Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Well, the U.S. Census Bureau has released the Advance Monthly Sales for Retail and Food Services for March 2015. Suffice to say, the propagandists report that retail sales are up. Always, they do. That is easy enough to do under a regime of ongoing cash accretion.

For eight years, agents of propaganda for the President, the Congress, and the Federal Reserve have told you there was a crisis that needed urgent action. And after the crisis had been handled, these same agents told you an economic recovery had been underway.

Well, all of that has been outright lies, big lies, whoppers of epic proportion. The crisis was the making of Congreses and commercial bankers precisely because bankers came to rely on mortgage-backed securities created by the agents of Congress, Freddy Mac and Fannie Mae, as reserves from which to meet liabilities.

Politicians, appointed officials, presidents and idiot economist academicians have lied to your faces about the crisis. And after dealing with the crisis, these same despicable, unmanly cowards have lied to you continuously about a fake recovery.

Because you are an adult,  you should expect politicians to lie. Idiot economist academicians lie mostly because they are too stupid to know their doctrines, which they have accepted as dogma are quite false.

As Americans, we are stuck with liarbirds.

I have shown you these lies in these stories and many more:

The foregoing have charts on true GDP, true bank credit, corporate true profits and true bank clearings. You should read those to see the charts at least. You can use these charts to steer your way through commerce. 

There hasn't been any recovery because bankers at the Federal Reserve do not understand commerce at all. Economist academician Ben Bernanke, a guy who never worked in a for-profit industry as an adult, indeed knew not what he was doing with his stupid Quantitative Easing. And his follower, Janet Yellen is little better.

By suppressing interest rates and thus cheapening credit, Bernanke and Yellen have killed the the return to capital for those with extant capital paid for with credit at higher rates borrowed upon expectation of higher prices.  This has resulted in unnecessarily lengthened, high unemployment followed by capital growth restriction and thus true wage growth impairment.

In short, both Bernanke and Yellen have impaired capital. Without sound capital, wages can't get paid. Without wages, few can consume to any extent.

Look at these charts. These charts support exactly that. None of these charts dealing with the advance monthly sales for retail and food services reveals any recovery. All the charts show ongoing decline.

Total Retail and Total Restaurants

Cars, Trucks, other Vehicles, Parts, and Gasoline

THE BRIGHT SPOT: Non-Store Retailing

Although non-store retailing (Internet shopping, mostly) has fallen since the peak, it hasn't fallen off as bad as every other sector of retailing.

When Americans had money — coined metal by weight and fineness — never did trade depressions last as long. It's only since the advent of the Federal Reserve and the replacement of money with cash as legalized tender that depressions have lasted this long. Mortgage-backed securities issued by the agencies of Congress only have made banking and the economy worse.

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