Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Two candidates stood tall among their competitors in their respective parties. Donald Trump smashed his Republican Party establishment rivals capturing more than twice as many votes as the runner up John Kasich and more than three times as many votes as other Republican Party establishment candidates — Cruz, Jeb Bush, Rubio.

For the Democrats, for every 100 voters for Hillary Clinton, there were 154 for Bernie Sanders. So how did Bernie win?

First, all should notice that as a senator from Vermont, Sanders could be considered a favored-son candidate in next door New Hampshire. Yet, here are the reasons:

  1. The Democratic Party continues to shift further left.
  2. As even more of a leftist, Bernie Sanders is the heir apparent to Obama.
  3. Three movements have pushed the Democratic Party left — Occupy Wall Street, Obamacare, #blackslivesmatter (see:  Have Democrats Pulled Too Far Left? Peter Wehner, New York Times, May 27, 2015)
  4. Hillary is a Blue Dog (near-center) as her husband was. 
  5. Skilled white Americans who aren't college grads and who come from traditional Democrat families will be voting for Trump if they vote.

#BlackLivesMatter has put white Democrats under scrutiny. Because Hillary is in the race to become the first woman president along with the sex scandals of her husband as well as her own scandals, Hillary is failing under that scrutiny (see: STAND BY YOUR HILLARY? HILLARY, LIES, EMAIL SHENANIGANS, WORK SHENANIGANS. WHY VOTE FOR HILLARY?)

Bernie is the guy who wants to give it all to the down-trodden — no-job blacks, fast-food Hispanics, no-hubby young mommies — and take all from rich white folks who are only rich because of white privilege.

In short, Bernie won the young new Democrat vote while the blue-collar white traditional household Democrats either stayed home in protest against Hillary or because they plan to vote for Trump in the general election.

As I wrote back in late November, NO ORDINARY WHITE GUY COULD EVER HOPE TO WIN THE U.S. PRESIDENCY IN 2016 AND MAYBE NEVER AGAIN. THE GOP WILL BE OVER SOON ENOUGH, Trump is that extraordinary white guy.

Back on November 14, 2014, in Why Democrats Can’t Win Over White Working-Class Voters, Jamelle Bouie of Slate (disclosure: I don't read Slate. I found the work by googling), wrote that white working-class Americans without college degrees no longer want anything to do with the Democratic Party. 

Bouie stated, "Democrats don’t have to win this group as much as they have to avoid a rout." Hillary is the kind of Democrat who needs that group but they're going for Trump. 

In the absence of white, no-college, skilled working-class voters, the remaining Democrats who show up to the polls are the leftists. So it should surprise no one, the leftists voted for Bernie.

It should be clear. Trump is having a huge effect on both the Republican Party and the Democratic Party. Trump might be more responsible for Bernie Sander's success than Sanders himself.

Donald Trump slaughtered the establishment Republican Party candidates today. Trump did so without wasted effort. Trump visited New Hampshire a small number but the right number of times. Trump focused his campaigning in a narrow geographic corridor near the Massachusetts border and along the coast.

John Kasich the Ohio governor who always talks about his post office working dad spent big to win a distant second. Some reports say Kasich spent as much as $14 million. Kasich also visited tiny New Hampshire 100 times or so.

Kasich put his marbles in winning New Hampshire because his strategy is to avoid the south and focus on the Northeast and the Great Lakes. 

Natural-born Canadian Ted Cruz squeaked passed Jeb Bush for third. Cruz barely won last week in the burnt-over state, Iowa. And Cruz needed shenanigans to swipe Ben Carson's support. 

Likely, Cruz picked up voters from race dropout Rand Paul. New Hampshire swings libertarian as it is known as the home of the Free State Project.

Cruz continues to face questions about his likely illegal campaign. For more on that see:

Most Americans are neither conservatives nor socialists. Many Americans don't vote. 

Most Americans are hopeful restorationists. Like most good Americans, Trump is a restorationist. Trump set the restorationist agenda — Make America Great Again.

Trump is the candidate disparate voters have sought for a long time. To Tea Party people, Trump is the Tea Party candidate. For Pat Buchanan types, Trump is the Buchanan candidate. For Ross Perot types, Trump is the Perot candidate.

Trump is the Restorationist candidate who can capture power from the establishment Republican Party. 

For more on the rise of the restorationists, check out my key works:

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