Monday, August 12, 2013


Today, Doug Bandow of Forbes typed a piece titled, 
The Post Office Is Broke: It's Time To End Washington's Postal Monopoly

Bandow calls upon the U.S. Congress to open the postal marketplace to competition and innovation.

Here is my plan:

[1] The USPS ought to get out of the retail business. Shutter all post offices. Entrepreneurs of the Mailboxes, etc., type would spring up instantly to fill the void.

[2] Next, the USPS ought to get out of the long haul business. Until a natural delivery ecosystem can arise, at least, the USPS ought to award all long haul delivery to capable firms, e.g., trucking companies, airlines, Fedex, UPS.

[3] Lastly, the USPS should get out of the to-the-home delivery business. Entrepreneurs shall rise to fill the void. Package delivery exists already. Let people decide if they need snail mail delivered to a Mailboxes, etc., or if they need home delivery and let them pay market rates.

As it stands, because of the monopoly status of the USPS, resources get allocated inefficiently. Many get to operate wasteful and otherwise unprofitable businesses because of the USPS. Entrepreneurs shall rise to innovate behavior and add to resources efficiency.

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