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"Imagine, if you will, a country in which government ... embraces things such as gay marriage, drug legalization, and immigration." ~ Nick Gillespie, Leader of Reasonoid "Libertarians"
The marketers behind and Reason TV, promote as "the libertarian magazine of Free Minds and Free Markets." Well known for his 1970s retro TV Fonzie look, as the editor-in-chief of both, Gillespie stands as the living embodiment of all things Reason.

Gillespie advocates for more laws — for more rights and duties — when he champions legalization of gay marriage, drugs, and illegal aliens. Gillespie advocates the stance of progressive liberals and not authentic libertarians. Thus, Gillespie advocates for less liberty. In short, Gillespie cannot be libertarian by definition nor can his followers.

Someone should tell the Reasonoids of truth. They are Liberal Progressives falling somewhere between antiquated Rockefeller Republicans and the more recent Clinton New Democrats.

They are not Libertarians. They have yet to awaken to this truth about themselves.

Reasonoids suffer from the equivalent of Stockholm syndrome and thus they defend their cult leader Gillespie. Gillespie has conned his many followers into a cult of crypto Republican progressivism.

In jurisprudence, which is what we're talking about here, liberty means that realm where the law (politicians) is content to leave you alone. Where politicians make laws, there are duties and rights. Always, there can be no right without a corresponding duty and thus no duty without a corresponding right.

Libertarianism boils down to liberty over duty and right. In short, libertarianism means living by fewer laws and thus fewer rights and duties. Adding ever more rights and duties is how you lessen freedom and expand political control over everyone through legal means!

Libertarianism is not anarchism, however. The absence of law in the presence of government is liberty, not anarchy. Anarchy means no government at all. It means without (a) an overlord (archy). In anarchy, anything goes.

Regardless of the cause, any authentic libertarian opposes reduction of liberty and the expansion of rights and duties as the means to fix so-called societal ills. As the authentic libertarian position is liberty over law, the authentic libertarian stance is to rid marriage licensing as a legal determinant for anything, including welfare and taxation. The authentic libertarian stance is to decriminalize drugs. The authentic libertarian stance is to decriminalize illegal immigration. The authentic libertarian stance is to end welfare and subsidy.

More rights and duties means less liberty. If you are for more rights and duties, you cannot  be a libertarian. By supporting more rights and duties, you advocate for bigger government. Most likely, you are free-markets liberal who doesn't like the Democratic Party.

Being an anti-war, pothead, pro-gay champion fails to make anyone libertarian. All the so-called libertarians who chat up on Reason in favor of legalized gay marriage, and legalized drugs are little more than libertines championing the expansion of the size and scope of government. They do so precisely because they are clueless about jurisprudence and all of the attendant concepts of rights, duty, power, liabilities and disabilities.

Giving X authority to decide duties and rights stands opposed to the non-aggression principle (NAP) and thus libertarianism. Granting rights and imposing duties is the anti-thesis of liberty and thus libertarianism. Expanding duties and rights is the polar opposite of liberty and libertarianism.

Anyone who can reason straight can see the bizarro absurdity of these:

"It became necessary to destroy the town to save it." ~ unnamed U.S. officer on Ben Tre, Vietnam War

"I’ve abandoned free market principles to save the free market system." ~ George W. Bush


"It became necessary to abandon principles for liberty by supporting expanding rights and duties enforced by government through X in order to save liberty." ~ Typical Clueless American

where X is Obamacare, Gay Marriage, Permanent Residency to Illegal Aliens, and many other pet causes.

Thus, the straight-reasoner should see the equal absurdity of this:

"It became necessary to abandon principles for liberty by supporting expanding rights and duties enforced by government through Obamacare in order to save liberty." ~ Typical Liberal

and this:

"It became necessary to abandon principles for liberty by supporting expanding rights and duties enforced by government through gay marriage in order to save liberty." ~ Typical Pro Gay Marriage Reasonoid

Legalization of gay marriage, drugs, and illegal aliens is the stance of meddlers who believe in forcing individuals to behave according to their Utopoian visions. In America, those meddlers go by the moniker of progressive liberals.

Federalized gay marriage decreases liberty. Federalized gay marriage increases duty and rights. Federalized gay marriage increases to whom authority is granted and to whom capacity is granted.

Gays now have authority to order people to associate with them in commerce. Gays now have capacity to marry in order to secure welfare from politicians.

Authentic libertarians know better. Every victory against liberty no matter how big or small nonetheless is a victory against liberty. Every authentic libertarian opposes marriage licensing as a determinant in legal relationship. From a taxpayer perspective, this one is a huge victory against liberty.

No one should misconstrue the foregoing as an attack on gays, on drug users or on illegal aliens. It's not.

Facts remain. Marriage licenses, passports and prohibition are legal fictions created politicians who impose duties and rights.

Politician-sanctioning of behavior fails to increase freedom. Politician-sanctioning of behavior increases officialdom and their power.

Rather than walking into Utopia, incessant meddling keeps everyone in perpetual Dystopia. We're living in the 21st Century. The goal should be to have the least governance as needed rather than the relentless pursuit of the most governance tolerable. boosts a progressive Republican agenda. In short, Reasonoids stand with the feel-good progressive liberalism of the Democrats — legal gay marriage, legalized illegal immigrants, legalized drugs — as well as with the pro big business, anti-welfare side of the Republicans.

Gillispe and the Reasonoids ought to join Democrats or Republicans since the latter are all about rights and duties. They love telling people what to do and they love granting privileges masquerading as rights in furthering their efforts to gain a permanent lock-hold on power. has nothing to do with authentic libertarianism, except masquerading with the word libertarianism.

Jurisprudence. Learn it.

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