Sunday, October 25, 2015


So, while checking Google News, a work published by CBS caught my eye — Donald Trump, "The Ugly American". The work's creator is a woman named Faith Salie. I have never heard of her until today.

The work by Salie is little more than a long, lame try at ad hominem against Donald Trump. Salie ends her amateurish hatchet job by calling Trump an ugly American.

A check of her bio reveals Salie has bragged about being a Rhodes scholar. Many like to brag about winning Rhodes scholarships. They always fail to mention that such winning scholarships have as much to do with favoritism as merit. As you can see in the screen shot taken from her site, for someone who claims to be a scholar, Faith doesn't know how to use quotation marks.

Salie claims to be an ethics expert, yet she fails to list one court case in which she gave testimony with respect to ethics. It is unlikely that jurists would accept Faith Salie's testimony on ethics over another adult American selected at random.

What makes someone an expert is a court's willingness to defer to testimony by someone specifically because of that one's work over someone at random. In short, experts have credibility to jurists above the ordinary man or woman.

Not surprisingly, Salie's name fails to come up in any search related to ethics and academia. A search at PhilPapers fails to reveal any work by Faith Salie, much less one on ethics. PhilPapers happens to be comprehensive index of journals, books, open access archives, and personal pages maintained by academics of philosophy.

There isn't one publish worked in the field of philosophy by Faith Salie. If there is one, it was so unworthy that it can't be found and no one could be bothered to cite it.

At, Google's specialized search engine for academic works, Faith Salie's name produces a few results, but none by her. Instead, someone mentioned Faith Salie in a work, calling Faith little more than a "TV-actress-turned-commentator."

Google Scholar also lets anyone search court cases by selected the case law  radio button. Again, not one search reveals that Faith Salie has ever given testimony recorded in relevant case law much less a case dealing with ethics.

Faith Salie seems to be little more than a huckster, a TV entertainer and self-promoter. That makes Faith much more like Donald Trump.

Faith Salie, the supposed ethics "expert" fails to see that Trump has been acting according to the ethics of the day. His behavior is well within accepted norms for politics and television.

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