Saturday, January 11, 2014


The only legit reasons for government are to protect the individual and his property from a mob and to certify claims about property when in a society of property so that men can engage in trade, which is the purchase and sale of property, rather than war among each other. 

As always, the reason behind a society of strangers, which is what we have, is a society in property. Society of strangers arises because of one thing — property, which  means right of ownership and never the thing owned. The purpose of strangers banding together in society of property is to trade freely their right of ownership, their property, for money, which is the measure of contract, of human relations, in pursuit of profit.

All too often, too many believe the reason for government is to define laws. Yet, legit government does not exist for enforcement of law,  good or otherwise. Legit government is about the administration of justice. Justice arises in maintaining right and redressing wrongs.

Laws are unneeded for justice. Law is secondary and unessential. Customs are fine enough for justice. Custom is to society what law is to government. Each expresses the measure of men's insight of the principle of right and justice. 

Law helps to impart uniformity and certainty to the administration of justice. Law helps to protect the administration of justice from disturbing influence of improper motives of those entrusted to impart justice. Law helps to protect the administration of justice from errors of impartial judgment. However, the existence of law is optional and not obligatory.

Government evolves from society. Never does society evolve from government. Before government there is society. Before society there are only individuals. 

Society isn't built. Society is merely individuals as strangers who form association through property for mutual benefit of trade, self-interest and self-expression. The only society in which strangers can live is a society of property. Government springs forth to enlarge the circle of strangers.

The necessity of government arises because of rogues who feign willing participation in society, a society of property. Government must exist only to protect the individual from a mob who seek to dispossess him from his property. Government must exist to ensure truth claims about property. 

Illegitimate government usurps power and starts shuffling people's property against their wants for the sole purpose of maintaining power over all. So in all forms of illegitimate government you see socialistic, bureaucratic welfare, which, immorally retards man's progress as it inhibits individuals who receive such welfare from discovering who they are and what are their talents. 

All problems arise when some usurp power through government to advance themselves by stealing or impairing the property of others, rendering government no better than rogues.

The moving away from bare subsistence, which is poverty, is progress. All progress of humans through all time has been advanced by property put to use as capital to produce property traded as wealth along with the mitigation of risk in the production of ever more property, which means right of ownership and never the thing owned. 

The reward for overcoming loss with property at-risk is profit. It is a way for a people to ensure resources are being used properly and products being made that those who are efficient want.

Politics is the art of using rhetoric to steal property. Politicians and bureaucrats get their property by confiscating it from others. Politicians and their Agent Smiths who inject themselves into the process cause dislocation in resources  and products creation. Retrogression happens under illegitimate government. 

Mankind advances through individuals, property and the drive to hedge against prices and that alone. Mankind falls into retrogression when reverting to neo-tribalism in whatever form, such as self-conceit, pseudo-scientific socialism or totalitarian socialism, which all know as communism.

Americans live in society of property as the basis for a society of strangers is a society of property. The purpose of government is to protect the individual and his or her property from the mob and rogues. When government becomes the mob and rogues, it's over. 

The true debate is individualism and property or power and dictate. When confronting  the true debate, in short, reality — individualism and property or power and dictate — all get forced to see that those on the right are on the same spectrum as those on the left.

All political doctrines are doctrines of control. The spectrum of political doctrine looks like this, from Left to Right:

Communism ↔ Socialism  Syndicalism  Oligopolism  Fascism

The debate of political doctrines is debate about which property should be impaired or stolen, who must suffer the consequences and who gets to do the the stealing and impairing  There is no room for individualism on that spectrum. The winning move, of course, is to jump off that spectrum.

In the USA, governments at all levels have become mob and rogues. Americans have fallen into serious retrogression over the last 153 years, with the majority of it coming in the last 85 or so.

Specific welfare — paying for food and medicine for individuals by impairing property of others — rather than general welfare — ports, roads, bridges — is what has done it, along with legal tender cash.

Through the power of specific welfare Crony Politics, Crony Governance and Crony Regulatory Capture arise. Yet, through rhetorical appeals of envy and jealousy, capitalism gets blamed being misspoken as crony capitalism. Parroting the misguided phrase spoken from ignorance — crony capitalism — fails to do service to anyone. The horrible, wrong label — crony capitalism — implies there is something wrong with capitalism, when never there is. 

Capitalism is the doctrine of property (right of ownership) used to create wealth (things that have buying power in trade). Capitalism means living by using property to produce a surplus of more property and hoping to sell that surplus for a price such that the sum of sales exceeds the cost to gain those sales.

Without capitalism, there isn't an economy. It's impossible to have an economy without capitalism. Capitalism has nothing to do with politics.