Monday, August 12, 2013


Can you imagine if every businesswoman demanded 50% of your income to sell you a bag of groceries? You could only eat for a few days.

You gain your wages by selling your capital, which are your skills through time. After you pay your living expenses, what remains from your wages is your profit. 

All income taxation is a share of profits unearned by the taxer. For those not collecting welfare, politicians have not invested in you. Politicians have not given you cash in hopes of a return on investment. 

Politicians already collect way too much from you. Is 35% not enough? Is 50% not enough? So few question when politicians take from anyone 50% of her or his income through income taxation through federal and state means.

Involuntary income taxation is nothing more than theft of a man or woman's time and as such taxing anyone's life and hence is a kind of slavery.

How much do politicians need? 

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