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In his first ever social media blitz, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, aka Pope Francis, the chief executive officer and chairman of the board of the Roman Catholic Church as well as president-for-life of the Vatican City State, has taken to Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, to decree for a push for one religion over the world as the means to usher in world peace. Pope Francis has gone so far to demand everyone collaborate to achieve one-world religion.

Using indoctrination visual methods, Pope Francis wants everyone to believe that Mohammadans ("Muslims") worship the same god as Jews and Christians. Both Jews and Christians have the 10 commandments as brought down by Moses. For Jews, it's this: Don't kill. For Christians, it's this as Jesus said: Love is the law and thus if you love, you can't kill.

For Mohammadans, killing is right in the name of their god, the lah or in Arabic, allah. The Koran ("Quran") contains at least 109 verses that call Muslims to war with nonbelievers for the sake of Islamic rule.  Mohammadans are called to slay, to chop off heads in their killing of Jews, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Jainists, atheists, all of whom they name pejoratively as infidels.

Lest you doubt me, here are direct quotes from their Koran:

  • "And the Jews say: Ezra is the son of Allah; and the Christians say: The Messiah is the son of Allah; these are the words of their mouths; they imitate the saying of those who disbelieved before; may Allah destroy them; how they are turned away!" Koran (9:30) 
  • "Muhammad is the messenger of Allah. And those with him are hard against the disbelievers and merciful among themselves" Koran (48:29)

Mohammadanism ("Islam") is a horrible political doctrine of totalitarianism that relies upon pseudo-theology in the same way another horrible political doctrine of totalitarianism, communism, relied upon pseudo-science.

Pope Francis has joined the push to get Europeans, Americans, Canadians, Australians and other Christian founded countries to accept Mohammadans in their midst. Commanding over one billion, one hundred million Catholics, Pope Francis carries much leverage. That makes the Pope a dangerous man.

Pope Francis doesn't seem to understand the Parable of the Good Samaritan. And thus the Pope doesn't seem to understand Jesus at all.

Jesus tells a story of a victim who gets stripped of clothing, beaten, and left half dead along the road (Gospel of Luke, 10:29–37). In turn, a priest (Pharisee) and then a follower of the priest's religion (Levite) more or less step over the beaten, bleeding victim. Eventually, a Samaritan comes by and saves the victim, beaten by robbers and ignored by religionists. 

Here are is a bit about the backstory to help you understand what all who heard Jesus tell it would have known:

  • The Samaritans — Torah Keepers — were non-exilic, resident Jews.
  • The post-exilic Jews hated the Samaritans. 
  • Both the post-exilic Jews and the Samaritans shared the same basis — the first five books of the Torah ("law of Moses").
  • As such, the post-exilic Jews and the Samaritans were metaphorical neighbors.
Here are points to glean from the story:

  • To win eternal life: Love God and love those who share the law of Moses.
  • Those leaving the "temple city" into their ordinary lives descend from the word (law) and fall prey to soul robbers — religionists, Mohammadans, atheists, New Agers, etc.
  • Those walking from the law by practicing religion are robbed by robbers and will die, eternally.
  • Those teaching religious ceremony such (the priest) are going down the same road of dead and will surely pass without eternal life.
  • The pious religious (the Levite) — those indoctrinated into ritual — are going down the same road of dead and will surely pass without eternal life.
  • Jesus (the true keeper of the law) on his purpose (journey), finding the people in their beaten state is there to heal their souls by using his word (oil) and blood, life (wine) and would carry them to eternal life through the reality of his resurrection to be shared by apostles (convey to an inn).
  • And Jesus would repay those who share his message upon his return.
  • Robbers — religionists, Mohammadans, atheists, New Agers, etc. — are not your neighbors.
Popes and Catholics as well as all Christian religionists have modeled themselves on the Pharisees and the Levites, those who hated the Samaritans but whom Jesus loved, and revealed so in the Parable of the Samaritan and the story of the Woman at the Well. The post-exilic Pharisees and Levites hated the pre-exilic Samaritans also who were believers in God and the commandments.

Many Christian religion leaders have tried to sway the minds of Christians by suggesting that Jesus would have wanted them to love the Mohammadans. They go to great lengths to pressure their indoctrinates through guilt by pointing out a passage from the Sermon on the Mount found in the gospel of Matthew:
You have heard it was commanded that you should love your neighbour, and hate your enemy. But I tell you to love your enemies; bless those who curse you; act high-minded to those who hate you; and pray for those who ill-use and persecute you; then you will become the sons of your Father Who is in heaven; for He raises His sun over both bad and good, and rains upon both just and unjust. For if you should merely be friendly with your friends, what reward have you? Is not the same thing done even by the extortioners? And if you salute your associates only, is that anything to be proud of?  for is not that done even by the extortioners? You, however, should be perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect. ~ Matthew, 5:43-48

Such leaders have convinced their followers that Jesus meant giving funds and paying for enemies rather than what Jesus truly meant. Jesus said to be high-minded with those who are your enemies. Jesus failed to say that you should surrender to them or to yield your beliefs on God with them.

Your neighbors neither are your robbers nor your enemies. If enemies are neighbors, then substituting enemy for neighbor should work in parable of the Good Samaritan. So too should substitution robber for enemy or robber for neighbor, if Jesus meant all those to be the same. And if Jesus did, then Jesus would be no better than a trickster.

Pope Francis would like to claim that he speaks for Jesus. No pope ever has. Catholics like to believe their religion comes from Jesus but it never has. 

In a passage of the gospels, Jesus asks Simon what do the people say about Jesus himself. Simon tells Jesus. 

Jesus replies to Simon. Jesus calls Simon a peter, which means an ordinary, dull rock. And then Jesus says upon the rock solid truth of his resurrection, Jesus would gather his flock, his assembly, By assembly, Jesus meant those who believe in Jesus because of the resurrection, his laying down his life and beating his enemies through his own murder.

Of course, elsewhere in the story, Jesus reveals Peter, aka Simon, to be Satan-possessed and a thrice denier of Jesus himself.

Catholics have been accepting as well as boosting the big lie for centuries — the lie of Jesus saying Peter is the rock upon which I will build my church — in order to justify Roman Catholicism and discredit all other Christians. And with the big lie, they claim Peter is their first pope and thus all other Christians can't be legit because they descend from an apostle. Yet, few should be surprised at Catholics because this is what men of religion do.

Jesus warned everyone about guys like Pope Francis:

"Not every one who says to Me, 'Master! Master!' will enter into the Kingdom of Heaven; but only those who do the will of My Father Who is in heaven. Many will say to Me in that day, 'Master! Master! have we not preached in Your Name? and have we not cast out demons in Your Name? and in Your Name have we not done many wonders?' And then I shall declare to them, 'I never knew you; depart from Me, you traders in lawlessness!'" ~ Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew, Chapter 7 21:23

Jesus' entire story can be summed as this — a holy man upsets the establishment and bests his enemies through his own murder.

When I see how Jesus spoke, I see action. Come. Go. Sin more more. Jesus seem to favor loving and those who loved through faith. Jesus always seemed to heal those with such loving faith.

I can't find anywhere in the gospels where Jesus said, I want you guys to set up shop. Go into the building business. Build churches everywhere. Hold ritual services on Sundays and charge fees. Do exactly what the post-exilic ones have done. Be like the Pharisees. Turn your customers into neo-Levites.

In scene after scene, Jesus told individuals to act as individuals and do so with courage. No where can I find Jesus telling people to act like organized mobs whereby each member should surrender his individuality for the group.

Jesus never practiced religion. Jesus was thoroughly irreligious. That was his entire point of emphasis. 

Jesus provoked those who were in charge of religion and repeatedly did so. The extremely irreligious Jesus went about breaking the rules of the religion of the Pharisees — preaching on the Sabbath, doing works on the Sabbath, healing on the Sabbath, partying on the Sabbath, hanging out with sinners, partying.

Consistently, Jesus violated the tenets of men's religion to show that religion is not the way to God. Consistently Jesus shared a message of loving is the key to the kingdom of God.

Jesus showed there are two roads to travel. One is the road that leads to death — religion. The other is the road that leads to everlasting life — love.

God is love. God is not religion. You won't find anywhere in the glad tidings that Jesus said 'God is religion.' God does not demand anyone to have religion.

Religion is the stuff of man. And here is a man, Pope Francis, trying to get the whole world to have a syncretic one-world religion. Pope Francis is much like so many religionist types who fail to see they are alike to the Pharisees.

You either live by the two laws laid down by Jesus — love God and love your neighbor (Jesus; those who who believe in Jesus; those who believe in God as father of Jesus) — or you live by the laws of your religion.

Real Jesus is loving action Jesus. Read the gospels. Find out for yourselves.

When I read the gospels, I read about Jesus telling about the action of loving. No priests, no pastors, no popes, no reverends, no ministers, no rabbis — none of these are needed to learn to be loving by being with those who are loving.

Children, ah the children are spontaneous lovers, always kissing and hugging. No children sits up at 2 or 3 or 4 and says, Dammit, I want to go listen to a preacher straightaway and I want to learn to read, so I can then ponder theology and debate with him.

Anyone who knows children and their nature know that children are not passive and accepting.

Child: Why is the sky blue?
Dad: Because unseen particles in the air reflect light.
Child: Why are there unseen particles in the air?
Dad: Because the wind carries aloft things we can't see and like rivers of air, make those things unseen to us.
Child: Why can't we see the unseen? Why is there air?
Dad: Because, um, um, um, say, do you want to eat some ice cream?
Jesus never said to anyone to be passive and accepting. A healthy-minded child is inquisitive and not accepting of anything.

Children spontaneously hug. Children spontaneously kiss. Children are all about action and are not about passivity. 

Be as a child, believing with your heart, because the child loves with his heart and not with his head. 

If you look at John in total, you would see that Jesus foretells his death and resurrection (John 2). Jesus teaches the requirement of being born again (ridding oneself of bogus religion, becoming loving, believing in him, hence being as a child) and those decide to not believe condemn themselves (John 3). Jesus teaches that belief in him and what he is teaching is the key (John 6).

"And this is intention of My Sender, that of which He has entrusted to Me, I should lose nothing but should it at the last day. This also is intention of My Father, that every one who sees the Son and confides in Him, should possess eternal life; and I will restore him at the last day." ~ Jesus in Gospel of John, Chapter Six, 39-40

Here, Jesus has said that it is the design, purpose, aim, object, will of God ("intention of My Father") for everyone of mankind who understands, experience, receive Jesus himself ("every one who sees the Son and confides in Him"), should have everlasting life ("eternal life").

"Does this make you stumble? Then what if you should see the Son of Man ascending to where He was at first? The Spirit is the life-giver; the body is worth nothing. The ideas which I have expressed to you are spirit and are life. There are some among you, however, who do not believe." (Because Jesus knew from the first who the unbelievers were, and who it was that would betray Him.) ~ Jesus in Gospel of John, Chapter 6, 62:64
Continuing, He said. "For this reason I forewarned you that none can come to Me, unless it be given to him from the Father." ~ Jesus in Gospel of John, Chapter 6, 65
Here, Jesus has said that the word of God, loving is what gives life and life everlasting ("The Spirit is the life-giver") and that religion, religious teaching and being pious to the religious teaching to be seen as an ardent adherent is worth nothing ("the body is worth nothing"). Again, Jesus strikes home the point that the word of God expressed in the law of loving is what gives true life and thus everlasting life ("The ideas which I have expressed to you are spirit and are life.").

And then Jesus slammed home the point that being religious, attending temple, following ritual in no way gets anyone to God and fails to yield everlasting life; but rather it is only through Jesus himself and his word and belief in Jesus by which anyone gets everlasting life ("For this reason I forewarned you that none can come to Me, unless it be given to him from the Father.").

The "it" is the word given by Jesus and not the teaching of men in temples and synagogues precisely because Jesus has the word directly from God.
In short, no one can get Jesus and the word of God by following religion and religious ritual slavishly as the post-exilic Hebrews had been doing with the Pharisees.

Everything Jesus did as revealed in the gospel, Jesus did as an individual for individuals. Time and again, the gospels reveal how Jesus healed specific individuals.  

Loving God, Loving Jesus — loving the one would clean your wounds and pay your bill — these are the things of salvation. Salvation isn't a group activity. There is no salvation to be found in religion.

If you read what John said about the matter in John 3:16-21, John says God sent his son for the world to save. However, "The believer in Him will not be condemned..."

Notice, John didn't say believers. He said but one believer, the individual who believes. There is no mention of those attending to religion in a group who believe.

Following Jesus requires conscious willful individual action and specifically loving. You can't hire a surrogate to do your loving for you because you feel like a day off or a vacation.

Jesus teaches a doctrine of salvation for all who love and who reject religion for love.
  • All who believe Jesus, believe in him and what he is saying are not lost but have everlasting life.
  • Once you come to believe in Jesus, Jesus won't lose you. 
  • Jesus isn't here to condemn the world and wipe it away.
  • Jesus is here even now to save the world.
  • Those who don't believe in Jesus and thus don't trust Jesus have been convicted and will get justice.
  • Those who trust in Jesus and believe in Jesus say so freely to any and thus let their conduct be seen because they have come to the light, which is God.
  • It is the design, purpose, aim, object, will of God for everyone of mankind who understands, experience, receive Jesus himself should have everlasting life.
  • The word of God alone, that which is loving is what gives life and life everlasting, for God is love ("The Spirit is the life-giver").
  • Religion, religious teaching and being pious to religious teaching is worth nothing as ("the body is worth nothing").
  • Religious, attending temple, following ritual in no way gets anyone to God and fails to yield everlasting life.
  • Only through Jesus himself and his word and belief in Jesus by which anyone gets everlasting life because the "it" Jesus talks about is the word given by Jesus and not the teaching of men in temples and synagogues precisely because Jesus has the word directly from God.
Jesus gave all a teaching about men like Pope Francis.

"If therefore your right eye leads to sin, tear it out and throw it you for it will be profitable to to destroy one of your members than that your whole body perish in the Pit. And if your hand leads you to sin, cut it off throw it from you for it will be for you to destroy one of limbs rather than that your body should perish in the Pit." ~ Jesus in Matthew 5:29-30

Forget what religious men say to you how to live. If Jesus didn't say it, it doesn't count. If someone else said it and you follow that over Jesus, you're not following Jesus.

You can't follow Jesus and also follow the Pope, or a priest, or minister, or pastor, or reverend. And as you can't follow Jesus and also follow Paul. It's either Jesus or them.

If you have the essence of Jesus's teaching in mind, rather than what Pope Francis wants — one religion over the world — you would hope that all have Jesus' teaching irrespective of religion. You would hope that mankind would not have any religion whatsoever.

Jesus said God is loving and awaits the return of anyone (Prodigal Son), but God also doesn't seem to interfere (Mount Sermon, rain, sun).

Anyone who lives by loving has full time and energy for action. The loving one never need waste a second on learning tenets, creeds. The loving one never needs time for defense of what others told him is what to think.

If anyone never picked up a New Testament and never read one word of any gospel nor if anyone ever stepped foot into side a church, he would be all right all the same if he learned in five minutes the following and then spent a lifetime getting ever better at doing it:

Love God for God created all, me, you everyone, our earth, everything. God gives to everyone equally, whether anyone is good or bad, sunshine, rain and all the useful things on the earth. Love Jesus for Jesus found mankind beset living mostly as the bad in a beaten state. Jesus healed the wounds of souls by using his word and life so that all who listen and believe, Jesus shall carry to everlasting life.
God loves us and gave us Jesus. It's God's word alone that gives both life here-and-now and everlasting life. So trust in Jesus, believe in Jesus and say so freely to any.
And should you have enemies, await them always, hoping they will turn from evil and become your friend in brotherhood, no matter what they said or did in the past, should they come also to love God and love Jesus as God always awaits anyone and then accepts those who comes to trust Jesus and believe in Jesus. As God gives all of the goodness of the earth even to those in the throes of evil, so should you await your enemies in the same way.
Beware though. Religion and religious teaching and being pious to religious teaching is worthless. Religious ritual in no way gives you everlasting life. Religion will rob you of your soul.
True living, the kind that makes you feel good when you're awake requires doing love in every moment, which is to say be loving. If you're loving you can't be evil. If you're loving you can have the best life, the most fulfilling, the richest without needing riches.
God is love. God is not religion.

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