Monday, November 16, 2015


Today, after a G-20 meeting held in Turkey, the babbler-in-chief tried to scold you as if you are children. In his delusion, Obama said, "I hear folks say that maybe we should just admit the Christians but not the Muslims. That’s shameful. That’s not American. That’s not who we are. We don’t have religious tests to our compassion."

Obama tried to pull the same old lame rhetoric tricks known since at least the ancient Romans. The Social Justice Warrior-in-chief Obama tried to shame you. Obama tried to say that if you don't do as he says, you can't be an American. In a rather lame effort, Obama tried to claim only he knows what a true American is.

Stupidly, Obama went on to say, "We don’t kill people because they’re different than us." It's not like Americans killed Vietnamese or Koreans in any wars because they believed differently than us and even looked differently than us.

The worst bit about these jackasses who become presidents of the United States is their incessant, publicly-expressed idiocy that merely because they are presidents, they are smarter than all Americans or merely smarter than you.

Rather than take to a podium blathering away as a 10th rate hack public speaker, Obama needs to step up and do his job. Rather than doing his job, in DOES U.S. LAW OR THE CONSTITUTION AUTHORIZE OBAMA TO UNILATERALLY SUSPEND IMMIGRATION LAW? HAS OBAMA GIVEN CAUSE FOR HIS IMPEACHMENT?, I have shown you how likely, Obama has been breaking the laws of Congress that Congress has made on behalf of Americans.

If Obama doesn't want to do his job, he can quit. He has that option.

Of course, Obama could have done something smart such as state that his administration would accept only widows and orphans who have been brought to America by private means. All the same, Obama lacks legal authority to to spend funds to transport either possible asylum seekers or possible refugees. Legally, Obama cannot run his own airline or taxi service. There is no law that authorizes him to do so.

The true meaning of civilization is rule by impartial law in protection of the individual. And the true meaning of progress is the advance of the individual and his property, which is the right of ownership, from any overlord or over group acting in concert as an overlord.

Followers of Islamism never can produce civilization much less live by civilization. Muslims and their doctrine of Islamism reject liberty, science and progress.

In spite of what Obama believes or wants you to believe, Islamism is a kind of totalitarianism. The basis of Islamism is a radical false Judaism, a wrong political theology, followed by 1.6 billion on earth.

Those who are in charge of the propagation of Islamism are viciously oppressive. Should Islamicists prevail, not only will any gains of authentic progress — individualism, property (right of ownship) — disappear but also mankind will enter into a long retrogression toward tribalism savagery.

Self-identifying Muslims need awaken to the cult under which they live and subjugate themselves. Self-identifying Muslims need to walk away from their warring, world-domination questing cult of the thoroughly deceptive, false teachings of a cult huckster, Mohammed.

The vanguard of Islamism are trying to usher in peace first by murdering all who do not want to join their cult. Should they succeed, the rest would surely follow.

Everyone of the world would be safer if 1.62 billion individuals quit the warring, world-domination questing cult of Mohammed, a false-god totalitarianism of quite real hate.

Until they want to quit their totalitarian cult, let them live among themselves — in Indonesia, in India, in Pakistan and the Middle East.

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