Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Organizers and followers of a black racist movement coined a slogan to identify themselves — Black Lives Matter. By shoving their slogan in the faces of Americans everywhere, they have triggered many Americans to counter with their own slogans such as All Lives Matter and Blue Lives Matter, the latter which supports the police.

The problem comes down to English. Had only the organizers said any of these, they might have attracted much support from most Americans:

  • Black lives matter too. 
  • Black lives matter as well.
  • Black lives matter also.
  • Black lives matter likewise.
  • Black lives matter similarly.

Omission of that little adverb makes all the difference.

In MOOKIE SPIKE LEE NEVER CAN DO THE RIGHT THING. THE EVIL STUPIDITY OF BLACKISM AND THE POLITICS BLACKS NEED MOST. #BLACKSSORACIST, I showed you the horrible doctrine of blackism. The organizers of Black Lives Matter are using the standard tactic of all social justice warriors in the USA to support their blackism. In AHAB MOBY DICK RACISM. WHAT THE SOCIAL JUSTICE MOVEMENT IS ALL ABOUT — HUNTING THE GREAT WHITE MALE, I revealed the rhetorical tactic of all of these racists.

True racism means living by preventing another from trading property for property through law or through collusion because of another's race — being one of people of common descent. Adherents of racism organize into groups based on arbitrary characteristics such as skin color (blacks), other-than English language spoken (Hispanics/Latinos), sexual preferences (gays) or sex (feminists) and then seek superior rights to gain property (right of ownership).
Racists have groups like the NAACP, La Raza, Act Up! and NOW.

Americans of European descent (see: HEART OF EUROPE? ARE GREEKS EVEN EUROPEAN?), so-called "whites" aren't organized into any group. There is no group of whites who live through law or through collusion by preventing others from trading property for property.

In Everett Dean Martin's work Behavior of Crowds, which the hate group the Southern Poverty Law Center adapted for their 1920 pamphlet, The Mob Mind vs Civil Liberty, Martin described factions known as struggle groups.

The Black Lives Matter faction is yet another racist struggle group in the USA fighting in the perpetual civil war of the USA. War always comes down to gaining property in the possessions of others whether through guns and bullets or through politics.

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