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Everyone is free to read these facts that I present, facts interconnected in accuracy and defensible through bulletproof logic. 

Those who accept these 15 points understand adult life and much of what adult life entails — power, control, politics, governance, property, property as capital, property as wealth, work, trade and profit. Those who fight against these 15 points above suffer from cognitive dissonance and thus likely try to defend false beliefs inculcated into their hyper-indoctrinated minds.

  1. Society consists of strangers who engage in trade of property.
  2. A society of property is the only kind of society that can arise among strangers, each who pursue self-interested goals.
  3. Property means right of ownership in things and not things owned. Property is a bundle of rights  — Jus Possidendi (right for possession), Jus Utendi (right for using), Jus Abutendi (right for destroying, alienating), Jus Vindicandi (right for recovery when found in the wrongful possession of another.
  4. When property gets put to use to make more property, the name for such property put to use is capital.
  5. When property made from capital gets traded in purchases and sales, most often for cash and credit, the name for such property is wealth.
  6. Labor is the working man's capital. Work done is the working man's wealth, which she or he trades for wages, most often in the form of bank credits and less so for cash. Wages paid is wealth traded away to hire work.
  7. Bank credits and cash constitute buying power.
  8. Buying power is the means by which anyone can acquire the wealth wanted after selling away wealth produced in surplus and not wanted, whether that wealth is embodied in a finished product or work through time.
  9. It is greedy for anyone to seek buying power without producing wealth in surplus that others are willing to trade to get in a purchase and sale, under condition of honest dealing.
  10. As a creation of strangers of a society of property, government is supposed to exist only to protect any individual at random and his property from a mob, whether foreign or domestic, from stealing his property unjustly. 
  11. Today, government, the creature, has superseded its creators. Men of government through law impose duties and rights upon strangers in society of property and well as themselves acting as the government.
  12. Some of those duties include paying income taxes. Some of those rights include fulfilling greedy desires. 
  13. Men of government through law grant rights to fulfill greedy desires as a means to secure and enlarge their grip on power. The more who are dependent on welfare and subsidy for their livelihood, the more support they give to those holding power.
  14. Expressions of right in fulfilling greedy desires include welfare taking and subsidy taking. Specific examples include recipients of TANF, SNAP, Section 8, Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, farm subsidies, Pell Grants, all workers of agencies engaged in doling the former as well as all workers in agencies regulating industries, which inhibit new entrants through inhibition of capital formation. Such agencies include the FDA, SEC, FAA, FCC.
  15. Men of government through law impose liability for those who operate outside the framework of subsidy and welfare to fulfill their greedy demands. Thus, through liability, anyone is free to pursue right of action in civil fraud. Men of government reserve to themselves right of prosecution in criminal fraud.

Every right minded, straight dealing person knows that to get property, which is the right of ownership and never the thing owned, in anything, a person ought to acquire such in a purchase and sale with the current holder of property by trading cash or credit for property in whatever is being traded.

Everyone who has a sense of right and wrong knows that it is wrong to try to get something for nothing. And that is what the greedy do. 

That is the picture perfect definition of greed — striving to get something for nothing from someone else, without giving up something wanted in honest exchange or in honest trade of purchase and sale. Greed is wanting property in stuff without having to trade for such fairly. Greed is striving to get something without giving up something wanted by someone else in an honest exchange.

The word greed came into English about 1600, making it word of a Middle English. It is a back formation from the West Saxon word greedy, which makes that an Old English word.

Greedy is the Old English word meaning covetous. The word was used for the Greek philargyros meaning money loving in Christian religious translation tradition.

A covetous person would be one who is painfully desirous over another's advantages. Such one would seek any means to acquire those advantages without having earned those advantages honestly.

Being greedy is being envious of others who are rich and successful and driven by that envy, striving to get something, often buying power — cash, bank credits — for nothing — doing no work or not doing legitimate work. Every right-minded, straight-thinker of sound mental health would agree.

Getting welfare, getting subsidy, swindling people by fraud — all accurately express the concept of greed. Welfare takers, subsidy takers, fraudsters, all share one driving trait, a trait that nullifies character within them. They are all greedy to the core.

Seeking welfare instead of work, accepting welfare and then never paying back for that welfare is greed. Welfare collectees, subsidy seekers, fraudsters — all are greedy.

Bernie Madoff was greedy. He swindled people of their bank credit, technically, so he could get rich without having to give up in trade, honest services of earning profits trading stock.

Madoff committed fraud because he was greedy, which is another way of saying Madoff wanted something — other people's cash and credit — without trading for it — selling them stock portfolio services that would lead to honest profits.

Welfare collectees are the same as Bernie Madoff. They want free rent and free food for their entire lives without working. The common denominator between Madoff and welfare collectees is that both are greedy — they both want something — buying power — without giving up anything in honest trade — work.

When do you see welfare collectees quit welfare, work and pay back taxpayers for welfare they collected? Those who aren't greedy would do so. Anyone who gets off welfare and gets a job, paying income taxes fails to pay back for past greedy welfare collecting. Instead, they pay forward for future greedy welfare collectees.

Work is the honest trading of skills through time, of course.

Those who live by capitalism in an honest manner never are greedy. There is no greed in honest capitalism. Never is there greed in authentic capitalism.

Capitalism means living by putting property to use, which is capital, to produce property for trade, which is wealth. 

Producers deploy automation questing for efficiency. Efficiency can let producers accept lower winning bids for what is on offer while maintaining profit margin.

Whether produced with automation or not, products traded for cash or bank credits is still honest trade. Producers who use automation are not getting something — buying power in the form of cash and credit — for nothing — not selling product.

Wealth only arises from trade, of trading one kind of wealth, often cash or credit, for another kind of wealth, property in a product arising from property in production, which is capital.

Those knowingly who make shoddy products selling such products without revealing defects to trusting ones are greedy.

Freedom is the realm where a man or woman is self-sovereign. In freedom, anyone has liberty. Liberty requires government. 

Anyone has duty, in truth, only to those that one brings forth among the world. Strangers have no duty to each other and no stranger has an inherent right to anything from anyone else that doesn't arise from mutual consent.

Forcing people to surrender their living for others is mere savagery regardless of how self-deceiving the rhetoric is. As long as people demand that persons get forced to pay income taxes or face imprisonment to pay for welfare and subsidy, no one can be free. 

In representative democracies, without power, politicians couldn't cause all their wars and all of the mass murder that goes on with their wars. In representative democracies, politicians only can gain power by doling out welfare and subsidy to the greedy who surrender their individual power and sovereignty to politicians in exchange for unearned buying power.

[ See: 20th Century Murder by Government Democide ]

Greedy welfare takers and greedy subsidy takers are the problem. The problems are Crony Politics, Crony Governance and Crony Regulatory Capture. The problem rests in politics and governance rather than people in pursuit providing wanted products efficiently.

When trade is not hampered by artificial restriction of supply, nor inflated by artificial giving of buying power, the righteousness of free markets prevails. Only through markets free from Crony Politics, Crony Governance and Crony Regulatory Capture can all benefit owing to efficiency.

Peace and prosperity come to a society of strangers when each one gains self-enlightenment, self-actualization, by rejecting greediness in oneself and by rejecting calls by the mob to use forced against anyone as the means to satisfy the greediness of those of the mob.

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