Wednesday, February 17, 2016


The Great White Male is the great white whale, the Moby Dick for all racists and feminists. They're all Captain Ahabs.

Their template is the same:

  • [Group X] is a worthy cultural contributor.
  • [Group X] has a history of oppression.
  • Through their economic and political dominance, white males have been the oppressors of [Group X].
  • Therefore, [Group X] needs reparations.
  • And White Males need to be stripped of economic power and political power.

You can put any name for Group X — blacks, chicanos, women, homosexual men, homosexual women — and the argument always works.

I devised that template from extrapolating what I saw bleeding into the Internet back in 1996 from 20-somethings who were fresh from hearing preaching and sermons from their university professors. That template works for Afro-American Studies, Latino Studies, Women's Studies, LGBT Studies, Asian-American Studies, you name it.

That should go to you show you that such academic programs and departments are little more than political agencies of leftist Marxism masquerading as higher education.

Every group you can imagine more than for themselves is against one group — white males, straight white males, mostly.

  • NAACP are against white males more than for themselves. 
  • NOW are against white males more than for themselves. 
  • La Raza are against white males more than for themselves. 

Even white females are against white males. They know they can breed with males of any race. They too see the great white male as their Moby Dick.

Social justice warriors are leftists who leverage feminism, blackism, Hispanicism, homosexism (political homosexuality). Their goal is to eradicate heterosexual white males. Their chief strategy is to label their anointed adversary — white males — as racists. One of their many tactics is to stifle any dissent by saying any speech that questions their motives or agenda is politically incorrect “hate speech.”

Another tactic is to claim white males derive privilege merely from being white and male. That is why they say "Check your privilege." 

And thus, they rely upon the template to claim white males perpetrated social injustice against themselves or those alike to them in the past. They try to appeal to the innate sense of fairness — its fair to divide a pie equally among everyone — to agitate for what they claim is social justice. Social justice takes typical get expressed as reparation or quotas, in short, anything that advances themselves at the expense of others most of whom are white males.

Quite often, their arguments rely upon the fallacy of consensus gentium. Mostly, they leverage peer pressure, particularly the fear of being outcast from the group for not accepting the group ethos.

As I showed you in THE SOUTHERN POVERTY LAW CENTER IS THE MOST DANGEROUS HATE GROUP IN THE USA TODAY. KEEP YOUR DAUGHTERS AWAY FROM THEM., Social Justice Warriors use the same method used by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Everett Dean Martin knew all about the machination of evil groups way back in 1920 as he reveals in his work Behavior of Crowds.

As stated above, their goal is to rid themselves of white guys. Yet, only dead white guys and specifically, dead Protestant Christian white guys founded and created the United States of America. No other persons did. Women didn't. Blacks didn't. Hispanics didn't.

King James authorized all of the colonization of America. King James was a white guy and now is a dead white. King James was a Church of Scotland, Church of England Christian Protestant guy. United States history is really a combined history of the United Kingdom of Great Britain, colonial America and the United States itself. And it's almost exclusively a history of dead white guys, almost all of whom were Protestant Christians.


The dead Protestant white guys of the British Enlightenment were the ones who promoted freedom and individualism.

Everywhere the earth over and for all time, all colored people have promoted tribalism and servitude. There isn't a country on earth today or in the past dominated by colored people who devised the concepts of freedom and individualism that whites did during the era of the British Enlightenment.

In every country on earth occupied by a majority of colored people, if they have anything at all, they have come by it exclusively through white men primarily white men of North Sea Germanic ancestry. The de facto language of commerce, politics and science is the white man's English. All thoughts thought in English are white thoughts and white concepts. The de facto rules of commerce were devised by whites.

It's not coincidence that almost all migration goes from lands of color people with sovereignty to lands of whites with sovereignty.

The basis of an authentic America and thus an authentic cradle-to-grave life for all Americans still ought to be meritocracy — rewards go to those with superior intellects, skills, characters.

If anyone hates that, he or she should hate his parents and his ancestry for their inferior DNA.

Historical realism trumps any fool's charge of white supremacist every time.

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