Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Seriously, why does it take more than eight weeks to decide to murder one's alive, growing baby? Who needs even nine weeks, or 10, or 13, or 15, or 18, or even 19?

Who needs more than 20 weeks to getting around to committing murder? Twenty weeks is almost five months! That is almost 40% of a whole year!

Have women become so lazy that not only they can't be bothered with pregnancy control like the pill, an IUD, a diaphragm, a ring, a patch, a cervical cap, but also they can't be bothered with birth control like murder as abortion until late-stage pregnancy really becomes a burden, a hassle, keeping them from hooking up?

American car buyers spend an average of 18-19 hours online while shopping for a car. American house buyers take about 12 weeks to buy their first house and only ten weeks buying again. The average car price is $30,000. The average house price is  $245,100.

Women don't need 20 weeks to decide to abort. They shouldn't even get 10. A ten-week baby is a growing human. And then they need more than eight weeks to figure out what is up and what they should do? Who is kidding whom here?

  • 6.7 million pregnancies in the United States each year
  • 3.2 million are unintended (49%).
  • The proportion of unintended pregnancies  remained stable between 2001 (48%) and 2006 (49%).
  • 43% of all unintended pregnancies women happen to women who use contraception inconsistently or incorrectly
  • 52% of all unintended pregnancies happen to women who do not practice contraception at all 
  • 43% of unintended pregnancies end in government-sanctioned murder (abortion) (2006)

Here is the bottom line. When females copulate, they run the risk of getting pregnant.

Everyone who has copulated knows how great copulation feels. It is much like any conscious altering drug. That is why people are obsessed with copulating. They're addicted to it. They will do most anything to do it.

In many ways, all of the artificial structures erected by mankind exist to divvy up who gets to copulate with whom and who doesn't have to trade away anything for that copulation.

Yet, in the end, females living within a bounded region, seeking protection by the efforts of males who protect them, mostly, demand to copulate wildly without experiencing any of the consequences of their copulation.

So, they seek permission to murder others, their unborn babies, the most defenseless of all humans, and they elicit all kinds of rhetorical henchmen to justify why they should be allowed to have someone else murder on their behalfs, the most vulnerable among us, unborn babies.

The problem hinges up this: almost all have pathetically weak intellects, which inhibits them from logical consistency in thought and seeing reality at all, much less seeing greater depth of reality.

Thus, most are prone highly to wily ones talented in persuasion. They get swayed easily with lies like "reproductive health" or privileges masquerading as "rights". They get trained by their handlers, the ones with power to parrot sayings like "you are judging me" and "don't judge me."

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