Thursday, October 1, 2015


The reveal of lies keep coming for Hillary Clinton. This time, it seems the woman lied about work shenanigans involving someone she supervised while working as a secretary, the Secretary of State.

Clinton managed to bend the rules of government so Huma Abedin could collect three paychecks — from the Bill and Hillary Clinton Foundation, from Tenco, a for-profit business and from Congress. In short Clinton made it possible for Abedin to get paid all while possibly having conflicts of interest.

This latest lie comes on the high heels of Hillary trying to justify using a home computer and a public DNS account to send and receive classified government documents from co-workers at the state department. Hillary and her team brilliantly called her email account:

A look up of the whois record reveals someone paid to create the domain name to associate with an IP address on 2009-January-13. At the time of the registration, Hillary was still working as a senator from the State of New York.

It almost seems that Hillary and her team knew Congress would confirm her to become Secretary of State by a vote of 94–2 only eight days later.

Why would you want Mrs. Bill Clinton Hillary Clinton to become president of the United States?
  • Hillary was the long-time housewife of a career politician. 
  • Hillary was not smart enough to pass the bar exam to become a practicing lawyer in Washington, D.C. Yet, almost everyone else who took the same exam passed it. She never took the D.C. test again.
  • The foolish people of New York put her into office precisely because of being Bill Clinton's housewife.
  • Hillary lacked any political experience, the kind most people get starting locally and working years to acquire by winning election to offices of successive responsibility.
  • And then Hillary was appointed to what amounts to a ceremonial job, one that had her nod her head yes to career technocrats who are the ones that devise foreign policy.
Hillary lacks any executive experience. She has never run anything in her life. She was never governor nor mayor. She never even worked as a town supervisor.

Voting for Hillary is a vote for conjured, faked political career built solely on the back of her husband, from the convenient retirement of a senator in New York so Hillary could have that job to the Secretary of State job given to her by Obama, a requirement by the Democratic Party. However, if enough Americans foolishly elect Mrs. Bill Clinton as President of the U.S., no one should be under delusion that she will have earned such on merit. She will have gotten the job solely because of man, her husband, the Democratic Party and the stupidity of at least 51% of Americans who will have voted for her.

Mrs. "I suppose I could have stayed home and baked cookies and had teas" Clinton sided with that other U.S. political genius, John McCain and advocated arming the rebels in Syria to the teeth. Once trained in advanced U.S. weaponry, these rebels became the terrorist organization ISIL/ISIS/IS that now wants to turn the Middle East into a unified stone age empire.

So it is humorously odd that Mrs. "I earned $100,000 trading pork bellies on $1,000 with no experience in only 10 months and you can too" Clinton wants to contrast herself from the foreign policy failure that is Obama and his NSA team.

Mrs. Clinton's political career is almost as phony as Obama's, the community organizer who ran in exclusively black districts in Illinois (see: IT'S BECAUSE I AM BLACK, ISN'T IT?). At the time of her election to the U.S. Senate by New Yorkers, those voters must have suffered serious intellectual deficiencies.

In many respects, they were far more clueless than the voters of Illinois who elected Obama to the U.S. Senate. At least he gained some on-the-job training having been elected to the Illinois state legislature.

Americans should wonder why are they punishing themselves in having elected Obama twice and now consider electing Bill Clinton's hausfraü for Americans' next four year president.

By the way, whatever happened to that Rodham foolery name business? Bill's wife no longer goes by that name.

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