Monday, January 25, 2016


Too many members of the political class have pontificated as to why Donald Trump is trouncing everyone in the 2016 Republican presidential primaries.

Americans rightly see this election for what it is. Americans rightly see the USA slipping away past the point of no return to the failing doctrine of internationalism.

  1. excessive immigration 
  2. unstopped illegal immigration 
  3. trade deals that gutted manufacturing industry and thus wiped out high-paying jobs for no-college-degree high school grads who could have bought houses as their factory parents and grandparents did before them

Working-class Americans are weary of politicians lying to them for 22 years about 1, 2 and 3.

In a word, working-class Americans are done with internationalism.To working-class Americans, internationalism leads to job losses, lower income and terrorism. And they're right!

In WHY TRUMP IS WINNING. THE REST ARE INTERNATIONALIST SELLOUTS WHO STAND AGAINST WORKING-CLASS AMERICANS, I spelled out this case in greater detail. And in AMERICANS ARE COMMITTING (ECONOMIC) SUICIDE DAILY WITH IPHONES AND IPADS, I show why the rhetoric behind trade deals doesn't live up to the economic reality for working-class Americans.

Obama and his Congresses have done much to continue the trashing of the USA with Obamacare, protection of illegal aliens, immigration of Mohammadans ("Muslims") who hate Americans, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which would kill even more American manufacturing and so forth (see: TRANS-PACIFIC PARTNERSHIP OF ESTABLISHMENT INTERESTS TO SCREW YOU OVER and 365 DAYS TILL OBAMA'S REMOVAL. WHAT HAS OBAMA'S PRESIDENCY MEANT? WHO HAS OBAMA BEEN?).

Americans have been living in an economic depression since peak GDP way back at the of 2007. And Americans know it!

I have provided the only truthful data in graph form on this at my commerce and economy site, The True Dollar Journal: OBAMA, YELLEN, BERNANKE AND MANY OTHERS HAVE LIED, SOVIET-STYLE ABOUT THE FALSE RECOVERY, COUNTLESS TIMES. YOU ARE STILL LIVING IN THE GREATEST DEPRESSION.

I told the world months ago why Trump slays the competition when I compared Trump to Margaret Thatcher: A BRILLIANT LADY AND WHY DONALD TRUMP IS MOST POPULAR WITH AMERICANS. You can watch Lady Thatcher talk from the embedded video there. Here is some of what she said.

“But you see, for years now in British politics, this word, you [Americans] must use it — consensus — has reared its head. You must have a consensus.
“It's a word again, you use not to use when I first came in politics. We had convictions. And we tried to persuade people that our convictions were the right ones.
“And it is no good to have convictions unless you have the will to translate those convictions into actions.  But politics was more if you had convictions than a matter of multiple maneuverings to get through the problems of the day.  
“I often think that when you are going for consensus so often it means that those who believe as I believe tend to give in to the left wing and you move steadily further and further left.” ~ Margaret Thatcher 

Americans are tired of the Gutless Opposition Party run by neoconservatives giving in to the left.

And if you never learned it, the neoconservatives are ex-Democratic Party, ex-socialist leftists who switched sides to the Republicans for one reason only — their undying Zionism support for Israel — because of one force only — demographics. These long-time Democrats were being squeezed out of the Democratic Party machinery by women, blacks and Hispanics.

It's always about demographics.

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