Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Unfortunately, in the worst judicial decision since Wickard v Filburn, a decision that couldn't be more wrong, English-language challenged, USSC chief robe John Roberts decreed what any right-minded thinker knows to be a fine now as a tax. Roberts pulled a putting lipstick on a pig trick and now wants you to pork it.

Yet, Americans, we need to suck it up. ObamaCare isn't going away.

The Big Lie politicians told to gain the trust of Americans to support Obamacare is that Obamacare would cover the uninsured. Always, politicians tell the Big Lie, whenever they want to establish something that benefits their financial backers instead of the citizenry.

There was no need to create a 2,400 page law. There was no need to create new agencies to regulate and administer the law.   There was no need to hire on tens of thousands of more useless, overpaid, unionized, flunky, paper-pushing government employees.

Having done the foregoing reveals profound intellectual stupidity of our so-called leaders. Obama and the members of Congress who passed Obamacare, guys like Harry Reid and women like Nancy Pelosi are among the stupidest people ever to hold the reins of power. 

If the goal truly were universal coverage as they call it, the fix to achieve such is easy. Here is how it should be done, but first, you need to know what we have now.

Medicare exists for old people. Medicaid exists for the poor. It's what they callmeans tested, which is a fancy way of checking income and family head count, making sure income doesn't exceed an annual sum.

Already, there are payroll taxes called FICA taxes, named after the Federal Insurance Contributions Act. FICA taxes cover Social Security Old-age, survivors, and disability insurance (OASDI) and Medicare. 

And here is the fix. It would have been easy to add another payroll tax to pay for medical insurance. There should be a universal medical bills insurance tax. 

Already, Americans are used to having payroll taxes deducted from their paychecks. Those who have jobs with medical bills insurance experience what it is like to have insurance payments deducted from their paychecks.

Next, Medicaid and Medicare should have been folded into one program for those who are unemployed or who are retired living on Social Security only.

And now for the best parts. Rather than having employers broker insurance for employees, everyone working should be assigned at random to a medical bills paying insurer (wrongly called "health insurance") operating within each workers' respective state. 

Insurers wouldn't know ahead of time, anyone they would be required to insure, regardless of pre-existing condition. Likewise, workers wouldn't know who would be their insurer until assigned. At the start of each year, random assignment could happen.

Also, there should be two payroll tax rates, one for the fit and one for the unfit. The unfit should pay substantially higher taxes, since they are the ones most likely who will need medicine for their unfit bodies. Those who have the right weight for their heights and the right blood pressure and heart rates should pay much lower premiums than those who let themselves go by living slothful, gluttonous, hedonistic lives.

Having two insured pools is the right way to express the actuarial science behind insurance. The unfit would have incentive to get fit and the fit would have incentive to stay fit.

Further, those in retirement with incomes beyond Social Security should have their Social Security taxed at the appropriate rate, either for the fit or the unfit. Thus, the elderly would be treated as anyone else, with no age prejudice against them.

As it is, technically, employers don't pay for insurance for employees, ever. For employers, admin costs become tax write offs. Yet, taxpayers who cannot escape their compulsory taxes are the ones who pay for businesses to provide insurance to employees.

My proposal does what Obama couldn't do — UNIVERSAL COVERAGE FOR ALL AMERICANS. My proposal removes the admin burden from employers, which drags on the economy.

The poor get covered. The productive working class gets covered. The rich get covered. Insurers can stay in business. Richer Social Security recipients would pay their fair share as Obama likes to call it.

If only Obama were as smart as me, our lives as Americans would better by far.

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