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By GOP debate rules Kentucky senator and eye doctor Rand Paul, son of the anti-Federal Reserve firebrand, retired congressman Ron Paul, has been relegated to the kiddies table. This is for good reason.

Right now, Rand Paul would be a horrible president at this time of his life, horrible. Rand Paul is another one of these Koch-brothers pseudo-libertarians, which really makes him a Rockefeller Republican. For more on the Koch-brothers pseudo-libertarians, see my works:

I don't want to get you bogged down in details, but true libertarianism boils down to liberty over duty and right. In short, libertarianism means living by fewer laws and thus fewer rights and duties. Adding ever more rights and duties is how you lessen freedom and expand political control over everyone through legal means!

And to show you that organized libertarians aren't libertarians at all, In Rand Paul vs. The Libertarian Moment (Dec. 15, 2015), libertarian leader Nick Gillespie applauds his gang of libertarians for already having "an effect on politics (think pot legalization, gay marriage (legalization)." And what these jokers have done for smoking pot and licensed marriages for queers, libertarians now want to grant foreigners rights and impose duties upon you.

Rand Paul is one of these guys. Rand Paul is for wages-killing open borders and thus Paul stands against capitalism. In an interview with Andy Hallman who is part of the foolish Open Borders project, Rand Paul revealed his true colors:

Andy Hallman: "The short version of our exchange is this: I asked [Rand Paul] why the government could not exempt immigrants from welfare if that was the case. [Rand Paul] seemed open to the idea of unlimited immigration provided the immigrants came to work and not go on welfare, and suggested cutting welfare and opening the borders in the same stroke is not so easy."

Rand Paul: "We’re a country of 300 million, it would be a bit disruptive to have 600 million people show up, so it has to be an orderly process..."

It should be clear, Rand Paul on supporting massive immigration. By his own words, Paul says that Americans should double our population!

Paul says nothing about limiting foreign-born nationals as a percent of native-born U.S. citizens to 5% in any year, tops.

Paul goes onward to say this shocker:

"I’m for as many people coming to work who want to. I’m for an expansive work visa program where we don’t mind people coming to work."

So there you have it. Rand Paul is for unlimited work visas for foreigners! In short, Rand Paul says that you should pay taxes and lower your wages and thus living standards so foreigners can come to the USA and suppress your wages and maybe even take away your jobs.

Elsewhere, Rand Paul said this:

"When I think of immigration, I think that you do have to have a secure border, but I don't automatically think that immigrants are bad people. I think the opposite. I think of my great-grandfather, who came here from Germany, and I think that most immigrants come here seeking the American dream. And I'm not going to vilify all immigrants with a broad brush. I think there are some bad people--and I put in legislation on the sanctuary cities to try to make sure that never happens again, but I think by and large, the people who come to our country want the American dream."

Rand Paul supports the the Foreigner's Dream. Rand Paul believes the American Dream should be dreams of foreigners. Rand Paul doesn't support the the true American Dream.

The true American Dream is for an Americans to enter the middle class. As a son of the Massachusettes Bay Colony, I say the American Dream is for Americans — to become middle class through personal effort under a government of constrained politicians.

In, BUT WERE YOU EVER IN THE MIDDLE CLASS?, I gave you the true meaning of middle class —  those who earn 51% of their income from labor and who are free-and-clear title owners to an improved parcel. In short, if you're middle class, you own a house outright and you work for most of your income.

The USA never has been a nation of immigrants like Rand Paul's great-grandfather. In THE BIG LIE: AMERICANS ARE A NATION OF IMMIGRANTS, I reveal to you the data which easily refutes the big lie. Also, the data suggests the best years of American life, when the economy really grew and living standards rose, always happened when immigration kept the foreign-born well under 10% relative to the total population.

And here, Paul says he is for amnesty but he calls it something else:

"If we secure the border and we can say who is coming, who is going, and only people come, come legally, the 11 million that are here, I think there could be a work status for them. But I am open to immigration reform. I voted against the bill that came forward, though, primarily because it limited the number of legal work visas."
Real life is about your self-preservation and self-interest. Why would you want to pay taxes to import your own job competitors and job competitors for your offspring?

Rand Paul doesn't understand commerce and thus the whole of the economy. Rand Paul has an undeveloped, immature understanding of capitalism and commerce, both insular and foreign. It is all too clear that Rand Paul doesn't get capitalism at all.

In SOPHIE'S CHOICE OF CAPITAL OR LABOR. A FREE-MARKETS LIBERTARIAN BECOMES AN ANTI-CAPITALIST AND PERPETUATES AN ECONOMICS MYTH, I showed you that an increase the working-age population at an increasing rate relative to the return to extant capital, you get less capital. As capital is the sole source of wages, you get lower wages on falling capital.

Capitalism is about increasing returns to capital under efficiency. Increasing the working-age population destroys that return and leads to less capital. As capital is the sole source of wages, less capital means lower wages.

Guys like Rand Paul don't really understand capitalism because they don't really understand the capital part of capitalism. They don't understand how the return to capital is the key to wages and how growing your working age population at too fast a rate kills the return to extant capital and thus causes the capitalism death spiral.

For more on capitalism and what Rand Paul does not understand see my important works:

Paul also wants open borders and free trade agreements with countries that lack significant capitalism, the net result of which kills high-paying jobs for Americans. It's little wonder why Trump is winning (see: WHY TRUMP IS WINNING. THE REST ARE INTERNATIONALIST SELLOUTS WHO STAND AGAINST WORKING-CLASS AMERICANS).

Besides, Paul has no shot at winning against Hillary even if he were to win the GOP nomination precisely because he is a pseudo-liberarian, pro-open borders candidate. Rand Paul never could win the white, no-college grad vote, which is the vote that will decide this election (see: NO ORDINARY WHITE GUY COULD EVER HOPE TO WIN THE U.S. PRESIDENCY IN 2016 AND MAYBE NEVER AGAIN. THE GOP WILL BE OVER SOON ENOUGH).

American Libertarianism is little more than libertines who support big business and oppose welfare. It's the worst mix of ideological doctrines. The kind of mix American Libertarians support is what you would have seen in the failing days of the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe communism — inefficient, big business combined with laziness and debauchery of a corrupt people.

American Libertarians don't understand the United States at all, not from its founding and not its present state. 

For more on Rand Paul's publicly-expressed stupidity on immigration, read On The Issue's Rand Paul on Immigration.

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