Thursday, January 14, 2016


Republican-nominee also-ran Rand Paul took to the airwaves on Wednesday. He appeared on the MSNBC’s “All In.” During the interview, Rand Paul suffered his full retard moment by spewing this gem:

"When we become the old white man’s party, which we’ve been kind of headed towards for a while, we’re never going to win another election...I think that Trump is a disaster for the Republican party. And a disaster for the image that would cultivate and bring new people in."

The GOP is a failure already as a center-right party. How could the establishment GOPhers going to position themselves as a center-left party when the Dems already hold the entire spectrum of the left?

Rand Paul reveals he doesn't see reality, at all. Rand Paul lives by unscientific superstition.  No one can argue with demographic science. No one.

Between the 2008 and 2012 elections, Hispanics increased their support for Obama, 67% vs 71% and Asians did even more so, 62% vs 73%.

Asians are the fastest growing legal immigrant group in the USA.

The GOP of the future will disappear if GOP party strategists believe the party is ever going to get Hispanics and Asians to vote for their candidates.

Hispanics are mostly Catholics and believe in socialism. Their chief leader, Pope Francis, pushes socialism. Asians always believe in big government and government officials giving government welfare to good citizens.

The future of all USA politics will be race politics and not ideological politics. Think: #blacklivesmatter.

And that future is coming fast. You will see. Mark these words.

Whites are coalescing in their geography. The next great alignment is their coalescing in politics. The future will be minorities who collectively hold the majority vs whites led by ever increasingly marginalized working-class whites.

In NO ORDINARY WHITE GUY COULD EVER HOPE TO WIN THE U.S. PRESIDENCY IN 2016 AND MAYBE NEVER AGAIN. THE GOP WILL BE OVER SOON ENOUGH, I showed you the key for a GOP candidate to win the presidency in 2016.

Worse, Rand Paul would be a horrible president as his policy beliefs are anti-working-class Americans.Rand Paul himself and reveal his stance on immigration. The guy favors unlimited immigration for work.

Unlimited growth in working-age population owing to immigration would kill the return to extant capital. As the return to capital falls or becomes non-existent, future capital investment fails to materialize.

Sales from production owing to capital efficiency is the source of wages. A fall in capital necessitates a fall in wages. If you increase the working-age population at an increasing rate relative to the return to extant capital, you get less capital. As capital is the sole source of wages, you get lower wages on falling capital.

Where you find no capital, you find no wages — African villages. Where you find little capital per man, you find low wages — China, India. Where you find high capital per man, you find high wages — Norway.

Rand Paul has an undeveloped, immature understanding of capitalism and commerce, both insular and foreign.

Capitalism is about increasing returns to capital under efficiency. Increasing the working-age population destroys that return and leads to less capital. As capital is the sole source of wages, less capital means lower wages.

Guys like Rand Paul don't really understand capitalism because they don't really understand the capital part of capitalism. They don't understand how the return to capital is the key to wages and how growing your working age population at too fast a rate kills the return to extant capital and thus causes the capitalism death spiral.

Paul also wants open borders and free trade agreements with countries that lack significant capitalism, the net result of which kills high-paying jobs for Americans.

Rand Paul needs a crash course on capitalism, foreign commerce and wages:

Life is about self-preservation and self-interest. Why would someone pay to import his own job competitors and job competitors of his offspring? Rand Paul wants you to do that exactly.

Rand Paul has allied policies with Obama. Rand Paul is non-interventionist with respect to Iran. Rand Paul is for massive immigration. As an American Libertarian, Rand Paul is a bad candidate. Luckily, Rand Paul is not viable.

No only should Rand Paul drop out of the race, but he should resign his Senate seat. Rand Paul is like an eye-cancer for the great people of Tennessee. It's no wonder he lacks insight.

For more on the idiocy of Rand Paul:

Establishment politicians — both Democrats and Republicans — and their paymasters, the establishment billionaires and mega-millionaires have been fiddling for decades. They have run the USA into the ground, successfully so.

Americans by the millions are gathering, gathering an army of freedom. We're living at a major turning point in American history, U.S. history and world history.

If the establishment wins, the USA as you have known it, as your parents have known it, as your grandparents have known it knew it and all their parents before them have known it will be over.

Foreign-born population never should exceed 5% of total population in any year.
Thus the rate of immigration must be restricted so that foreign-born population never exceeds 5% of total population in any year.

We need an amendment — I never jump to this stage unless it is truly needed — we need an amendment that limits Congress' immigration power.

Hey Rand Paul, you never go full retard.

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