Friday, October 9, 2015


Though she didn't intend to do so, Margaret Thatcher sums up all that is wrong with American politics today by contrasting two words — consensus vs conviction.

“But you see, for years now in British politics, this word, you must use it — consensus — has reared its head. You must have a consensus.
It's a word again, you use not to use when I first came in politics. We had convictions. And we tried to persuade people that our convictions were the right ones.
“And it is no good to have convictions unless you have the will to translate those convictions into actions.  But politics was more if you had convictions than a matter of multiple maneuverings to get through the problems of the day.  
“I often think that when you are going for consensus so often it means that those who believe as I believe tend to give in to the left wing and you move steadily further and further left. 
“Now, I am in politics because of conviction. But I know, the last election, the previous election, was fought in Britain on what I think is one of the most damning sentiments ever uttered. And it was by the predecessor, to Mr. Callahan, Harold Wilson. 
“What the British people wanted he said was a bit of peace and quiet — anything for a quiet life. Now you know and I know that this is the great drag on democracy. People will say, "Does my voice count? Can I do anything?"
“And therefore they leave it to a tiny well-organized minority. Now you ask, "Have people learned?" Yes, they are learning that if you do leave it to that tiny well-organized minority, unpleasant things happen; and then you recoil from that.
“In part you expect politicians to do something about it. The question is whether the people themselves will back up the politicians.”

And there you have it. Comprised of both Democrats and Republicans, the U.S. Congress is a tiny well-organized minority who in essence have become a dictatorship unaccountable to Americans. Every president who has been elected for decades has become little more than an employee of Congress, doing their bidding, acting as the face for their dictatorial orders foisted upon Americans.

So why is Donald Trump popular? Trump has conviction.

Trump is the perfect candidate for Americans. Trump is an outsider with conviction. Every time Trump speaks, Trump reveals that he will lead by conviction. Americans want someone who leads by conviction.

Trump isn't trying to build consensus like all of the weasel politicians also running for the presidency — Hillary Clinton (ex-First Lady, ex-senator), Bernie Sanders (senator), Jeb Bush (ex-governor), Chris Christie (governor), Ted Cruz (senator), Rand Paul (senator), Lindsey Graham (senator), Marco Rubio (senator), Mike Huckabee (ex-governor),  George Pataki (ex-governor), Jim Gilmore (ex-governor), Rick Santorum (ex-senator), Lincoln Chafee (ex-governor), Martin O'Malley (ex-governor), Jim Webb (ex-senator).

Were Trump to be elected president of the United States, Trump would reveal to Americans how Congress have been scamming Americans, big-time, and doing so for decades. Trump is a true threat to the establishment.

It's quite likely, operatives of the Republican Party as well as almost all members of the Republican party in Congress now do not want Donald Trump as their nominee.

Both the Republicans and more so the Democrats of Congress have been using rhetoric to persuade Americans that consensus and compromise are what Americans need. In doing so, it makes their job much easier to get laws made that enrich their campaign backers.

Congress does not make laws that makes a level playing field for Americans. That is why Trump attacks illegals. Congress has made the illegals mess.

In ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION. WHY IT'S BAD FOR YOU AND A BOON FOR ANTI-CAPITALISTS, I show you in easy-to-understand math as well as in words why Americans can't compete with illegals and why Americans are subsidizing both illegals and the profits of the businessmen who hire them.


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