Wednesday, December 23, 2015


Idiotically, yesterday, Hillary Clinton approved a marketing effort to pitch her to Hispanic women. A not-so-genius genius for Hillary hatch the not-brilliant-at-all idea of portraying Hillary Clinton as a Hispanic grandmother — an abuela.

With his publicly-expressed stupidity, Hillary Clinton insulted tens of thousands of Hispanics whose grandmothers have lived ordinary, hard lives in America, the kind of lives a privileged Hillary Clinton never could understand. Underlying her stupidity is something that all should recognize by

Hillary Clinton continues to run as a woman and not as a candidate on equal footing. Hillary Clinton bases her entire campaign on being a woman. Without doubt, Hillary can't base her campaign on her long established political career because she doesn't have one. Instead, she was the housewife of a governor and the housewife of a president.

And because she was the housewife of a president, the party of the president made one of its own senators in a state the party controls retire so that Hillary could be given his job, a vote for it notwithstanding.

The sole purpose of giving Hillary the senate job in New York was to give her credibility to run for the presidency in 2008, which she did.

Hillary Clinton will never be anyone but a weak woman who has been dependent on men her whole life. Hillary is no Tulsi Gabbard, a politician and U.S. Army major who has legitimately won her job to Congress.

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