Monday, August 12, 2013


The path. That those who tread there time after time gave no thought to the owner who has property (ownership) in that land.

Pictures like this show the disrespectful, dark side nature of humans and why the world doesn't advance. For it is the humble one who makes her way along any path provided and it is the unenlightened who demands others accommodate her preferences everywhere she goes. 

Always, in trade, or commerce, and law, the word property means right of ownership and never the thing owned. Property is the ownership of a thing, the absolute, entire, exclusive right to a thing of a woman or man, herself or himself or of the things she or he he gains by swapping, finding and making.

Property is a bundle of rights: right for possession (Jus Possidendi), right for using (Jus Utendi), right for destroying, alienating (Jus Abutendi), right for recovery when found in the wrongful possession of another (Jus Vindicandi).

Property is what has freed individuals from overlords. Property is what has given rise to Freedom — the realm where an individual is self-sovereign — and has kept in check Officialdom  the realm where men and women gain power and dole out privileges to their favoreds in order to keep power.

Property has lifted mankind from squalor and meager existence, living at the behest of bullies, men stronger who could impose their will and enthrall others into a life of servitude. Wherever anyone finds amazing depths of poverty and depravity, that one shall find that property does not exist.

One of the true great wars of our time consists of the wily backed by millions of fools triggered by the Politics of Greed and the Rhetoric of Jealousy who attack property, and thus who gain support for their collectivism, which lets them skim off the top and live better at the expense of all. 

All those who love themselves, who walk the path toward self-bettering, self-actualization, enlightenment (if you prefer) champion property. For it is through property that individuals stand a fighting chance to live, to be free.

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