Friday, January 10, 2014


From the fallout raged against me by others in the comments of A Milestone to Celebrate: I Have Closed All My Businesses in Ventura County, California, it is clear that we have entered Mike Judge's Idiocracy. We're living in retrogression times. 

Those who have piped up in the comments have expressed, ordinary, parroted opinion, one formed of indoctrination, devoid of thought. 

The toadies of the Coyote herald him as some kind of free-markets capitalist-entrepreneur. One would be hard pressed to find further from reality than such belief.

The self-styled Coyote is a guy who blogs from the irreality of his mind about trying to operate businesses in various states of the USA. What the Coyote fails to mention is that all of his businesses arise because politicians have given him a monopoly license to use taxpayers' land.

Which such a monopoly grant, the Coyote has entered into business by risking the taxpayers' parkland capital risk-free to himself. As well as, since he terminates his employees off-season, the Coyote gets his payroll heavily subsidized by fettered taxpayers.

The Coyote isn't a free-markets capitalist nor a free-markets entrepreneur. The Coyote seems to be a fan of big government when it works in his favor, but all too stupid to know how to leverage it his favor. The Coyote seems to favor effeminate competition by having a monopoly license granted to himself rather than manly competition whereby he would buy land, set up shop and pay market wage rates.

The crazed fans of the Coyote, like so many hopeless ones, should learn the art of commerce and its science, that which some call trade, while others call economics. For if they did, they would know that only the one who has capital bears the risk. The parkland is the capital. The laborer risks nothing. 

An entrepreneur is a smart laborer. If the entrepreneur fails, it is the capital lent to him that gets lost. The entrepreneur fails to lose anything economic. He has staked nothing.

They would learn that Rent is a share of the profits. For where there is no profit, there can be no rent. 

They would learn that land the Coyote uses by grant of monopoly license is the land of legislators. As all risk is borne by capital alone in any venture, it is legislators who shoulder the risk at their expense. However, legislators can maintain their property in such land only by imposing taxes upon Americans. 

Since the Coyote doesn't pay market rate for that capital, legislators subsidize him there as well. Again, legislators can subsidize him only because first they can impose taxes upon Americans for their various schemes.

First, the Coyote fails to get his own parkland as capital. Second, without legislators bleeding Americans as taxpayers, legislators could not subsidize the labor costs of the Coyote.

If his fans would would learn that a wage is a price and that no one can work below break even for long unless subsidized, they would see the Coyote pays less than full wages for workers to break even. Legislators who force Americans to to pay UI who don't collect or cause others to collect UI, in effect, force these Americans to subsidize the Coyote's seasonal payroll.

If the Coyote wants to buy the land to make a go of it, so be it. Yet, taxpayers shouldn't be forced to own land upon which he profits. The Coyote is free-riding, using the capital of others (taxpayers), risk-free.

Socialists believe in community ownership of things managed by the government. Those who side with the Coyote, embrace the socialist concept of no property and community ownership.

As well, those who support Coyote, support the fascist concept of public-private partnership. 

The Coyote is a picture-perfect example of what is wrong with America and Americans today. The Coyote is whiny and greedy, wanting something — unearned profits — without having to give up anything in exchange to gain such — investing in capital, paying market prices that reflect true costs.

In the Age of Idiocracy, most don't get trade (commerce), nor capitalism, nor entrepreneurialism, nor business, nor property, nor society, nor the proper role of government, nor freedom.

Not until  faux capitalists like the Coyote disappear and all socialists disappear will once again Americans advance.

The libertarian approach to living is the right one — the non-aggression principle. Unfettered capitalism is the right approach to production. Protection of property of the individual from the mob is the right approach for progress, equity and freedom.

Idiocracy has become reality.

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