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The left end of the graph reveals intense peer pressure and hyper indoctrination through public education, mostly mass media.

In spite of minor heat variances each year, climates the earth over have been steady for thousands of years. More so, there isn't one, monolithic climate, there are thousands upon thousands of climates. Thus there isn't any such thing as a global climate much less one that can "change".

Interestingly, of the countries whose peoples are most worried, the South Koreans and the Japanese have high elderly population. The elderly get scared easily. When told about anything that could threaten their taxpayers-funded welfare "pensions" and medicine, the elderly become quick to comply.

Until recently, Argentinans, Chileans, Filipinos, Ugandans, Bolivians and El Salvadorians have been subjugated by dictatorial types. The Lebanese who once could claim the Paris of the East now live in squalor. Even the Spaniards spent most of the 20th century under dictatorial rule, not having  democratic parliamentary elections until 1977. 

Not until you get to the Germans and the Canadians on that chart do you get peoples who have had democratic governments. Once you hit these peoples on the chart, the numbers show only slightly more than 50% believe the man-made global warming faux story. ?

Interestingly, it's land forms and their altitudes with respect to sea level along with proximity to big bodies of water that shape climate for any environment.

And of course, all of that is driven by the rotation of the earth as well as insolation, both of which are driven by the sun.

AGW is foolery. Manmade Global Warming is a spook story sold and told by immoral high priests of academia to garner popular support for deleterious political action that enriches some at the expense of many.

AGW alarmists claim that manmade CO2 causes heat as recording by rising surface temps.

Every month, a new record gets set for man-made CO2 output and CO2 concentration in the atmosphere. SO, if CO2 were causal, that is, if CO2 causes temps to rise, and thus adds heat energy to the atmosphere, then whenever the next period of CO2 exceeds the previous period, temps must rise, ipso facto.

Yet, if in any period it is seen that CO2 has risen above a previous level and temperatures (measured heat) fall, then CO2 cannot be causal for heat. Lo and behold last spring, mankind witnessed RECORD CO2 and temps that fell to FIFTY YEAR LOWS.

Global means pervasive, everywhere found, the earth over. Yet, what happened in Europe disproves both the concept of global warming and the concept of CO2 as causal for heat.

As well, recent results from the North Greenland Eemian Ice Drilling (NEEM) project, managed by Denmark’s Centre for Ice and Climate, show that during the Eemian inter-glacial, the climate in North Greenland was about 8°C (14°F) warmer than today. In that last inter-glacial period, there might have been 70,000 humans alive versus the seven billion humans (7,099,881,350) alive today. Yet, evidence now says that seas were 13 to 26 feet higher then than today and temperatures were much higher as well (7.8°C / 14°F).

So now comes the thorny problem of explaining how a pre-industrial mankind, an almost non-existent mankind of much fewer in head count — billions upon billions fewer — caused much higher sea levels and much higher temperatures, that is, if man-made CO2 global warming as a theory is to be believed.
Facts trump flawed computer models every day of the week, 365 days of the year, year after year after year into decades upon decades. The story of man-made CO2 causes global warming is a profoundly wrong story, a false story conjured by people with a vested interest and targeted against the most easily manipulated in effort to gain their political support.

It would be silly for someone to claim in all other inter-glacial times, one force caused global warming, but in this one, another force has caused global warming. Nowhere in the universe do we see exceptions in physics.

In this interglacial period, global warming began 11,400 years ago. At that time, mankind lived as hunter-gatherers, in nomadic groups. Population was only seven one-hundreths of what it is today.

If CO2 is causal in heat as man-made global warming alarmists claim, then what caused global warming in all of the other interglacial periods when mankind did not exist? Certainly, there must be one force, the same force that sets off all global warming during inter-glacial periods, whether or not mankind exists.

It seems a stretch to get anyone to believe that only several million hunter-gatherers, a scant seven one-hundredths of one percent of today’s overwhelming population of SEVEN BILLION could have generated enough CO2 to kick of a several thousands of years inter-glacial period.

Whatever this force is, this force governs both the intensity and the duration of the inter-glacial period. Since this force has operated in the absence of mankind, no one of sound mind can believe mankind is the creator of this force.

Already, we have seen the coldest spring in FIFTY YEARS in the face of RECORD CO2 output. Thus, it is clear that CO2 cannot be causal for surface heat and thus elevated temperatures during global warming. In short, there isn’t any such thing as man-made global warming. There is global warming, but mankind has nothing to do with its creation, intensity or duration.

This interglacial period isn’t even as warm as the last one, and the seas are far lower. Yet, there is a record number of mankind living on earth (nearly 7.1 billion) creating record CO2 output every month.

The idea of man-made global warming, from where did it come? The idea did not originate in most anyone.

It was told to most and because most have been conditioned already to accept ideas without resistance, so too did most readily accept the false concept of man-made global warming.

Even right now, most fail to realize that they are the owners of themselves, that each one of them are living their one and only lives, owing nothing to anyone.

Others who have realized this long ago, want all the luxuries available without having to work and thus exchange for those luxuries honestly. Instead, they want others to do the work from which they can reap the rewards.

So, they focus on gaining power, by force, if necessary. Their preferred method is rhetorical trickery. It's cheaper and more effective, with fewer people needed to be given a cut of the bounty.

Once having gained power, those with power focus on creating voluntary compliance rules, unseen chains of voluntarily servitude. Oh so quickly do the easily tricked shackle themselves with these rules, readily complying because of inculcated false beliefs.

The purpose of these rules is to get others to work on behalf of these rhetorical masters now holding power, which transfers earned buying power to them. Once that transfer happens, readily they live the life of luxury without having to put themselves at-risk, exposed to the vagaries of market competition, which through technological innovation, could render obsolete their capital structures within days.

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