Wednesday, July 10, 2013


In a hallway interview outside the courtroom, moments after pleading guilty to insider-trading, former KPMG partner Scott London said of his plea, "It was probably the worst day of my life."

Scott, you don't get it, do you. The worst day of your life happened when you decided to engage in an immoral act, breaking your fiduciary responsibility to your employer and to all Americans by cheating.

Your whine reveals you have learned nothing. You are a prime example of what is wrong with Americans today. 

Far too many Americans want to cheat others so they can get ahead at the expense of others. In short, they're greedy. They want something without giving up something else in honest exchange.

You are crying that you have been caught rather than crying about lacking fortitude, self-respect and the concept of fairness.

Instead of having said this,  "Imagine what you do, you do it for 30 years, you go to school for it and in a matter of weeks it’s all gone," you could have said Imagine if only I were a man of principle, no sum of money could have tempted me to betray the world and bring shame to my family.

For more on Scott, check out the L.A. Times story here.

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