Saturday, January 2, 2016


Jeremy Egerer at the American Thinker wrote a critique of an essay titled Dear White America, published by the New York Times and written by an academician, George D. Yancy,  who works as philosophy professor at Emory University.

Yancy's essay is little more than a mindless exercise that fails at persuasion in propaganda precisely because Yancy tries to lecture and scold readers whose ancestry might be Caucasian Western Europeans. It seems so odd that a college professor in the field of philosophy would not have learned from Aristotle's Rhetoric and Cicero's De Inventione before trying his own hand at persuasion.

One of Yancy's pseudo-intellectual gems found in his lame essay is this:

"If you are white, and you are reading this letter, I ask that you don’t run to seek shelter from your own racism. Don’t hide from your responsibility."

Yancy assumes far too much and he doesn't understand racism at all. If you are not denying to trade with anyone based on his ethnicity in purchases and sales of property (right of ownership) for property, you are not living by racism. To be racist, you would need to stop "blacks" from entering into contracts for work, for housing, for eating and so forth.

Elsewhere, Yancy writes, "accept all of the truth about what it means for you to be white in a society that was created for you." As Yancy reveals he does not know what racism means, so too does Yancy reveal that he does not know what society means.

Society means a friendly association among some who engage in voluntary interaction. Society consists of strangers who engage in trade of property. A society of property is the only kind of society that can arise among strangers, each who pursue self-interested goals. Society exists independently from government.

No one can create society for you. You must create society with others. Those who came before you did so and those who come after you who want society must do the same.

Until blacks ditch their subculture / counterculture and embrace individualism, they will continue to struggle. It is impossible to be in society — free association — with all who seek that when some organize into a group, a cult — in this case blackhood — in an exclusionary manner.

Racism is a horrible political doctrine instituted by lawgivers. As long as lawgivers grant rights to some based on their status and impose duty upon others because of that status, liberty is lessened for all all. Congress engages in discrimination through laws that establish agencies to support all kinds of racism — subsidy for EOP education, preferential treatment for skin-colored minority-owned businesses and so forth.

Racism devalues every individual and turns persons into monsters as they join groups. All other ways to talk of racism is done the racists themselves to mask their own agendas.

Since the 1960s, so-called blacks have put themselves on the path of American Indian. They have isolated themselves. They continue to attack the mass of individuals, wrongly labeling each of us as racist.

Racism will end when racists ditch their respective racist groups — blacks, Hispanics, gays, feminists — and when individuals pressure politicians as law givers to stop giving extra rights to those who become part of these racist groups.

Before Yancy attempts to lecture, Yancy should demonstrate to the world that he did not receive admission to any of his academic programs based on skin-color quotas. After all, all laws on the books of Congress that promote anyone deemed a member of a designated race at the expense of all others is racism expressed legally.

What all should want to know if Yancy as a talking shop academic has real job skills. Can Yancy rap? Can Yancy breakdance? Can Yancy sling drugs? Can Yancy pimp?

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