Thursday, September 19, 2013


The foregoing comes from Kelly Phillips Erb, over at Forbes.

There is no such thing as “society.” Saying so is a cheap rhetorical ploy. There are only individuals. If society exists, it consists of all the individuals as there are only individuals. Society doesn’t exist apart from the individuals who comprise it. So Ms. Erb must show that each adult individual in America enjoys a rise in purchasing power above the sum of money taken through force from each to fund public education. If Ms. Erb can not do so, her boastful claim that a benefit exists to each adult individual (aka “society”) at once becomes false. After all, Ms. Erb made the boastful claim a benefit exists, which must be a benefit to each individual. If some individuals benefit while others do not, then no one can claim “society benefits.” Regardless of her wishful thinking, Ms. Erb can not escape the choke-hold grasp of logic. Specifically with respect to Mr. Fernandes, unless his income goes up each year by something greater than $7,143.54, to cover his compliance expense as well as to yield a return, Fernandes loses. Likely, that is the case of for all adult Americans who get forced to pay to the public school district mafias. Public education benefits unionized government workers engaging in make-work as all government work is little more than overpaid welfare make-work. Also note, that public educators who pay taxes to fund public education, in effect, do not pay any taxes as they pay themselves. Thus, public educators are receiving an extra benefit that none else are. The indoctrinated and the shills parrot the same lines — "School tax is cheap insurance. Without public education, there shall be many on food stamps and other welfare who have a dozen kids each. If children become well educated they are less likely to rob me or cause my neighborhood to deteriorate. Without a public education system, a country will experience a lack of prosperity." Never do these indoctrinated ones and these shills cite peer-reviewed studies that shows by statistical significance the lack of education is causal for crime rather than coincident or causal for why all becoming a food stamp recipients or other welfare. Never do these jokers show that public education is causal for prosperity. If the lack of education were causal for crime, then why not mandate everyone earn PhD.s? Why not require persons pay taxes for everyone to attend universities through PhD.s, gratis? Educating everyone to the max would eradicate crime according to your beliefs. Right now, 1 in 6 Americans receive SNAP (food stamps). Some of them have PhD.s. How is it that some having earned PhD.s need food stamps, the same as those who might be high school drop outs? The current owner of Dole, David H. Murdock, dropped out of high school in the 9th grade. He is the 190th-richest person on earth according to Forbes with a net worth of US$2.4 billion. Why hasn’t Mr. Murdock led a life of crime? If it were so that public education were causal in prosperity, then public education must also be causal in time of pauperism and economic depression. Likely, in the history of the USA, there has never been a time with more Americans having been educated through public education and to the degree of that public education. Yet, Americans have experienced more than five years of bleak employed precisely because of the lack of prosperity. These indoctrinated and shill jokers are cowards who are are quite comfortable to have agents of the political establishment use force against some so that their preferences get provided by others, preferences which support their crazed false beliefs about Utopia.  

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