Friday, January 22, 2016


Nerdy cowards at the National Review, you know, the kind of dorks who were pushed around in high school because they tattled on all of the kids having fun and breaking school rules, have stepped up to try to tattle on Donald Trump to you.

First, not one who works at the National Review is brave enough to put his name to the article, which those at the NR published  to attack Trump. Instead, they called themselves the NR Symposium.

The National Review fools have been an enemy of Americans for a long time. The have contributed mightily to indoctrinating gullible voters. They have preached lies, telling such voters that being conservative means being anti-abortion, anti-gay and pro-prayer in schools. Sadly, many Republican voters have fallen for this endless propaganda from their own party leaders, indoctrinating them to believe that abortion and anti-gays equals being conservative. It doesn't, at all.

Abortion is not ever going away in the USA unless there is an amendment to the Constitution. Only states' legislatures can pass such an amendment. GOPher party leaders never talk about an anti-abortion amendment, ever. "You can't round up 12 million illegals" is lefty politics.

Today's Mainstream Republicans are left-of-center. They are not center-right. Open-borders is lefty politics. Amnesty is lefty politics. To see how far the GOPher Party has moved left to fill the center-left void by the now far left Democratic Party, check out my work, ARE BERNIE SANDERS AND DONALD TRUMP A SURPRISE OR ARE PUNDITS STUPID? THE SHAKE-UP OF USA POLITICS CONTINUES. ARE NEW PARTIES EMERGING?.

The mainstay of the GOPher party are internationalists. They have flooded the USA with immigrants for decades beginning with GHW Bush. This flood has gone far to actually kill off generational Americans and essentially white America. It has also be detrimental to the other large group of authentic Americans, black America.

Immigrants have lowered the average IQ and those who have become voters vote for more welfare.  Many of the latest immigrants are Mohammadan ("Muslim") immigrants who hate us and whose IQs are 9 points above retardation, on average.

No one should be allowed to immigrate into the USA unless possessing an IQ of at least 105. There should be no exceptions to this rule.

Mohammadan Syrians aren't refugees. From what are they refugees? The sovereign country of Syria exists. The U.S. Congress and Saudi Arabian government backed an illegal overthrow attempt of the U.N. recognized sovereign Syrian government.

The Syrian government doesn't consider its citizens refugees. They don't want them to go.

As internationalists, mainstream GOPher Party members seek to equalize global wage rates to the downside. Their actions have wrecked the return on capital for small and medium-sized firms which are the sources of innovation. And with wrecking the return on capital comes a lowering of wages because that return is the source of wages.

The GOPher Party has been the 100% sell-out party since Rockfeller Republicans swiped it from conservative Republicans in the 1960s.
Reagan was a horror to the GOPher Party establishment.
GWH Bush launched the USA into the latest mess of Rockfeller Republican internationalism. Look at where it has gotten us —

  • a massive credit bubble caused by using mortgage-backed securities of Congress as bank reserves
  • a crisis and an economic depression that lasted more than seven years
  • an economic depression papered over with quantitative easing and continual lying about a phony recovery
  • idiotic wars against no people who attacked us on 9/11
  • partnering up with the Saudi Arabians, the people who attacked us on 9/11
  • the creation and funding of ISIS as spearheaded by John McCain
  • relentless immigration, illegal and legal
  • funding of Mohammadan immigrants who hate us and whose IQs are 9 points above retardation, on average
  • trade promotion authority for Obama and the Trans-pacific Partnership which would kill US sovereignty and high-paying jobs because it would kill competitive advantage of capital investment in the USA.

American conservatism grew from the conservative coalition of Republicans and the conservative Southern Democratics in 1939 who opposed growing federal power, growing bureaucracy, deficit spending, industrial labor unions, and welfare programs. American conservatives wanted to conserve the USA that existed before FDR and 1933. The conservative coalition dominated Congress between the late 1930s until the mid 1960s.

All pundits fail to tie in the consistent historic lows for the public's approval of successive congresses going back a long time now.

Americans are awakening to this reality. They are demanding a strong counterweight to Congress, someone who can rein in Congress and reign over it. Trump is that guy. Mostly, good working-class Americans want the era of internationalism to be over.

Trump is the true American Conservative in this race, already. Also, Trump is the third-party style alternative-to-the-establishment candidate already. Trump is the anti-party outsider, the same as Reagan. Trump is the nationalist, anti-internationalist, pro-working-class guy running for president:


To see how bad the current, establishment GOPher party is, see:

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