Friday, February 14, 2014


In a likely desperate attempt to stem defection of young users, execs at Facebook have decided to pander to the hipster generation by letting Facebook users select one of 50 labels to describe their sexual preferences, which mistakenly Facebook implementers call gender.

Many have boosted a false belief to support a political agenda, a false belief about a "spectrum of genders." There isn't a spectrum. That is mere rhetoric to justify politician action by those who form groups claiming that others owe them duties and thus they have rights, which those not in their group do not.

For humans, there are two states — [1] sexual being either male (YX) or female (XX) and [2] asexual mutation deformity, e.g., hermaphrodite, Klinefelter Syndrome,  Turner Syndrome, XYY syndrome

Those suffering from asexual mutation deformity such as Hermaphrodites cannot make life. To make human life, there must be one male (YX) and one female (XX), both of whom are the sexes, which are capable of reproduction through providing one half of a diploid chromosome pair.

That is the natural normal reality.  The foregoing is inescapable biological fact.

There isn't a spectrum of sexes. Hermaphrodites have suffered a horrible genetic mutation and thus are born deformed. Hermaphrodites are asexual. 

No amount of wishful thinking of two asexuals or two homosexuals can make life, not matter how much frotting they do. Such behavior is as successful in bringing forth life as a dog humping a human's leg.

Many seem to confuse sexual preferences as expressed in mind-disorder driven deviance (and there are many of those) with sex, male or female.

Humans have sex. Languages have gender, e.g. le, la, el, la, der, die.

The word gender enters into English about 1300 from the Old French gendre meaning kind, sort, class. By the late 1300s, English speakers said the word with its grammatical meaning.

By 1963, feminists of the 20th century seized on the word to push their agenda through feminist writing. By 1980, entertainment media writers began spreading the phrase gender-bender in reference to sexually ambiguous rock stars.

It looks like the geniuses of Facebook shall boost butchering of English as well.

Users also now have the ability to choose the pronoun they'd like to be referred to publicly: he/his, she/her, or the neuter they/their.

They is the third person, plural subject pronoun and their is the third person, plural possessive pronoun. They and their are Old Norse þeir and þierra from the Danelaw days.

Far too many are far too willing to become indoctrinated into false beliefs, indoctrinated by the rhetoric and opinions of academicians and media workers. And the march toward Idiocracy moves onward.

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