Friday, November 6, 2015


Right now, Ben Carson polls as the front-runner for the Republican Party nomination to be the Republican Party candidate for the President of the United States. The only problem with that is Ben Carson isn't in the Republican Party. Sure, Carson might be a registered as a Republican Party voter, but that doesn't mean Carson is in the party.

To be in a political party means to have earned paychecks from doing political work for a party. To be in a political party means to worked your way through the party system, gaining favor and being anointed by party leaders to run for the offices they allow you to run.

American political parties — the Democratic Party and the Republican Party — are little more than cults. Worse, the men of these parties have colluded and continue to collude with each other so they can keep the reins of power. They have become a two-party dictatorship lording over you and all Americans.

In THE BIGGEST LIE ALMOST ALL AMERICANS BELIEVE: AMERICANS HAVE A REPRESENTATIVE DEMOCRACY. BERNIE, HILLARY AND ALL OF THE CANDIDATES LOVE THE BIGGEST LIE, with irrefutable statistical proof shown pictorially, I have shown you that you live in a dictatorship precisely because you do not live in representative democracy. You have been indoctrinated into believing that voting means democracy. Well, they vote in North Korea and they are taught to believe they have the power to vote freely.

Anyway, the propaganda machine known as CNN Television has been hired by the well-entrenched minority, the political party operatives of the Republican Party and Democratic Party to oust Ben Carson. They cannot have an outsider winning the nomination for either party. That would wreck their control over Americans.

So, CNN hacks have tried to dig up dirt on Carson over his childhood of all things. It seems the licensed neurosurgeon — can you imagine yourself having the guts to cut open someone's skull and operate on a wet, living brain — had a few angry-fueled incidents as a child. CNN hacks are trying to suggest to Americans that a playground fight at age eight or nine should disqualify someone from running for the presidency.

You can watch the verbal wit fest between Carson and the nobody hacktress working for CNN.

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