Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Since last century, every year and in every generation, academicians smugly believe they are oh-so-right about everything upon which they preach. Yet, time-after-time, their conjectures masquerading as theories, which arise from cowardly consensus, have been revealed as wrong from the realities of existence.

High priests and lesser priests (Ph.Ds) of the Church of Academia have been among the most clueless humans I have met, ever. They are quite adept at playing kiss-ass interaction games and that is why they can advance from undergraduate alter boys and girls to master's candidates and at last priesthood Ph.Ds.

As commoners feared priests of Medieval and early modern times, accepting their false words as truth, today, commoners do the same with academicians of all stripes.

From bogus economics to bogus climate change climatology, from bogus queer theory to bogus liberation theology, hardly there is a field where academicians get it right.

All one need do is look at one's government. Government policy has been built from one failed academician false belief theory after another.

It's a good thing we have inventors and engineers who conjure our world from nothing and whom academicians try to steal thunder, explaining as theory what inventors prove as fact long before them.

Last Spring, Reason Mag presented proof against the typical, self-deluded jackass Ph.D. as embodied by Jeffrey Sachs. As always, those writing comments on Reason have given gold.

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