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With the rhetoric flying during crunch time in the Greek Bonds Crisis, one phrase struck me — "Greece is at the heart of Europe." Geographically, I know that isn't true. Depending on method of measurement, the geographical midpoint of Europe is either the village of Purnuškes near Vilnius, Lithuania, or the village of Mõnnuste, on Saaremaa island in western Estonia.

"Heart of Europe European" (left), "Greek" (right)
So thinking further upon that deceptive rhetoric — "Greece is at the heart of Europe" — I began to wonder, are Greeks even European? As well, what does being European even mean?

A site titled Eupedia lists the haplogroups of Y-chromosome DNA for the various people of Europe. A haplogroup consists of haplotypes that have a common ancestor.

Males have Y-chromosomes. Females do not. No amount of cross-dressing or getting breast implants or other surgeries can turn males into females.

Males of the same Y-chromosome DNA haplogroup have a common ancestral father.

Looking at the Eupedia data, there are a few kinds of Greeks — northern, central / Aegean Islander, southern, Cypriot, Cretin. 

The central Greek / Aegean Islander Greek is much the same as an Albanian.

The southern Greek is much the same as a Kosovoan.

Cretins are much the same as Anatolian Turks.

Cypriot males and Cretin males share quite a bit in common with some so-called Middle Easterners — Azerbaijani, Kurds from Iraq, and Lebanese.

What defines a European? Are Moldovians, Slovakians, Slovenians, Ukrainians, Czechs, Poles, Latvians or Russians?

The Moldovians, Slovakians, Slovenians and Ukrainians are much alike. The Belarusans are their close cousins. 

Likewise, the Czechs and the Poles are alike. The Hungarians are their close cousins. 

Though they might not like it, the Latvians and the Russians are much alike. 

The Estonians, Lithuanians and Maris in Russia are the same people. These are the people living in the geographic heart of Europe. Are the Estonians, the Lithuanians and the Maris the heart of Europe?

The Bosnian Serbs and the Serbs from Serbia are the same people.

Both Serbs are much alike to the Macedonians and the Montenegrans.

The Bosniaks, Bosnian Croats, the Croatians, and Romanians are the same people.

Except for the Russians who have big population, none of the aforementioned peoples comprise a big population. And these days, no one living in Europe much like the Russians. So the Russians could not comprise the heart of Europe.

The Danes and the Swedes are more or less the same people.

And their geographical neighbors, the Norwegians are mirror images of them.

There are quite of few so-called Europeans who have a common ancestor.

The French from the - Midi-Pyrénées along with the Italians from Central Italy, South Italy and Sicily as well as the Spaniards from Andalusia are the same people.

The Tuscan Italians and the Spaniards from Castile-La-Mancha are the same people.

The Corsicans, the Aragons from Spain and the Spaniards from Basque country are the same people.

The supposed French from Auvergne and the supposed Spaniards from Asturias and Cantabria are much alike.

The French from IIle-de-France and from Provence are much alike with the Italians from North Italy, the Spaniards from Castile and Leon, Catalonia, Extremadura, Galicia and Valencia along with all of the Portuguese. 

The Belgians, the French from Flanders-Artois, the French from Normandy and the Welsh are the same people.

The Austrians overall, the Deutsch from North Germany and the Deutsch from East Germany are the same people.

The Tyrolians from Austria, the French from the Rhône-Alpes, Deutsch from West Germany, and Deutsch from South Germany are the same people as well as Icelanders, Norwegians and Scots. All of these people share the same ancestor.

Though they might not want to acknowledge it, the English and the Irish are the same people. They're the same people along with the French Bretons, the Dutch and the Swiss.

So does anyone constitute the heart of Europe? Are there Europeans? Maybe these people do.

In short, Greeks are a mash-up of a Balkan people with Middle Eastern people.
Without doubt, the Greeks do not constitute the heart of Europe. The Greeks seem far on the edges of everything these days. 

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