Sunday, August 24, 2014


Check out screenshots of the goofy exchange among the silly libertine progressives at obsessing over all things me.

Here we see "Gilmore" trying to scratch a few brain cells together to sleuth.

Here you see other geniuses lamenting my censorship by their cult handlers at, not because they don't want me stifled, but because now, I own pieces of their minds. At least one mistakes me for "Mary" whoever she is.

Here, the clever-by-half Francisco believes he has me sussed merely because I mentioned marionettes. Meanwhile, I've been using the words as strings, dance marionette troll defense long before most of these Reason comment geniuses could even use a keyboard.

Gilmore pipes up to say that libertarianism is meaningless, effectively suggesting that its OK to claim to be libertarian if that is helpful to push one's liberal progressive agenda of legalized gay marriage, legalized pot smoking, legalized illegal aliens.

Alas, to the Gilmores of this world, concepts, definition and meaning are irrelevant as long as he can kick back in his mommy's basement and smoke bong hits all day without fear of being arrested while spewing blather-fueled comments on Now, if only prostitution were legalized so he could no longer fear getting arrested.

The psychology of group dynamics always amuses. To keep group cohesion and to gain status among peers, it is far too easy to attack the outsider who brings forth an alternative. Rather than struggle to refute truth, going for ad hominem against the outsider is far easier.

The regular commenters at, the true definition of trolls living under the proverbial bridge of pseudo-libertarianism that is, hope to gain status among their peers of toadies by attacking an outsider, in this case me. The cheap attacks come easy as these Reasonvoids hide behind LCD screens, flexing keyboard muscles. In real life though, likely these mice scurry away from adults fearing interaction.

Cult dynamics are fun to observe. The handlers at are masters at it. They continue to forge group cohesion by spinning the same reinforcement stories — (1) arrested parents over free-range kids, (2) horrible abuse by cops during arrests, (3) free association commercial discrimination of homosexuals by religious zealots, (4) the plight of law-breaking illegal aliens.

Editors of pick and choose articles for publication to push the agenda of the major contributors, not unlike lobbyists who push their agenda with legislators.  The cult handlers of preach a  progressive, liberal social agenda to gain support for a big business agenda. It should be clear to all that pushing for legalization for gay marriage, for pot smoking, for illegals, is the opposite of libertarianism.

The editors at aggressively court those of the so-called Millennial Generation. They are fond boosting stories that appeal to young men already softened by progressive, liberal public education — legalizing drugs, legalizing gay marriage, legalizing illegal aliens. The editorial board consistently panders to pot-smoking 20-dumbthings who prove to be easy pickings as their liberal public education masters have already soften them to the ideas of gay marriage and illegal aliens become legalized immigrants.

When those indoctrinated are in the throes of indoctrination, when having been told truth about existence, something in their minds catch a glimpse of this truth. Yet, through the forces of cognitive dissonance, they fight truth, going all out to defend the wall of their false beliefs precisely because the truth conflicts with their indoctrination.

Still, for those interested in authentic libertarian thought, you can find quality on the Internet, including right here at Bizarro Theater.

In the end, it's fun knowing I own pieces of real estate in all of their minds, however suffering they are from mind disorder owing to the pernicious effects of hyper indoctrination.

At least the geniuses at are hot-linking to my blog, unwittingly sending me traffic.

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