Saturday, October 17, 2015


The Treaty on the European Union requires:

"the ability to take on and implement effectively the obligations of membership, including adherence to the aims of political, economic and monetary union."

And this requirement is "not negotiable."

The in-or-out EU referendum is heating up in the UK. Most arguments will be made on economic grounds. Britons, you will be scared into believing that quitting the EU will make you poorer. However, those who say so will be lying to you.

Britons need to awaken to reality. The longer their beloved UK stays in the EU, the more Britons must surrender to the dictates of those holding power in the EU.

Surrendering to the EU means surrendering immigration law to EU lawgivers. It's that simple. Stuffy politicians in far away lands will tell you Britons who you should let into your country, how much welfare you must give them out of your pocket so you can turn those immigrants and their children into competitors for your jobs and your children's jobs.

All summer, Chancellor Merkel of Germany has demanded that citizens of EU member countries accept an ever growing Muslim horde of invaders. These supposed refugees want to move into your country and take your houses and your land. What they don't want is your 800 years of Anglo-Norman law.

The in-or-out EU referendum comes down to this alone: Magna Carta or Mohammad Carta.

In spite of the beliefs of over one billion indoctrinated muslims, Mohammadanism isn't a doctrine of self-enlightenment individualism. Mohammadanism is a totalitarian political doctrine of mass conformity, a behavioral tool of mass control rooted in ancient, savage beliefs.

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