy.
Hillary lacks any executive experience. She has never run anything in her life. She was never governor nor mayor. She never even worked as a town supervisor.

Voting for Hillary is a vote for conjured, faked political career built solely on the back of her husband, from the convenient retirement of a senator in New York so Hillary could have that job to the Secretary of State job given to her by Obama, a requirement by the Democratic Party. However, if enough Americans foolishly elect Mrs. Bill Clinton as President of the U.S., no one should be under delusion that she will have earned such on merit. She will have gotten the job solely because of man, her husband, the Democratic Party and the stupidity of at least 51% of Americans who will have voted for her.

Mrs. "I suppose I could have stayed home and baked cookies and had teas" Clinton sided with that other U.S. political genius, John McCain and advocated arming the rebels in Syria to the teeth. Once trained in advanced U.S. weaponry, these rebels became the terrorist organization ISIL/ISIS/IS that now wants to turn the Middle East into a unified stone age empire.

So it is humorously odd that Mrs. "I earned $100,000 trading pork bellies on $1,000 with no experience in only 10 months and you can too" Clinton wants to contrast herself from the foreign policy failure that is Obama and his NSA team.

Mrs. Clinton's political career is almost as phony as Obama's, the community organizer who ran in exclusively black districts in Illinois. At the time of her election to the U.S. Senate by New Yorkers, those voters must have suffered serious intellectual deficiencies.

In many respects, they were far more clueless than the voters of Illinois who elected Obama to the U.S. Senate. At least he gained some on-the-job training having been elected to the Illinois state legislature.

Americans should wonder why are they punishing themselves in having elected Obama twice and now consider electing Bill Clinton's hausfraü for Americans' next four year president.

By the way, whatever happened to that Rodham foolery name business? Bill's wife no longer goes by that name.
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Monday, September 28, 2015



Can you imagine Muslim refugees drinking a few pints down at the local with the lads while watching the 2015 Rugby World Cup? I can't (see: ENGLAND, THE RUGBY WORLD CUP 2015 AND THE MUSLIM REFUGEES INVASION OF EUROPE).


Alcohol is evil... can so often lead to violence...


Alcohol is inert. It is not sentient. By your beliefs, fire is evil because fire destroys things through burning.

Rightly, many of mankind live by evil or live from evil. The man or woman who lives by alcoholism lives by evil. The alcohol itself isn't evil.

Evil is an Old English word meaning vicious, wicked, bad, ill. Ill is a word of Old Norse that entered English about 1200 meaning morally evil. Wicked is an English word also attested to about 1200 meaning bad, false.

Vicious is an Old French word spoken by the Anglo-Normans and first attested to the late 1300s meaning unwholesome, impure, of the nature of vice, wicked, corrupting, pernicious, harmful. In turn the word comes from the Latin vitiosus meaning faulty, full of faults, defective, corrupt; wicked, depraved.

All of these things — evil, vicious, wicked, ill, unwholesome, corrupting — are bad characters of individuals of mankind. Never are these are not qualities of things.

Because most know words and can pronounce words, most believe they know what they say. Yet, more often than not, they do not. That is why their beliefs are muddled and superstitious-driven.

Good luck!


LOL! I will need the luck today for sure.


Luck is merely having kept one's eyes open for opportunity and always having worked to better oneself so that one can leverage oneself to gain from the opportunity.

Opportunity offers itself in proportion to one's skills, one's will for action, and one's belief in attaining the outcome. Those who act in the face of opportunity and who come out ahead are lucky.

Opportunity comes from the Latin expression ob portum veniens meaning coming toward a port. When you come to port, you must ask those who are from there if they want what you offer. You must seek those who have what you want.

Hence, my cheers of good luck to one and all.

Those who are slothful, reliant upon others, those who can only imitate — these are the ones who fail to see opportunity and thus never experience luck.

Luck does not mean being handed something for nothing though fools believe that is the meaning of luck.

Luck entered into English late in the 1400s from the Middle Dutch meaning happiness (cf. Deutsch Glück). Happiness is an Old English word meaning the fullness of being happy. Happy is Middle English for one who takes on the haps (chances).

Happy does not mean temporal joy, temporal bliss or any such nonsense that almost all believe happiness means today.

Because most native English speakers are horrible with Latinate English — English words taken from Old French, Middle French, Norman French, Late Latin, Modern Latin — they grow up quite confused about the meaning of words of English, especially words of Old English derived from Old Saxon and Old Norse as well as of Middle English, you know, the rudiments of English.

Good luck!

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Sunday, September 27, 2015


During the Rugby World Cup being played right in England, the birthplace of the worldwide sport, it seems odd that Englishmen would want Christian-hating and secularist-hating Muslims living among them and more so to pay for these Christian-hating and secularist-hating Muslims to live among them. It is unlikely that any of these Muslims have desire to become Englishmen and Christians.

De-christianization of Europeans continues unabated. One day, each man and woman in what we know as the various sovereign countries of Europe will awaken to another day in a state of the EU. It will be life as they have known always.

They will have known only they have lived in the country of the EU. They will never have known what life was like for their forebears who lived in the UK, France, Germany and so forth.

All of these "refugees" today will be voters, grateful to those political leaders who gave them asylum, refuge, welfare and a new life. In a few years, they will vote for the agenda sought by the EU superstate.

By letting in all of these Muslim refugees, Europeans are not committing suicide as many say. Rather, European elites are killing off Frenchmen, Germans, Englishman and so forth and using pliable immigrants to do so.

The leaders of the EU countries have said in so many words to the people of their respective countries:

Each of you is insignificant. We don't care about you and whether or not you see yourself as part of a people who share a history and a identity formed from the non-law aspects of culture — accepted behavior and practices such as food, sport, religion and so forth.
We have an agenda. We rule you. Laws exist for us to do what we want. Laws do not exist to keep harmony among like-minded people with as little interference as needed by us.
We are trying to rid you of the belief that you live in countries with boundaries. We want you to believe you live in states that answer to a higher authority.
We have done much to rid you of your Christianity though we have much work still to do there. We have done much to make you believe that each should have about the same and no man or woman should have more, except for those whom you have been taught to believe are superior to you by great significance.
Though Islamism is a totalitarian political doctrine masquerading behind religion — as it does nothing to enlighten the individual — , you will accept these Muslims among you and you will pay for them. They will help us in ridding you of the last remnants of your Christianity. 
We are confident that we can Westernize these Muslims and turn them into moderates. 
As it is always the case with illegal immigrants under various guises such as refugee status, we know that illegals when showered with welfare become loyal to us, their leaders. And once we turn them into voters, we know we can rely upon them to push our agenda even faster and further than we could with two or three of your generations to come.
Our friends in America know how to do it all too well.  

These flags and what these flags represent mean nothing to the Muslim refugees and likely these flags never will.

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Thursday, September 24, 2015


"Well, I didn't know what Auschwitz was, or I didn't up until today," said Alex Johnstone, a political candidate seeking to become a representative to provincial parliament in Canada. According to the CBC / The Canadian Press, in NDP Candidate Alex Johnstone 'Didn't Know What Auschwitz Was,' eight years ago, Johnstone wrote on her Facebook a mocking comment about artifacts of the NAZI concentration at Auschwitz.

Shockingly, Johnstone is vice-chairwoman of school district's board of directors. The woman managed to get through a master's degree program in social welfare as well as live through the television-era and yet she had never heard of Auschwitz until her ignorance became revealed publicly.

It does not seem possible that anyone born after World War 2 doesn't know about the NAZI Holocaust against European Jews and at least a few buzzwords like Auschwitz, Kristallnacht , Anne Frank, Final Solution, Treblinka, Nuremberg Trials.

If Johnstones suffers from a mediocre intellect, it is understandable she might not know these:

Politics attracts the nuttiest. Likely, almost all politicians suffer from mental illness. By their crazed beliefs, they believe they are superior to you and thus you should anoint them to do more than lead you. You should surrender to them and let them tell you what to do to your dying days.

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Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Everyday in the USA, millions win the lottery — the Section 8 Voucher lottery given to them by the U.S. Congress.

Where I live in sunny, well-to-do Southern California, not far from Los Angeles, and minutes from world famous beaches, there are non-profits who act as landlords for Section 8 voucher lottery winners.

I've seen the data. There are many who live in apartments that would require a $48,000 gross income to pay the rent who live there free-to-them and near-fear to them, all paid for by the U.S. Congress.

And where does Congress get the funds to pay landlords? Congress borrows most of it and taxes many "middle class" Americans with few deductions at such confiscatory rates to pay for the debt service on the borrowing.

I know of one case where person X earns about $44,000 a year and  with his Section 8 subsidy, his gross income gets bumped up by Congress to $92,000 a year. Sure, each month, he pays a fraction of the rent and yes, his employer withholds taxes.

However, the Section 8 welfare he gets far exceeds his withholdings. In short, he isn't paying taxes at all to Congress.

You are reading that right. The welfare he receives exceeds his income and more than doubles it! He lives as if he has an engineering degree from Cal Poly rather than the high school grad he is who works as a personal services technician!

Congress believes he should be among the lucky who get bumped up to a upper middle class income and lifestyle, in effect, give him more buying power than those who I know who work hard for $55,000 a year. Sadly, those who know I who earn $55,000 earn too much to qualify for any welfare from Congress.

On top of that, he gets EIC for two children under the age of 18! So Congress actually pays him for having kiddos!

I know of another person who skipped many school days and dosed out on acid. Then for years during early adulthood, she continued tripping on acid weekly. She said she has tripped over 5,000 times.

Anyway, all of her drugging destabilized her brain. So what did she do? She went to doctors saying she had mental problems and boom, they gave her disability! Now, Congress gives her $23,000 in gross income for rent via the Section 8 program and another $10,000 or so in Social Security Disability Income. She gets all of that because of her voluntary drugging that fried her brain.

And there is another case of a family whose combined household income from wages exceeds $90,000 and yet Congress still gives them another $48,000 gross income, effectively. They have a gross income of over $138,000 a year thanks to Congress!

And you are going to get steamed even more over this. Many of the residents in these subsidized apartments could be illegal aliens. The State Lawgivers of California prohibit landlords from checking on immigration status.

As well, Congress provides block grants that end up in the pockets of these non-profit landlords to subsidize even more. The lawgivers of California provide these block grants as well.

Most Americans don't know anything about this. Congress has turned America into a socialist paradise for some.

Why live on Section 8 welfare in East St. Louis where you must duck bullets when you can live in sunny Southern California among the rich in some of the most sophisticated cities in the USA? You can.

I see it first hand. I have intimate knowledge of the workings of the Section 8 system in Southern California.

If there were no rent subsidies, rents would plummet tomorrow. Rents would become affordable to even the lowest paid workers.

SNAP (Food Stamps) welfare works the same way — artificially raising food prices.

All of this was decided during the George Herbert Walker Bush years and his "kinder, gentler" America program.

Capitalism, work, ingenuity — all of this is getting killed by a socialist-leaning Congress, a socialist-for-the-masses, exclusivity-for-the-richest-elites (think: Warren Buffet). It's no wonder how many call this current version of America, neo-feudalism, a kind of hybrid socialism-fascism-feudalism.

And while no one should care how Congress spends their funds, all should care how much Congress can legally steal from anyone. No American should be forced to pay a sum of taxes that exceeds 12% of her or his income in any year to Congress.

The time has come for a constitutional amendment that puts Congress in tax shackles. Likely, it might be the only amendment Americans need. That amendment should limit the sum of taxes Congress can collect from anyone in whatever form to 12% of his or her income in a year.

Legislating should be hard. Congress should be forced to decide between guns and butter.

Today, the New York Times published a story about how the City of Los Angeles is going to blow $100 million on grubby welfare-seekers.

The whole thing reminds me of this video Peter Schiff put together a year or so back.

America. It's so over.

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Thursday, September 17, 2015


Today, Yahoo reported on the Ukrainian's parliament decree to stiff their creditors by $3.8 billion, defaulting on that debt. By propaganda, the report calls this default, "a restructuring agreement...[to keep Ukraine]...from falling into an unmanaged default." Elsewhere in the story, the writer refers to the default as a "20-percent debt write-down". Even the headline is pure propaganda — "Ukraine parliament backs crucial debt write-off deal."

The action by the Ukrainian Parliament is typical of lawgivers. They have no respect for property — the right of ownership — in this case the property collecting debt in full over time, or that, which we all call credit.

And people wonder why economies go bad and they live through hard times. Most live by superstition, believing in a slew of myths as to why economies go bad. Almost always, they accept stories by politicians who blame businessmen. In reality, it's lawgivers who devise the rules and who change the rules by which people trade their property while in pursuit of profit.

If you owed Mary $100 and paid only $80 back, you stiffed Mary of $20, or 20%. You defaulted on the deal made with Mary for $100.

In your mind, you might believe Mary is lucky to get even $80. However, Mary banked on getting $100 from you. Now, her life changes to the worse because she trusted you and you stiffed her.

If you owned Sally and Suzy $100, owing Sally $80 and Suzy $20, and you paid Sally 100% and Suzy 0%, you still defaulted, but only to Suzy. The net effect is the same as if you only owed Mary.

Paying Sally in full keeps you in good standing with Sally. However, as in the Mary example, you have harmed Suzy. Sally should be wary of you for her own sake going forward. So too should anyone else you approach to enter into credit relationships.

Can you imagine if it were this easy for you, that every time you borrowed on credit cards, home equity lines of credit and the like and if you were to find yourself with weaker cash flow, you could force your creditors into bargining what you would call a "write down" but which is in fact, you defaulting on your deal?

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Wednesday, September 16, 2015


The U.S. economy has yet to leave depression. Current dollar GDP is meaningless.

"Real" GDP is meaningless as well since to calculate it, government statisticians use an average ("the chain") of successive inflated current dollar GDPs to deflate the latest GDP. How is it possible to deflate something inflated by something else already inflated?

There are 69.8% more dollars in circulation today, August, 2015, than in June, 2008! That is what quantitative easing does. QE has papered over the ongoing losses.

Quantitative Easing means increasing negotiable bank credit in circulation — cash and checkable deposits so as to trick the public into believing the economy is growing through rising sticker prices expressed in current dollars.

Quantitative Easing works. QE has papered over the massive credit deflation undergone at banks. QE has papered over the Greatest Depression.

That is its purpose. QE is not intended to spur on an economy.

Current Dollars in Circulation from the Federal Reserve

Look at the angle of the curve from June, 2008. It started to bend toward vertical, which means growth has been moving toward infinite.

This is what US GDP looks like in True Dollars™ terms rather than bogus current dollars or the equally bogus real dollars:

My chart is the only accurate chart on US GDP produced by anyone, the earth over, as are all my GDP charts and every other chart I produce. Unless someone has a standard yardstick that can't grow or shrink, that one can't get an accurate measure.

Look at my chart closely. My chart conforms to everyone's experiences through the years precisely. No other GDP chart on earth can do that.

Because I use an invariant standard that conforms to scientific knowledge about commercial banking, my measures are accurate and reflect commercial reality. No one else on earth can make this claim, unless he or she were to copy my method.

In true terms measured in True Dollars™ rather than measured in current dollars or the equally fake "real GDP" terms — as that uses already-inflated averaged current dollar terms over successive periods as the deflator — the economy has shrunk in almost every quarter since hitting a peak in 2007.

Americans don't see this precisely because QE has papered over reality. Current dollar prices including wages are up. So Americans believe they have been living through a recovery and an advance when they have not in reality.

Americans think in current dollars. They don't think in buying power terms.
When credit falls, the economy must shrink.

The US economy has yet to leave the Greatest Depression.

I track GDP for 40 countries in True Dollars™ terms. Those 40 countries comprise 86.6% of World GDP. The world is in serious economic depression.

The top 15 countries comprise 75% of world GDP. In True Dollars™, which is the only way you can get accurate true GDP, quarter-over-quarter

• Australia is down -11.4%
• Brazil is down -8.9%
• Canada is down -4.4%
• China is down -1.0%
• France is down -9.0%
• Germany is down -8.7%
• India is down -2.1%
• Italy is down -9.3%
• Japan is down -3.6% [Japan hasn't stopped falling since 30-June 1995! It's now down almost -74% since then ]
• Mexico is down -2.9%
• Russia is down an eye-popping -39.4% owing to sanctions.
• Spain is down -8.7%
• The UK is down -7.5%
• The USA is -1.5%

The notable bright spot is Korea, up 0.4%

I'll share a link to these charts as well as my True Dollars™ price guides for ETFs, which show which ETFs are rising fastest over designated periods as soon as my server comes up. My ETF price guides are indispensable for anyone who speculates with ETFs.

As my ETF price guides are merely that, the guides do not constitute advice of any kind as to what to buy or to sell. Such decisions are the both the legal and technical responsibilities of those speculating.

That said, having my True Dollars™ ETF Price Guides likely is the closest anyone can ever get to having a crystal ball. It's like insurance so cheap that you don't need to question the pittance to acquire one.

The charts above for the USA are what the charts look like for the 40 countries I track and for which I produce GDP in True Dollars™

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Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Recently, there has been this stupid meme going around whereby tricksters have tried to shock fools with the meaningless statistic about 94 million Americans not in the labor force. A quick googling of the phrase record not in labor force reveals a slew of search results.

First, the phrase labor force is a technical term and means the sum of those employed along with those who have looked for work in the last four weeks based on a survey conducted during the so-called reference week. So those not in the labor force are those who don't have jobs and who haven't looked for work in the last four weeks.

As I show always, numbers without context lack meaning and usefulness to describe reality. Here is reality:

So is the current percent of 37.3% far from historical norms? No. Right now, the latest reading of 37.3% is only 11.2% higher than the average from the end of July, 1986, to the end of July, 2007.

You can better believe that before World War 2, consistently, those not in the labor force as a percent of free total civilian population would have been been a far greater percentage.

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Monday, September 14, 2015


Many who support the flood of refugees into Germany hold or parrot this false belief:

Germany has a labor shortage.

Thus, they call for more bodies who can become more workers in Germany. They believe having more workers is key to growing an economy. Such a belief is one of the most pernicious fallacies that causes more mischief than perhaps anything else.

Now here is reality:

Germans are suffering a capital shortage.

German enterprisers need to acquire more property put to production, aka capital, to leverage extant working age population. So the answer all should seek is the one that tells anyone why Germans have a capital shortage.

Capital shortages arise because returns to capital are not present. Only in the presence of positive returns does capital formation happen.

Most successful businessmen suffer from improvident nearsightedness. They focus on their own P&L statement and not the entire realm of commerce.

Many foolish enterprisers who don't understand capitalism believe they want more workers so they can pay workers less and thus incur less costs per unit of output. Yet, when all enterprisers do that, prices must fall as wages are the source of prices.

In short, the mass of idiot businessmen who call for more immigrants so as to depress wages end up killing the goose that laid the golden egg.

All working people should want to control immigration to keep capital growth rate far higher than the working age population growth rate.

Labor shortages are great for laborers and people in general. All shortages give rise to more capital among enterprising people.

Wages arise from capital. Higher wages arise from more capital producing ever more efficiently. As capital gives rise to wages, more capital gives rise to higher wages. Among no people in the history of mankind do you find wages absent capital.

In countries with big populations and no capital, you get bare subsistence (e.g., countries of Africa). In countries with big population and much capital, you get low wages (e.g., China, India).

Massively increasing the prime working age population, roughly 18-54, both depresses wages and leads to a capital death spiral. When the prime working age labor growth rate exceeds the capital spending rate, wages fall. Falling wages necessitates a fall in prices. A fall in prices causes a fall on the return to capital.

All prices get set by winning bidders in purchases and sales in the face of what is on offer. Wage rates are prices.

Would-be employers bid against themselves in an English auction. Would-be workers bid against themselves in a Dutch auction.

Massively increasing the worker head count means both would-be employers and would-be workers bid less.

As income (wages, earnings) is the source of prices, falling income means falling prices. Falling prices on extant capital investment means falling return to investment.

Capital spending then must fall and unemployment must rise so that enterprisers can then adjust to re-gain the same return rate to capital. Future capital gets lessened. Life gets worse.

Heed my dictum: Labor makes property. Capital makes property efficiently.

Property means right of ownership and not what is owned. Capital is merely another name for property put to production in hopes of a gain (see: CAPITALISM. BECAUSE WITHOUT IT, YOU WOULD BE LIVING AS A BARE SUBSISTENCE SAVAGE and WHY IS THE ECONOMY SO HORRIBLE? BECAUSE ACADEMIA ECONOMICS IS FAKE).

Capital alone is the source of improvement in the lives of all.

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So today, I read a take on Syria published by a highly-popular populist blogger who appeals to his readership mostly by bashing anything Americans do. He claims, "the US has destabilized Iraq and Syria" as folly-filled "nation building" exercises.

The body of the U.N. decreed that Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad is likely guilty of major war crimes in his efforts to squash the Arab Spring uprising that spread to Syria. There is no way the coalition of the leaders of the Arab League, the United States, the European Union and Canada are ever going to let this guy stay in power after such a declaration.

Al-Assad's Ba'ath political party is Leninist communist. That is another strike against him and another impetus to topple his rule over Syria. Everyone has agreed communism is a failed totalitarian doctrine.

Syria is a jumble of people with competing beliefs. Most Syrians are ethnic Arab. They follow the Sunni branch of Islam.

However, Al-Assad and his dictatorial family are Alawites. Everyone but the Alawites see the Alawites as a false cult. Most Syrians see themselves being ruled by a communist, religious freak.

Sunni Muslims want Al-Assad  gone. The U.S. Congress is willing to help.

A key to understanding the Middle East is this: Any leader or political party that supports peaceful co-existence with Israel gets to stay in power and gets to be among the favored nations in trade. Those who want Israel gone and Jews exterminated do not. If the military capability of the country is deemed weak and their leaders don't want peaceful co-existence with Israel, those leaders have been scheduled for regime change.

Years ago, Saudi Arabia was anointed the lead country of the Middle East and the Arab Muslim World. Slowly but surely the rivals of Saudi Arabians are being taken down with the help of the US Congress and law givers of EU member countries.

Syria is a conjured country created by French political leaders in the aftermath of World War Two. There was much fighting in Syria among the various factions until 1970 when Al-Assad came to power in a military coup. He aligned himself and Syria with the communist Soviet Union.

Like many countries conjured by the British and French political leaders after World War Two, Syria needs to break up into smaller countries that reflect the various people who live there. That is the same for Iraq with Kurds, Yazidis, Shia and Sunnis.

In non-secular countries, religious people can't seem to get along unless there is a central regime that brutally suppresses all other rival religions.

As Islamism is a political doctrine of totalitarianism that relies upon theistic rhetoric, the general problem of the Middle East has been the drawing of borders not along religious lines. Wherever you find competing religions in the Middle East, you find strife.

Most Syrians want to be free. Likely too, most Syrians would like their own country and to live among their own people with their own ways.

To be on the side of a brutal dictator like Bashar al-Assad is to be on the wrong side of history, regardless of whether or not you are a pacifist.

After googling, it seems Max Fisher of the Washington Post has alike views to me.

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Thursday, September 10, 2015


Many readers know that Google programmers initiated a takedown of Bizarro Theater over a few programming mistakes made by myself. Nonetheless, Google will fail to prevail in their takedown.

Slowly, I am re-building the linkages between sheets as IDs have changed under the new Google Drive account. Please be patient. It should be only a few days at most. I must tread through over 400 blog entries to see what charts were there and one needs to be fixed and what needs to be made new.

Along the way, I have learned a bit and feel I should share my experiences.

First, if you have Google Drive, do not use Google Drive from your primary Google Gmail address, ever, Instead, setup a Gmail Account exactly for having Google Drive. Assuming you rely on Google products, here are the steps that you can protect yourself from the titanium fist of Google's dictatorship:

  1. Sign up for another Gmail account specifically for your Google Drive
  2. Log into this email account.
  3. Go to Google Drive
  4. Download and install the Drive app
  5. Set the app to sync to your Drive Folder
    Note: if you have the app installed, go into preferences and unlink your account and then link it to your new Google Drive Gmail
  6. From Google Drive on the web, decide on folders you want to create files and edit files
  7. Share those folders to yourself at your real Gmail address, anointing your real Gmail as an editor
  8. Every file you create, you must "download as" the Microsoft equivalent in case Google decides to kill your account, which they can, anytime for any reason.
    You want to do this because the "files" that show up in your Google Drive folder in your directory tree on Windows aren't files at all. Rather those names are merely symbolic links — text description in the JSON layout that can be parsed by a Javascript virtual machine.
    So if you download a spreadsheet once you create it in Google Spreadsheets, you'll get an actual file that you can use with MS Excel or upload again to Google Drive for use with Google Spreadsheets.
If you work this way, you can keep your real email address (I lost mine) and have all the files you need to upload should the worst case happen to you.

I like Google. I am grateful for their many apps. However, their lack of live customer support and legitimate dispute resolution has me considering a move to Microsoft Onedrive and Excel at a later date.

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During testing to add new features to Bizarro Theater, a likely automated process at Google has blocked my Google Drive account.

Here is what I was doing:

  • I ran a SQL-like query on a spreadsheet to extract only two columns of the data from a spreadsheet.
  • I saved the downloaded data to a text file.
  • I copied the text file to a publicly accessible folder on Google Drive.
And here is what happened:
  • I forgot to change the sharing settings on that spreadsheet to anyone with a link
  • So while I thought I was downloading two-column dates and numbers, instead, I downloaded HTML.
  • The Google Drive filtering program on uploads must have read the HTML, which I am guessing reads "Not Authorized to this" (I'll check)
  • And then I received notification that my Google Drive has been suspended!
As all of the charts for Bizarro Theater run from that Google Drive / Gmail account, I don't know what will happen to over 400 blog entries. For now, the charts seem to be working.

In the meantime, I am trying to get up a new Google Drive account complete with syncing. Having done some of that already, I see that many spreadsheets created with Google Spreadsheets could not be copied to the new Google Drive account. In effect, the program that handles uploading to Google Drive sees those files as "corrupted."

Most of those "corrupted" Google Spreadsheets contained only data generated from other Google Spreadsheets that I own.

There is no one to call at Google to tell my story and plead my case. There is only a stupid online form. I have no idea if anyone at Google with review the form submission. 

Effectively, by suspending my Google Drive account, Google has made my Gmail worthless along with Picasa (Photos), all of the sign ups to countless services I used either my Gmail address or Google one-click log in as well as G+.

From a technical standpoint, heed this:


The files that you see on your local hard drive of Google-made documents aren't files at all, but merely links data encoded in Javascript, specifically in the JSON.

Here are a few screenshots of what I downloaded that Google programmers thought worthy of me having my Google Drive account banned and hence wrecking all of my Google accounts associated with the same email address:

Because behind the scenes, the HTML had these codes. Notice the object "botguard" with an associated function and a huge string of data being passed.

And more code dealing with "anti-spam." 

And this is a shot of the SQL query on sheets that I can't access anymore.

Google computer programmers ("software engineers") need to explain how anyone can spam himself. It looks like Google does nothing by IP address. Because if they managed Google Drive accounts and highest-level access by IP addresses, this would not have happened to me.

This is such a mess for me to clean up.

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