Wednesday, May 14, 2014


The world has those of good and those of evil. The facts are the same for both. 

What you weigh as worthy of you gives to you your perspective. To look at the world seeing but evil is the art of pessimism. To throw evil into the background is the art of optimism.

To see income inequality is to live as the pemissist. To believe others tell you that income inequality is evil is to fall a trick of those who are in evil themselves.

Rightly, there is talent diversity and it is from talent diversity that income inferiority arises. 

As I have spelled out before, there is no such thing as income inequality.

Talent is will one has to trade the skills one has for cash and credit in a purchase and sale. 

Most never discover their talent and by that all should understand that most never discover the skills they have nor the skills they could get, which they would be gung-ho willing to trade for cash and credit.

All recognize the talents of Robert Downey, Jr., Hugh Jackman, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift . Almost no one questions why these talented entertainers should earn $75 million (Downey), $55 million (Jackman), $80 million (Gaga), $58 Million (Bieber), $55 million (Swift) [see Forbes here and Forbes here ]. 

Yet when the shareholders of the firms that hire the likes of Downey, Jackman, Gaga, Bieber and Swift, earn millions, most decry such as evil capitalists.

If you lack talent and if you believe that talent is born, then you need only look to the genetics of your parents. If you are lacking talent, then it's your parents' fault, your grandparents' fault, their parents before them and thus all of your ancestry.

If you lack talent and you do not believe that talent is born but rather comes from focused effort, then you need only look to yourself. You alone are to blame for your income inferiority.

If you have what you believe is talent but few are willing to bid high enough to buy your talent in a purchase and sale, you can delude yourself and blame everyone in society of property, which is the only society that strangers can form, for failing to see and appraise your talent according to your self-deluded fantasy.

Or, you can (wo)man up, stop having a sook, and set yourself to work acquiring talent that others are willing to buy at high prices in purchases and sales. 

However, if you agitate in a mob to have income inequality turned into an equality by force, leveraging government for one's friends and oneself at the expense of others, you become a teeny tyrant, differing only by degree but not by kind from Leopold II, Hitler, Mao, Stalin, and Pol Pot.

It's immoral to force people to comply for whatever the cause, no matter how noble sounding. 

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