Tuesday, August 12, 2014


So the doubling-down on political stupidity begins. European parliamentarians laid down sanctions against the Russians over Ukraine. The Russians took their time, but have decreed counter-sanctions against European-sourced produce. Now, European parliamentarians plan on doling welfare, with borrowed bank credits, of course, to those EU citizens hurt commercially by the Russians.

If European political leaders hate the Russians so much and truly want to cripple the Russian economy to bring Russians to their knees so they turn on their leader Putin, then why don't they stop buying natural gas from the Russians today, right now?

Why not cut off the Russians from Euros or dollars or however those natural gas contracts get settled?

If European leaders truly want to scold the Russians, and if European leaders had courage, this is what they would do. It's simply hypocritical to pick and choose as if from a menu, which products can be bought and which products become banned.

Europeans should have embraced the secession of Luhansk and the secession of Donetsk. As well, Europeans ought to have embraced the secession of Crimea. Yet, if Europeans political fools were smart, which they are not, without doubt so, rather than placing sanctions on Russians, they ought to place sanctions on Ukrainians to pressure Ukrainians to accept these changes.

It's not so much about territory. It's about people. The political establishment hates losing people because they hate losing the ability to control property of others and thus the ability to scoop up taxes, which are an unearned share of profits taken by force if necessary.
Yet, why should some Ukrainians' freedom count more than others? Ukrainians are killing other Ukrainians to decide which group of oligarchs shall lord over themselves. How stupid are Ukrainians? When shall they awaken?

And if the Europeans were really smart, they would have sought to bring the Russians into the fold of the EU right after the fall of the Berlin wall. Further, Europeans should have brought the Russians into NATO while having the USA exit NATO.

After all, EU exists today precisely because of a trade union for coal established between the French and the Germans in the aftermath of World War 2 as the means to keep French and Germans from ever fighting each other again. Can you imagine what a Eurasian Economic Union would have done for the 649.7 million living from the Bay of Biscay to the Sea of Okhotsk?

Europeans ought to be embarrassed for their political posturing and behavior. Rather than trying to poach the Ukraine from Russians, never which should have been the goal, Europeans should have worked hard to enter in union with the Russians. One would think Europeans could look back at their own 100-year history contrasting the horrors of wars and the benefits of trade unions.

On the 100th anniversary of World War 1, it is clear that Europeans have learned nothing.

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