Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Who needs drugged up actors and actresses? With a Microsoft Kinect, mocap, a Blue microphone, Audacity, digital costumes and digital scenery, anyone can go into the movie business, kicking ass. Mocap lets anyone use his or her own body to control virtual actors.

Of course, what anyone every ones needs, always, are great stories to tell. Great stories only come from clever minds. 

Software to Consider

DAZ Studio is a 3D figure illustration and animation software compatible with Poser. Unlike most 3D software, where 3D objects are usually created from scratch, DAZ Studio is designed to allow users to manipulate "ready to use" models and figures. 

It is aimed at users who are interested in posing human and non-human figures for illustrations and animation, but who do not wish to incur the expense of, or who may be daunted by higher-end 3D and CAD software.

Poser is a 3D CGI rendering and animation computer program optimized for models that depict the human figure in three-dimensional form, mostly used to pose and animate the figures in a similar way as a mannequin. Poser itself does not allow for original modeling of objects. Instead,  a large market of merchants and artists create and sell Poser models crafted in software like Blender.

iClone is a 3D rendering and animation software program that enables users to make 3D animated films. 

The Mocap Device Plug-in from Real Illusion turns iClone5 into a complete mocap studio using a Kinect for a motion capturing tool. in real-time, with motion smoothing optimizations. Lightspeed your animations and create authentic motions without having to rent an entire mocap studio or even wear a markered jump suit! 

Posermocap lets animators uses unleash DAZ characters for Poser and DAZ  Studio by optimized motion capture libraries specifically for those characters. 

SKAmotion produces high quality, affordable 3D Animation for Poser and DAZ3D software.

Moviestorm is real-time 3D animation software to create animated movies. 

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