Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Everyday in the USA, millions win the lottery — the Section 8 Voucher lottery given to them by the U.S. Congress.

Where I live in sunny, well-to-do Southern California, not far from Los Angeles, and minutes from world famous beaches, there are non-profits who act as landlords for Section 8 voucher lottery winners.

I've seen the data. There are many who live in apartments that would require a $48,000 gross income to pay the rent who live there free-to-them and near-fear to them, all paid for by the U.S. Congress.

And where does Congress get the funds to pay landlords? Congress borrows most of it and taxes many "middle class" Americans with few deductions at such confiscatory rates to pay for the debt service on the borrowing.

I know of one case where person X earns about $44,000 a year and  with his Section 8 subsidy, his gross income gets bumped up by Congress to $92,000 a year. Sure, each month, he pays a fraction of the rent and yes, his employer withholds taxes.

However, the Section 8 welfare he gets far exceeds his withholdings. In short, he isn't paying taxes at all to Congress.

You are reading that right. The welfare he receives exceeds his income and more than doubles it! He lives as if he has an engineering degree from Cal Poly rather than the high school grad he is who works as a personal services technician!

Congress believes he should be among the lucky who get bumped up to a upper middle class income and lifestyle, in effect, give him more buying power than those who I know who work hard for $55,000 a year. Sadly, those who know I who earn $55,000 earn too much to qualify for any welfare from Congress.

On top of that, he gets EIC for two children under the age of 18! So Congress actually pays him for having kiddos!

I know of another person who skipped many school days and dosed out on acid. Then for years during early adulthood, she continued tripping on acid weekly. She said she has tripped over 5,000 times.

Anyway, all of her drugging destabilized her brain. So what did she do? She went to doctors saying she had mental problems and boom, they gave her disability! Now, Congress gives her $23,000 in gross income for rent via the Section 8 program and another $10,000 or so in Social Security Disability Income. She gets all of that because of her voluntary drugging that fried her brain.

And there is another case of a family whose combined household income from wages exceeds $90,000 and yet Congress still gives them another $48,000 gross income, effectively. They have a gross income of over $138,000 a year thanks to Congress!

And you are going to get steamed even more over this. Many of the residents in these subsidized apartments could be illegal aliens. The State Lawgivers of California prohibit landlords from checking on immigration status.

As well, Congress provides block grants that end up in the pockets of these non-profit landlords to subsidize even more. The lawgivers of California provide these block grants as well.

Most Americans don't know anything about this. Congress has turned America into a socialist paradise for some.

Why live on Section 8 welfare in East St. Louis where you must duck bullets when you can live in sunny Southern California among the rich in some of the most sophisticated cities in the USA? You can.

I see it first hand. I have intimate knowledge of the workings of the Section 8 system in Southern California.

If there were no rent subsidies, rents would plummet tomorrow. Rents would become affordable to even the lowest paid workers.

SNAP (Food Stamps) welfare works the same way — artificially raising food prices.

All of this was decided during the George Herbert Walker Bush years and his "kinder, gentler" America program.

Capitalism, work, ingenuity — all of this is getting killed by a socialist-leaning Congress, a socialist-for-the-masses, exclusivity-for-the-richest-elites (think: Warren Buffet). It's no wonder how many call this current version of America, neo-feudalism, a kind of hybrid socialism-fascism-feudalism.

And while no one should care how Congress spends their funds, all should care how much Congress can legally steal from anyone. No American should be forced to pay a sum of taxes that exceeds 12% of her or his income in any year to Congress.

The time has come for a constitutional amendment that puts Congress in tax shackles. Likely, it might be the only amendment Americans need. That amendment should limit the sum of taxes Congress can collect from anyone in whatever form to 12% of his or her income in a year.

Legislating should be hard. Congress should be forced to decide between guns and butter.

Today, the New York Times published a story about how the City of Los Angeles is going to blow $100 million on grubby welfare-seekers.

The whole thing reminds me of this video Peter Schiff put together a year or so back.

America. It's so over.

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