Wednesday, February 26, 2014


On Wednesday, February 26, the European parliament voted for resolution to criminalize the purchase of sex but not the sale of sex. In Europe, this is the known as the Nordic model of prostitution. The resolution passed by almost a 2.5 to 1 margin (343 for, 139 against, 105 abstained). You can read all about the silliness in the U.K.'s Guardian.

Mary Honeyball a spokesman for the labor party of the EU parliament called the continuance of prostitution "exploitation of women," the new measure a "nuanced approach" to tackle prostitution by purportedly "punishing men who treat women's bodies as a commodity" and doing all this without punishing women "who are driven into sex work."

By fining men while letting women work as paid whores, the irony here is that government has become the pimp, the pimp who wants his girls working and who wants to collect fees from customers called fines.

Women aren't driven into sex work. Prostitutes like the work. It's fast, easy, and has a high-pay to low-skill ratio. 

Worse, these silly European parliamentarians suffer from the false belief that bodies are being traded as commodities. Bodies aren't being traded as commodities, pleasure is. For a people who earn their living trading votes for favors, one would think parliamentarians would fully understand prostitution and how it works.

What is the real problem? Government, the created creature has grown beyond society, the creator. This is the true evil.

When a people live under a law for everything, that living is called totalitarianism. That is what totalitarianism means. It doesn't mean communism or socialism, though those kinds of collectivism tend to lead to totalitarianism. 

For people to be free, there must be freedom, or those realms for individuals where there is no officialdom. Said another way, there must be liberty, or where the law (government) is content to leave all alone and thus not create duties and rights.

Government should be tiny, hardly noticeable in the lives of the people. Instead, the lives of the people are tiny and government is all pervasive. 

People get what they deserve. This is what people deserve for wanting government to provide income-giving welfare instead of merely protection of any individual and his property (ownership in stuff) from foreign mobs and domestic ones.

The right act of course, is to de-criminalize prostitution and restore it to its rightful place, liberty, or that arena where The Law is content to leave individuals alone.

Of course, the real reason for regulation and condemnation of anything is revenue for over-sized salaries and pensions for bureaucrats and politicians. If they fine prostitutes, they look evil. There aren't that many working whores so the total take is small. 

However, if they fine the johns, revenues shall increase. There are tens of thousands of potential fine-paying johns. 

By claiming to stamp out yet another evil, politicians can pander to feminist sympathizers as well as religionists. And this is the driver for the latest trend sweeping Europe.

If you want to better understand prostitution from the minds of prostitutes, read The Honest Courtesan. This woman, a former prostitute, blogs about prostitution.

Of course, web cam workers who masturbate on cam engage in a kind of prostitution, trading pleasure for bank credit convertible into cash. So too, porno video sex workers engage in prostitution, working with other prostitutes and having their work recorded to video, also trading pleasure for bank credit convertible into cash. 

The advance of government toward totalitarianism never leads to progress. True progress arises from autonomy, or that which is self-rule.

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