Friday, February 12, 2016


Two years ago, I showed how Twitter was dying:

And now, at Breitbart reports that Twitter executives are trying to control speech so as to run off from the platform anyone who isn't a leftist, social justice commie (see: MILO: Twitter ‘Embarking on a War Against Conservative Points of View’).

There is a capable alternative to Twitter — Tumblr. Tumblr has all the key features of Twitter and then some.

Tumblr is the anti-Twitter and anti-Blogger platform.  Tumblr wins by doing two things:

  1. Tumblr lets you hide through being obscure and pseudo-anonymous. 
  2. Since Tumblr lets you have more than one publishing stream, Tumblr lets you be found by friends and strangers by the identity of that stream.

Tumblr is like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook all rolled up into one.  You can feed pictures, video, text or audio posts into your stream. You can re-share public content of others. 

Tumblr has other great features. The Tumblr Dashboard lets you consume lots of content and “reblog” easily. Tumblr supports full animated GIFs

Before we get to it, I setup my Tumblr to look like Twitter using the easy to apply theme — Twitter Theme. So if you want to follow me, click here.

@ Mentioning

Like Twitter, Tumblr supports @mention other users. It's easy too. When writing a new post, type an @ symbol and as you continue to type, Tumblr will automatically complete ("autocomplete") from the names of those you follow or even strangers. Any user who you mention in a post will receive a notification.

The mentioning feature turns Tumblr into an IM-style chat tool.


Tumblr doesn't have those ugly in-text hashtags as you see Twitter that clog up your timeline. You add hashtags to the tags-field. You can write into your hashtags spaces, apostrophes, commas, dots, and many other symbols in your Tumblr hashtags.

Tumblr will index only your first five hashtags. So don't bother writing more than five hash tags.

Any hashtag search will bring up users for you to follow who recently used those hashtags. So hashtags are key for acquiring followers on Tumblr.

Tumblr filters hashtag search results by "most popular" by default. You can switch this to "most recent".

On the Tumblr dashboard, Tumblr has a “track your tags” feature so you can add hashtag search results to the dashboard side bar.

EMAIL Publishing 

Write to Tumblr through email. Send an email to your Tumblr-given email publishing address. Use the subject line of the email for your title. You can even add hashtags at the bottom of the email.

For all of the ways to write content to Tumblr, check out Tumblr's Guide to Posting

Tumblr “Queue” System

Tumblr supports queueing. This lets you to line up posts into your queue for scheduled posts. It is simple to use. Once turned on, keep sharing stuff on your Tumblr. Tumblr will automatically stagger posts throughout the day. As well, you can embargo publishing of content until specific dates and times.

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