Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Yesterday, resident Reason.com idiot, Ronald Bailey wrote an indefensible work claiming that refugees don’t become terrorists (see: Hey, GOP Fearmongers: Not One Terrorist Act by Refugees in U.S.). Bailey went on to add those scumbag Pro-Islam murderers Tamerlan and Dzhokar Tsarnaev who butchered innocent Americans watching the Boston marathon were merely the children of asylum seekers and not technical refugees.

In an unsurprising display of public stupidity, Bailey states that Tamerlan and Dzhokar Tsarnaev were only two out of 1.8 million who committed terrorist crimes in the USA between 1995 and 2013. If Bailey had any sense, which he does not, that means it only took 0.00011111111% — that's one ten thousandths of one percent — of pro Muslim asylum or refugee offspring to grow up and become murderous terrorists in America.

The people who operate Reason.com have created a horrible, little cult that has conned its members into believing, falsely, they are libertarians. They are not.

Routinely, those who comment at Reason.com mock Jesus, a guy who preached a message of love for good Samaritan type neighbors. And here they are supporting a people whose end game is to live under theocracy whereby their Imams decide matters of law.

Islamism in its purist form is little better than tribal savagery. Islamism is a totalitarian political doctrine to govern each second of anyone's life.

Reason.com is the propaganda arm of the Koch brothers who push an anti-free markets, anti-American, pro- Big Business agenda. Mainly, they're obsessed with suppressing wages by importing more workers.

To lull their marks into their cult, they push a pro-pot, pro-gay agenda to appeal to younger minds. The rank-and-file scumbags at Reason.come are little better than libertines. They give libertarianism a bad name.

The jokers at Reason.com almost always come out against Congress and action by the President on behalf of Congress, except when it suits their employers' purpose of pushing more immigration and wrecking the economy.

To read more on the stupidity of the anti-libertarian cult of Reason.com, check out my works:

And to understand why immigration is horrible for Americans:

If Americans want a return to an authentic middle class of high wages with real high buying power, Americans need decades, not years, but decades of limited immigration. We need to see annual rate of immigration as a percent of population to fall under 5%.

Also check out how likely Obama is breaking U.S. law with his Syrian immigration action.

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