Thursday, April 10, 2014


Income tax on wages is an ongoing sales tax on the product of capital of any wage earner. Said another way, income tax is a series of sales tax levies on wealth traded between wage earner and employer.

Income taxes levied on work sold means that you, the worker, have no right to work. Yet, if you work, you have a duty to yield an unearned share of your profit with politicians who have not invested in your personal enterprise, yourself. Politicians have given themselves the right to an unearned share of your profit without investing in you.

If the requirement for work is paying what amounts to a toll, a fine, a penaltax, are you free?  Can you look at yourself in the mirror and claim to be free?

As I explained in WHY IS THE ECONOMY SO HORRIBLE? BECAUSE ACADEMIA ECONOMICS IS FAKE, the entirety of trade, or commerce, or real economics ties up with two words — property and profit. Though most think of property as things possessed, property always has meant the right of ownership and never the thing owned. Only when property gets created, can trade arise between two persons.

The name for property put to making stuff is called capital. The name for property put to purchase and sale for cash and credit is wealth. 

Labor (skills, body) is the wage man's capital. The work of the wage earner is his wealth. The wage earner sells work, which is the embodiment of his skills and muscles and buys wages, which are bank credits, most often in the form of deposits, but sometimes in cash.

Incorporated firms face an alike tax as wage earners do. However, all taxpayers, who cannot shift their otherwise compulsory tax burdens upon others, subsidize the capital of incorporated firms since the rules of law let enterprise-adventurers write off capital, sometimes as direct expenses and sometimes as depreciation expenses. In short, for incorporated firms, any profits earned get earned on eventually free-to-them capital.

Wage earners get shafted because they lack deduction on their capital. Wage earners cannot write off legitimate expenses such as food, which is energy for the mind and for the body; clothing and rent, which are shelters for the body and mind; transport, which is how wage earners bring to market (their workplaces) their wealth for sale (their work); medicine, which is how wage earners restore damaged bodies and minds; fitness, which is how wage earners educate their bodies; and skills acquisition, which is how wage earners educate their bodies and minds.

Even farmers get to write off all expenses to feed their cattle, to transport their cattle to market, to get medicine into the bodies of their cattle. Even farmers get to write off as depreciation, all barns to house their cattle, all vehicles to transport their cattle. Are you prized less than a Jersey cow? 

The purpose of government is to facilitate justice for a society of property, which is the only society that can form and be among strangers. As I explained in LAW VS JUSTICE. GOVERNMENT VS SOCIETY. POLITICS VS YOU, the only legit reason for government is to protect the individual and his property from a mob and to certify claims about property when in a society of property so that men can engage in trade, which is the purchase and sale of property, rather than war among each other. 

Government isn't supposed to exist to provide jobs for unionized government workers nor for contract workers. Government isn't supposed to exist to provide guaranteed income for welfare collectees. Government isn't supposed to exist to provide contract work and unearned profits, which ends up being little more than largess. Government isn't supposed to exist to create barriers to entry against competitors, thus insuring unearned profits for cowards who can't compete. 

Government isn't supposed to exist to guarantee profits for farmers. That is why futures markets exist.

Yet, all of the foregoing describes the government of the United States of America today as well as the state governments of all 50 states. Through the force of government, many Americans are beggaring many other Americans.

For many decades now, Americans have not lived among a society of property. Instead, Americans live among a society of law-legitimizing thieves, Americans who hide behind wicked, deceptive rhetoric such as "it's your duty, it's for children, it's for the homeless, it's for women, it's for the elderly, it's to protect you against the terrorists."

In 1726, English trader and pamphleteer, Daniel Defoe wrote in his Political History of the Devil, 

Things as certain as Death and Taxes, can be more firmly believ'd

In the episode Two Minutes to Midnight, of show, Supernatural (Season 5, 21), Dean Winchester sits down to share a pizza with Death, aka the Grim Reaper. It's hard to see those of the IRS as little different than one of the Four Horsemen of Congress and the political establishment of the U.S.A.

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