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In a work for the Washington Post titled, Is the United States of America a Republic or a Democracy? legal guy Eugene Volokh at UCLA Law claims Americans have a republic — citizens have the power to vote for officers and rerepresentatives — and a representative democracy — government by elected representatives.

In his work, Volokh, a native of the former communist Ukraine, in establishment apologist fashion tells his readers that "in addition to being a representative democracy, the United States is also a constitutional democracy, in which courts restrain in some measure the democratic will." Though he might be a bright guy, Volokh stretches the truth. It is the very design of the US itself through amendments to the Constitution along with public law passed by Congress that limits the democratic will.

Reality is far different from what Volokh preaches at UCLA Law and what millions of school children learn each year in America. Americans do not have representative democracy. Americans don't have democracy of any kind.

When the founders designed the United States of America with the second constitution, the founders wanted Americans to have popular representation and states' legislatures to have representation. To give Americans popular representation, they created the House of Representatives. To give states legislatures representation, they created the Senate.

For more on this, you can read about the Connecticut Compromise. Likely, most of you never heard of the Connecticut Compromise during your high school years because your states' legislators had a agenda for you to serve their purposes.

There is reason why the founders required a census in Article 1, Section 2 of the U.S. Constitution. The reason has nothing to do with how many Hispanics there are in the USA or how many blacks or how many females. The founders design a census into the system so that Americans could have popular representation.

Sadly, today, the dictators of Congress use the census as rhetorical justification to dole out welfare to key supporting constituencies.

The United States of America as the founders intended with the Constitution of 1787 and ratified on June 21, 1788, began to die in 1870. America moved ever closer to death beginning 1910.

Representative Democracy (left). Oligarchy Illusory Democracy (right).

Americans have the right to vote. That is it.

Every election, Americans are given the choice between candidates who are branded products. In short, Americans are given the choice between Coca-cola or Pepsi (see here: AMERICAN POLITICS. 136 YEARS AGO, JAMES SAYLES BROWN DESCRIBED IT PERFECTLY!)

Voting is mere illusion. Voting does not equal representation.

If you hover over each state, you can see how many adults, 18 and up, each
House representative in that state represents.

Map 1. Number of Adult Americans for Each Member of the House of Representatives

Residents of the State of Montana have the least representation. Residents of the District of Columbia have the most representation. Yet, in a cruel twist, those who represent them are mere delegates who can't vote on bills. They can only work as committee members. 

Reality gets worse when you discover that on a full-time, 40-hour work week with no time in D.C., a representative could give mere seconds to each of his adult constituents — seriously seconds. Hover over your state and see it for yourself.

Map 2. Number of Seconds Each Adult American Can be Given by their Representative, for a Full-time, 40-hour work week and no trips to D.C.

Now, if Americans were to have a truly representative democracy, one where each adult could at least sit with his or her representative for 15 minutes, once a year and still have their representatives go to Congress for three months to hash out the only most important matters of Americans, here are the number of representatives Americans need by each states.

Map 3. 15 Minutes Once a Year with One's Representative with the Representative Three-Months in D.C., Number of Representatives Needed in Each State

Californians alone would need over six times the number of representatives than the whole House of Representatives now!

And here is what it would look like if representatives only gave 10 minutes to each adult, 18 and older while still hanging out in D.C. for three months.

Map 4. 10 Minutes Once a Year with One's Representative with the Representative Three-Months in D.C., Number of Representatives Needed in Each State

Californians would still need over four times as many representatives as the whole of the House now.

Here is how many representatives Americans would need in each state if Congress adhered to the Constitution and had each House member represent 30,000 adults.

Map 5. 30,000 Adults each Representative, Number of Representatives Needed in Each State

Bernie Sanders is quick to rail against billionaires and Wall Street, but Bernie never mentions the true problem — the lack of popular representation. Hillary Clinton is merely the light version of Bernie. Hillary makes almost the same attacks but is much softer about hers.

Shouldn't that make you wonder about Bernie and Hillary or anyone like them who claims he or she has the plan to make America better for Americans?

The jokers running for Team Red, the Republicans, don't even attack anyone who they claim is harming America. They too don't want you to know the most pressing problem that has been facing Americans for years upon years, decades even.

You can be sure the people behind the Center for Civic Education never mention this.

Campaign financing by the rich isn't the problem no matter how many times Bernie Sanders lies to you saying it is and no matter how many times Hillary Clinton lies to you saying it is.

You and all other Americans who are not part of the establishment have only one problem: You don't have a representative democracy. You live under a dictatorship of a well-organized minority.

The lack of popular representation is the true problem all of us Americans face. It should be the only election issue. If you want to fix America, you must spread the word on this.

Anyone who believes Americans live under a representative democracy has been bamboozled. Anyone who knows better and still makes the claim suffers from corrupted morality.

If only you lived under a representative democracy, there would be many political parties with no party dominant. The Democrats and the Republicans would be powerless in themselves. They would need to form coalitions with other parties and yield much of their desires to a bigger cause.

Only the most important bills would rise to the top and become law. You would have much more freedom. People who work for Congress in the various agencies overseen by the President would show you much respect.

If you lived under a representative democracy, having a high income or low income wouldn't matter nor would having much property (right of ownership) or no property in anything. You would be on equal footing with the richest man whom your representative would represent.

This is what the founders wanted for us 227 years later. Alas, we don't have it because the Democrats and the Republicans perpetuate the Biggest Lie.

If you are an American adult or soon to be an adult, likely this is the most important work you have yet read in your life. After reading this, I encourage you to read Thomas Paine's Common Sense.

You can be sure that not one candidate from either of those establishment parties would ever want you to have representation. That is why their parties colluded in during the Quiet Revolution to freeze permanently the House membership to 435 and only later did they add another three delegates for D.C.

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