Wednesday, October 22, 2014


The execs behind for-profit T-shirt retailer along with clearly ill-in-mind, complicit parents have created a videomercial exploiting their little girls. In the video (see below), the girls can be watched saying fuck enumerable times along with parroting many false beliefs about work and pay as well as rape.

In 2013, the Bureau of Justice Statistics reported that in 2010, about 2 females per 1,000, ages 12 and over, experienced rape — forced sexual intercourse —attempts at forced sexual intercourse and threats of forced sexual intercourse as well as sexual assault — grabbing and fondling.  The 2010 figure of 2 in 1,000, represents a whopping 64% decline from 1995.

Two raped per 1,000 comes to two-tenths of one percent (0.2%) and not 20% or the one-in-five bogus figure reported by feminists everywhere including in the crazy videomercial, which you can watch below.

Of the 2 per 1,000, 35% reported their experiences to police. About 84% of alleged victims stated police came to them after having contacted them. Police investigated 86% of reported rapes and sexual assaults and from those investigated, made arrests in 31% of the cases.

Feminism, like Islamism and Communism, is a horrible political doctrine of totalitarianism, whose cult adherents are easily indoctrinated.

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