Thursday, March 12, 2015


Over the last few days, jealous females and their effeminate male counterparts have taken to the Internet to engage in whining politics about "gender gap." Likely, these women and their womanish familiars are trying to leverage International Women’s Day for their yearly stab at one of the biggest rhetorical con jobs of the last 40 years, the "gender gap" for pay. Even hack politicians like Barack Obama have blathered platitudes about "equal pay for equal work" in efforts to deceive Americans.

Lost in the entire debate of "closing the gender gap" is the reality of superior male intellects. It has been well-established scientifically and known for decades that average IQ for females and males measures about the same with measurements for males showing greater variability. Most studies suggest males have between 3 and 4 points more than females.

Yet, substantially more males exist with with IQs approaching 130, which is the measure considered to be intellectually gifted. There are almost twice as many males as there are females having stronger intellects as measured by IQ.

If you were to meet with a group of 100 selected at random, about two will have IQs that measure above 135 and both will be male. You would need to assemble a group of 150 also at random before you would get your first female with an IQ above 135.

First, let us divvy up the 147 whose IQs are below 135. Well make 74 women and 73 men. It won't matter if there is one more woman as well assume each half below 135 IQ earns $10 an hour. Well also assume the pay rate for those with IQs above 135 is $12.

So adding the Mensa woman to her kind, the average pay for women now calcuates to $10.02 an hour. Adding the two Mensa men to their kind and the average pay for men calculates to $10.06 an hour.

It should be clear that fewer women with higher IQs means fewer women working in the highest paying jobs. When averaging wages across all 148 million jobs, from lowest to highest, the average for women will calculate lower by this effect alone.

When hazard pay jobs get thrown into the mix, for example, underwater welder, it should be no surprise that men earn more than women, on average, averaging across all jobs. It should not surprise anyone that women as a group, across all jobs for all IQs, earn 82.5¢ for every $1 earned by men as group, on average.

Nothing should be done about it. Legislators cannot increase the number of smarter women nor can legislators force women to work more dangerous jobs.

I found this description at Return of Kings interestingly amusing,

Take I.Q., for example. Despite the noise trotted out by those with lower-to-average intellects about the validity of I.Q. tests and scores, I.Q. remains the strongest single indicator of financial abundance, vocational prestige, academic success, and a host of life’s other achievements. On average, men and women have roughly the same I.Q., give or take a negligible point or two. The glaring differences, however, arise in how this average is distributed. Compared to women, who tend to flock towards neither extreme, men deviate from the average far more, and thus fill out most numbers at both the top and bottom ends of life in general.
It is for this reason, perhaps more than any other, that the majority of outstanding achievers are men, and have been throughout history. The vast majority of scientists, philosophers, musicians, academics, inventors, writers, political leaders, and so forth, are men. 
But men also comprise the bulk of society’s shit heap. The homeless, long-term unemployed, criminals, drug addicts, mental health patients, alcoholics, and degenerate gamblers are also, overwhelmingly, men.
Oddly enough, I’m [SIC] yet to hear a feminist complain about the disparity between genders when it comes to prison populations, or drug rehab centres, or the impoverished unemployed. But when a new government installs only one female in its entire cabinet? Outrage! When yet another report hits the papers of only a handful of female board members in blue-chip? Patriarchy! When women are outnumbered by men in award nominations in almost every field? Misogynist conspiracy!

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