Friday, January 8, 2016


By now, you have read about Mohammadan, aka "Muslims," hoodlums in Germany who went on raping and sexual assault sprees across Germany in what quite likely were social media organized, coordinated attacks against German women. The Mohammadan hoodlums even went around with a how-to-speak German crib sheet with phrases to demand sex.

Deceptively, mainstream media propagandists continue to refer to these hijrah — jihad through immigration — Mohammadans from North Africa, the Middle East and Pakistan as "male migrants." They do so precisely because the word migrant defuses thought and makes it seem these males in the primes of their lives are the weak, frail, helpless who need humanity.

In anticipation for the need of extra policing, the police chief Wolfgang Albers of Köln (aka Cologne), Germany, asked to put more men on duty. Ralf Jäger, Home Secretary of the North Rhine-Westphalia state turned down Albers. After the Mohammadan rape incidents, Jäger tried to lay blame on Albers.

It wouldn't matter if there were 5,000 cops working that night. The cops didn't cause these Mohammadans to rise up and rape white Christian and white secular Germans. Believing in Islam and Mohammad caused these Mohammadans from North Africa, the Middle East and Pakistan to rise up and rape white Christian and white secular Germans.

Henriette Reker, the Mayor of Cologne, blamed the free German women for being victims of rapes and sexual assaults. Reker claimed women should be held to a "code of conduct" so that hijrah Mohammadans will lack the means of raping them. Mohammadans hold their own women to a code of conduct. They stone them to death if a man rapes them. As well, they keep their women shrouded.

Nick Fagge and Sara Malm, propagandists for the Daily Mail UK have gone so far as to claim "the attacks in Cologne ... and other German cities, where dozens of women have reported sexual assaults and robberies, have played into the hands of far-right groups." The spin spun by Fagge and Malm is typical. Rather than hold the rapists responsible, it's the fault of right-wing ideologues. Well, Fagge and Malm ought to tell that to the females brutalized by these Mohammadans whose beliefs justify their raping.

The leader of the German government, Angela Merkel, continues to import Mohammadans into Germany for the express purpose of changing the country of Germany itself. Angela Merkel and her cohort of European puppets leaders are forcing white Europeans to kill themselves by paying taxes for their replacements — Mohammadans of another race.

There won't be a Germany in 20 years at least not one you recognize. Within four years, non-whites in Germany will be in the majority for the 20- to 30-year-old age group thanks to Merkel's idiocy. Merkel has burned Germany for authentic Germans. That is a demographic certainty now.

Deep-down, Merkel is a communist. Her dad moved her as a little girl from the safety of West Germany where they were natural born citizens to communist East Germany. That should tell anyone all he ever needs to know about what Merkel really believes.

Mohammadanism is a totalitarian, collectivist doctrine. Mohammadanism needs to be recognized for what it is, a kind of totalitarianism that organizes people for conquest. It is not an individualist doctrine of self-bettering or enlightenment. Thus it's not religion.

True progress comes from the freeing of the individual. No one can be pro-Mohammadanism (Islam) be a true progressive.

The race is on to turn Europeans back 1406 years. Not until all those living in future Europe are Mohammadans with their European women wearing burkas will liberal European politicians become satisfied.

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