Sunday, September 27, 2015


During the Rugby World Cup being played right in England, the birthplace of the worldwide sport, it seems odd that Englishmen would want Muslims as Christian-haters and secularist-haters living among them and more so to pay for these Christian-haters and secularist-haters to live among them. Yet, it is unlikely that any of the supposed refugee Muslims who have sneaked into the UK have any desire whatsoever to become Englishmen and Christians.

De-christianization of Europeans continues unabated. One day, each man and woman in what we know as the various sovereign countries of Europe will awaken to another day in a state of the EU. It will be life as they have known always.

They will have known only they have lived in the country of the EU. They will never have known what life was like for their forebears who lived in the UK, France, Germany and so forth.

All of these "refugees" today will be voters, grateful to those political leaders who gave them asylum, refuge, welfare and a new life. In a few years, they will vote for the agenda sought by the EU superstate.

By letting in all of these Muslim refugees, Europeans are not committing suicide as many say. Rather, European elites are killing off Frenchmen, Germans, Englishman and so forth and using pliable immigrants to do so.

The leaders of the EU countries have said in so many words to the people of their respective countries:

Each of you is insignificant. We don't care about you and whether or not you see yourself as part of a people who share a history and a identity formed from the non-law aspects of culture — accepted behavior and practices such as food, sport, religion and so forth.
We have an agenda. We rule you. Laws exist for us to do what we want. Laws do not exist to keep harmony among like-minded people with as little interference as needed by us.
We are trying to rid you of the belief that you live in countries with boundaries. We want you to believe you live in states that answer to a higher authority.
We have done much to rid you of your Christianity though we have much work still to do there. We have done much to make you believe that each should have about the same and no man or woman should have more, except for those whom you have been taught to believe are superior to you by great significance.
Though Islamism is a totalitarian political doctrine masquerading behind religion — as it does nothing to enlighten the individual — , you will accept these Muslims among you and you will pay for them. They will help us in ridding you of the last remnants of your Christianity. 
We are confident that we can Westernize these Muslims and turn them into moderates. 
As it is always the case with illegal immigrants under various guises such as refugee status, we know that illegals when showered with welfare become loyal to us, their leaders. And once we turn them into voters, we know we can rely upon them to push our agenda even faster and further than we could with two or three of your generations to come.
Our friends in America know how to do it all too well.  

These flags and what these flags represent mean nothing to the Muslim refugees and likely these flags never will.

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