Tuesday, September 23, 2014


The Wolfowitz Doctrine drives U.S. Foreign policy. Once you truly understand the Wolfowitz Doctrine, you can understand Obama's action in Syria, Iraq and even Ukraine.

The emergence of ISIS violates 3 and 5 of the Wolfowitz Doctrine and gives rise to 4.

  1. The U.S. is the world’s only superpower, the leader of the new world order after the fall of the Soviet Union. 
  2. The U.S. must prevent the emergence of a new global rival, especially a nationalist-movement fueled Russia 
  3. The U.S. must prevent the emergence of a regional rival in any delineated region. 
  4. The U.S. must intervene when and where necessary regardless of international law to stop any emergence of a would-be rival, whether global or regional. 
  5. The U.S. must remain in control of the Middle East and Southwest Asia with decisions driven by oil concerns. 
  6. The U.S. must create international coalitions only as ad hoc assemblies not lasting beyond the confronted crisis driven only by expediency giving no regard to any moral consequences. 

To show you more of the Wolfowitz Doctrine in action, from the perspective of sovereign Syria, the Free Syrian Army are terrorists. Congress' call to arm the Free Syrian Army to the tune of US$1 trillion is akin to forcing Americans to engage in government-sponsored terrorism.

Presidents of the USA have been on record repeatedly denouncing state-sponsored terrorism, such as the Iranian funding of Hamas who then attack Israelis.

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