Tuesday, February 16, 2016


After the first debate for the 2016 Republican Party nomination, the head of the Republican party badgered front runner Donald Trump to sign a pledge to support the Republican party nominee should Trump lose. Trump did so. And then the party itself began attacking Trump. Trump has declared the deal to be void.

In many ways, a Trump presidential victory as an independent would be much sweeter.  A Trump win as an independent would a crushing blow to party politics in general. This would be dangerous for professional politicians allied with either of the two parties who work in collusion against all others.

It would be a historical first if Trump would win as an independent.

There hasn't be someone who has won an electoral college vote also who was not a Democrat nor a Republican since John Hospers won one vote as a Libertarian in 1972. There hasn't been a candidate not a Dem or GOPher who has won a sizeable number from the electoral college since Theodore Roosevelt won 88 as a Progressive in 1912.

Though the winner of the Republican party nomination twice and twice elected president of the United States, the Republican party establishment reviled Ronald Reagan. They did their best to derail Reagan from winning the nomination as well as the presidency. The establishment hated Reagan.

The ex-Democrat Ronald Reagan was not really a conservative. Reagan so much wanted to be a restorationist president.

Today, Trump is the restorationist candidate. Trump seeks to return the USA back to its wholesome core and away from the failed doctrines of globalization. The candidates are globalization open-borders, H-1B visa internationalists.

Americans who want a restorationist candidate won't care if Trump is the GOP nominee or an independent. Trump is that candidate (see: THE FOUNDERS OF THE USA WERE RADICALS. THEY WERE NEVER CONSERVATIVES NOR TRIBALISTS. YOU MIGHT BE A RESTORATIONIST BUT LIKELY YOU ARE NOT A CONSERVATIVE NOR TRIBALIST).

Independents are the largest "party" in the USA! In 2014, 43% of Americans identified politically as independents. Only 26% of Americans self-report as Republicans. The time is now for a National Independence Party.

What have the post-New Deal Republican and Democratic parties given Americans since the fall of the Berlin Wall and the end of communism?
  • Globalization has been a disaster for working-class Americans.
  • Open-borders illegal immigration of Central Americans and Mexicans has been a disaster for working-class Americans.
  • Excessive legal immigration has been a disaster for working-class Americans.
  • Obamacare and the end of the Gingrich-Clinton welfare reform has been a disaster for Americans.
  • Unneeded wars in the Middle East have been a disaster for Americans.
  • Muslim immigration and Muslim education visas were a disaster to all those on 9/11 who had to leap to their deaths from the World Trade Center.

There have been way too many immigrants from too many countries from when George Herbert Walker Bush took office through Obama.
Immigration law should follow two good, easy rules:
  1. Foreign-born population never should exceed 5% of total population in any year.
  2. No one should gain entry into the USA with an IQ under 105. 
Americans need smarter people not stupider ones. It takes about an 118 IQ to complete a four-year degree in the sciences at an accredited university.

The globalization agenda pursued by post-Reagan Bushian Republicans and Blue Dog Democrats — so-called neo-liberalism — has everything to do with the rise of Trump and perhaps the now forming National Independence Party. 

In my years, I have found almost all to be budding, teeny tyrants in the making. To them, it's always all right to steal property from others who are better off than they are to fund their personal Utopia schemes, e.g., save the whales, save the blacks, save the this. And property has always only meant the right of ownership in things. Too many don't know the first thing about jurisprudence. So they don't know that property doesn't mean chattel possessed, e.g., a house. For landlords have property in rentals but never have possession of those rentals, renters do.

So this is why all should see reality for what it is — most of mankind live in the throes of evil by choice. They are greedy and slothful. They seek only to join forces with enough others to force the weak or the solitary types to fork over parts of their honest dealings. It's enslavement by other means.

The righteous man or woman believes in a few things: Society is more important than government; government should only exist to protect individuals as individuals and never groups; there should be no specific welfare or subsidy of any kind.

All other belief is error and reveals corruption as well as malformed character.

Soon I will present what the platform and agenda of a National Independence Party might look like. Until then:

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